New script – Powder Texture

Powder texture script for Paintshop ProThis script will be fun for anyone who has a cooking theme project: now you can write and draw with flour. Well, not real flour but you can turn your design into flower looking elements.

If you are using different colors, it could become spices: yellow for turmeric, red for paprika, grey for black pepper, etc.

Write a name, draw a shape, have fun with any design. Make it uneven with the Brush variance for an even more realistic look.

You can have flour (or baby powder) on your scrapbook pages, without making a mess!

Get this script today in the store: Powder Texture

For a chance to win this script, tell me what element you would most likely create with it (flour, baby powder, spice, paint, etc.) in the comments below. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Flour alphabet freebieAs a sampler, this week, I created a complete alphabet for you. It includes all the 26 letters, and some punctuation elements.

Each letter is about 900 pixels high so you have ample opportunity to resize them to suit your project.

Will you use them as flour or baby powder?

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Are you joining us this Sunday for our monthly live online class?

We'll have a different perspective on angles... and Paintshop Pro.

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New script – Blurred Fill

cass-BlurredFillYou probably have seen those images where a video has been shot vertically, but it has to fit in a horizontal space, then the extra on each side is a copy of the main image, but blurred and darkened to keep the focus on the main image.

This script will achieve the same effect. You can start with any kind of photo, whether it is square or rectangular, and then, you can "fit it" inside an image that is rectangular or square.

This is a great way to fit your photo into a space that is of different proportions without having to crop the photo.

Use this strategy to fill in a carousel or a slide show. Or use it as a header, or to fill a PowerPoint presentation of some kind. Or just fill part of your scrapbook page.

Get this script in the store: Blurred Fill

What would YOU use this for? Can you see yourself using this in a scrapbook project? what would it be? Tell me in the comments below and i'll pick a winner next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-WoodenWindow-Sample1Since this script is about creating a special effect on your own photo, i can't really create a sampler from any photo of mine. Well, I could, but i doubt you would find it very useful, so instead, i created a different sampler based on one that was VERY popular recently: the Wooden Window.

I created two windows in png format: one is using a fine wood while the other is more rustic, with visible nail heads holding the pieces of wood.

Both windows are 3000 pixels wide so you can use them for a scrapbook project, or even size it down too.

Place your favorite photo behind it for a wonderful display.

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News from the Campus

RibbonsAndBowsJoin us for our live presentation on Ribbons and Bows, where we will take a look at how to create knots and bows from straight ribbons, using PSP.

It is free, as usual, so join us and tell a friend.


New script – Wax Alpha

Wax alpha script for Paintshop ProIf you want to add a touch of elegance or a formal look to a project, you might be looking for a wax seal. However, what you will find is often a set of ready-made seals that will not have the color you are looking for, or the font you wish it had. Or, you might find seal templates that will give an identical shape to all the seals you would create from them.

This script will do just what you need: you can pick the color that perfectly matches the color palette you are using; you can choose any letter, digit, punctuation marks you want (or generate a blank seal to add other designs); you can even choose any font you want, whether it is a simple Arial font, or something more elegant or formal.

Get this script in the store: Wax Alpha

Would you want to get this script for free? Tell me, in the comments below, if you ever used a digital wax seal in any project? If so, how did you create them? I'll pick a winner to be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Wax seal alphabetDo you want to add some wax titles to your projects? You can use this complete alphabet made of blue wax.

This alphabet includes all 26 letters, 10 digits (for dates or age), a hyphen and a blank seal.

Each seal is about 450 pixels wide and you can resize them as needed.

Add a ribbon underneath, or place the seal on the edge of a paper element to act as a fastener for another use of them.

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MadeWithRibbons-400Did you register for our live presentation scheduled for this coming Sunday, June 5th?
Come and see various ways you can use ribbons in a project, whether you created the ribbons, or downloaded them from the net.


New script – Cluster Template Maker 3

Cluster Template Maker 3 script for Paintshop ProCreating clusters can seem like a daunting task when you just end up staring at the screen, wondering what element to use, where to put them, resize them or not, etc.

This script is a tool that can help you get passed that step by generating a cluster template that you can then tweak to your liking. Like for any other template, you are not required to follow it exactly, but instead, customize it and make it your own.

This script will create a "strip cluster" that you can use on a full size project, as they end up around 3200-3500 pixels in width. Use them horizontally, as they are created or rotate them vertically, or, why not, use them as an angle!

Grab this inspirational tool script in the store: Cluster Template Maker 3

cass-ClusterMakingToolkitIf you are into clusters, you can get all three Cluster Template Maker scripts AND the Speed Scrap Scripts as a Tool kit bundle for more than 30% discount.

That bundle includes this week's Cluster Template Maker script but also two other scripts to generate different types of Clusters. In addition, you get the 3 scripts included in the Speed Scrap Scripts that will help you replace the elements in your template by elements from your kits, all in a fraction of the time you would need to do it manually. A REAL time saver!

Do you want a chance to win this script?  Tell me, in the comments below, how you usually manage to create clusters (if you create them). Do you use pre-made clusters? Do you use cluster templates? Do you work a long time to place the elements manually? I'll announce a winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-ClusterTemplateStripsFor this week's sample, I am actually including THREE cluster template strips that were generated using this script.

Each template would nicely fit on a 3600 pixels project. Use them as is, tweak them, rotate them, add or remove elements, change the layering, etc. Basically, make them your own.

The shadows are only for the previews since there is no way to tell what type of element you will use for each shape.

Can I challenge you? Would you take one of those templates and create a project to share with us?

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Join us for our live presentation, this Sunday, at 5pm Eastern time.

We'll look at various ways to use and manipulate ribbons in your digital projects.

Remember that it is FREE.


And bring a friend along.

New script – Cookies

Cookies script for Paintshop ProDon't you love cookies? Who does NOT love cookies?

With this script, you can turn your Paintshop Pro into your own cookie machine, as it will convert any shape into a delicious (low-cal) cookie (or it could be a cracker if you prefer).

This script will offer you 5 choices of cookie textures: crackers, shortbread, chocolate chip, gingerbread or sugar.

As if that was not enough to make you hungry, you can even add some icing to those cookies.

You can get this delicious script in the store: Cookies.

Would you like to win this script? In the comments below, tell me what shape you would like to see cookies made. I'll announce a winner next week, in the newsletter. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Cookies in Digits shapesThis week, as a sampler, i created a set of digits, in the right colors for your Valentine. How about creating a project and writing a date that is special to you? The date you met? The date you married? The date you took that vacation? Any date!

Each digit is about 500 pixels high so you can easily resize them.

They look just the way they would come out if i baked them: uneven!

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InTheNewsOur next live presentation will take place this Sunday, February 7th.

Come and join us for a fun live class on ways we can be inspired by newspapers and magazines formats do display our photos and stories.

It is free so why not join in?

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(and share with your PSP friends too)

Happy New Year!

How did you conclude your Year 2015?

How are you starting year 2016?

cass-Year2015-TemplateYou can probably create a layout with lots of photos from 2015 as a year-in-review. Do you have 52 weekly photos? Do you have 365 daily photos? How about 12 monthly photos? Whatever you have, you can use just a few and make a simple collage with this template. Although it only has 8 photo spots, you can easily split each one in smaller areas if you have more photos you want to use.

Or, if you don't want to use photos, you can also use it to write some stories on each area. With the text wrapping feature of Paintshop Pro, you can select each area, contract a bit (you don't want the text to be too close to the edge) and then, type your stories, memories, or any other type of journaling you want to include. Talk about an original way to document your year 2015!

Once your project is done, print it and frame it!

Do you want it? Just click on the preview to download it. No logging needed.


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PatchworkScrapping-800Sunday, January 3rd, we will have our live presentation in the Campus.

Let's see how we can use Patchwork ideas for scrapping.

It is still time to register, and invite your friends.

Register now.

New script – Stitched Edges 2


If you love the look of stitching around the edge of elements, letters and shapes, you will LOVE this script. It is using a simple tube to create the stitching, and another tube for the holes.

Using any vector shape, you will just run a free script (that you’ll have to download separately) and follow the steps. The script integrates various options, like the width of the edge, the puffiness, the texture of the element and even the color of the stitching as it will colorize it for you. However, in the end, you will have unmerged layers, so you can tweak the color further, or add other details to the element, like shading, stains, or other printing.

Use preset shapes or draw your own. It is also great to create alpha in a (almost) single operation.

The zip file includes the thread and hole tubes that you can also use separately, in other projects.

You can grab this Stitched Edges 2 script in my store.

If you want a chance to win this script, check out this thread in the Happy Place and tell me what element you can think would really use some stitching around. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-StitchedEdge2-sample-WhiteDigitsFor this week, i decided to play with the idea of creating a whole alpha in one run with this script. I started with the digits (as there were fewer elements in the end). On a large image, i typed in the digits in white. I had to adjust the kerning to make sure the letters would not touch each other when the edge was added. Then, i ran the script. Everything went smoothly from there. I added the texture that came with the Clothes Label script to give a more “fabric” texture to those puffy digits.

Once the whole set of 10 digits was done, sewn and puffed, i just used the Alpha Sheet Separator script to cut out, and save all the individual files. That took less than one minute!


You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

With the speed and ease of doing this set of digits, i could not help myself than repeat the process with the full alpha! And you can get it in the newsletter. If you have not yet subscribed, fill out the form on the left.


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TubesWithDirection-400This month, the live presentation will be about directional tubes. Do you know about those? Do you know what they are? Did you ever use them? Although you might know that Picture tubes are unique to Paintshop Pro, you will love to learn that the directional tubes are so much more powerful!

Join us this Sunday, March 2nd, at 5pm Eastern Time.


New Picture Tubes – Seed Beads 1


Seed beads are a common supplies in many craft projects. Scrapbooking is one of those crafts where you can see those beads, but you can now do the same thing with digital scrapbooking: you can add strings of seed beads or a random spray of those tiny decorative elements.

With Paintshop Pro, you can place those picture tubes easily with the draw of a mouse. Use the directional tubes to create strings of beads in any of the 5 colors, any length you want, in any shape you want. You can place them in straight lines, curved lines or totally freehand shapes.

You also have 6 sets of tubes that will randomly place one of the 100 slightly different beads more or less along the path you will draw with the cursor. Five sets are monochrome (green, red, blue, gold and crystal) and one set includes all the colors for a truly random effect.

You can get this set of 11 picture tubes of silver lined seed beads in my store: Creation Cassel.

Do you want all those tubes too? You can enter the draw to get this set for free, by adding your name to the RAK thread here. What would you do with those randomly placed beads?

cass-SeedBeads1-SampleFor a free sample, i created a couple of simple decorations. I placed the beads along a vector path using the VectorTube script for the flowers, and added a single “bead” in the center which was part of the Chain Beads tubes set. A little touch of colorization to match them a bit better. Then, the stems were just freehand drawn using also the string version of the green seed beads.

Finally, a little bit of multicolored beads were spilled around each element.

You get two decorative flower stems and 3 individual flowers that you can use separately.


You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Did you notice that it says Seed Beads 1 for this product? This means i have plans for several more types of beads tubes. Do you have any suggestion for other beads you would like to see in a picture tube format like this one? Tell me by either commenting below or by sending me an email  with a specific bead name or even an image.


News in the Campus

Tomorrow is a big day for many American and Canadian football fans (and their families). Tomorrow is also the day for our next live presentation, on Photo-Graphics with PSP – Part 3.

Join us for this presentation BEFORE the Superbowl (if you are a fan of football) or just for this ordinary Groundhog day.



In the mean time, remember that the video of last month’s presentation is still available to watch (free if you are logged in).



New script – Letter Tiles


Do you like a game of Scrabble®? This script will let you create letter tiles as if you were playing the game, but with more variety than what you would get by scanning and extracting the actual letter tiles.

You can create wooden tiles, in 5 different types of wood, but you can also use other support, whether it is a solid color, or a pattern.

The script is coded to offer you the option of creating the letter tiles with values based on the French, English, Spanish or German version of the Scrabble® game, since the values are slightly different from one version to the other.

You can also choose any font you want, and any color you want too. Unlike the traditional Scrabble® game, you can also have numbers, punctuation symbols or any other design by choosing the custom option. In that option, you can decide yourself the value of the tile. Of course, you can also create blank tiles if you want.

The script is coded in a way to generate slightly different background for every tile (except for the solid color ones), so it is more realistic. You can create one letter at the time, or type in a word, a phrase or the whole alphabet and the script will generate one tile per letter, including any blank for spaces.

You can grab this fun script in the store: Creation Cassel.

In addition, there is a thread in the Happy Place where you can tell me what language you would use to base the value of the tiles. And i will be back on Monday night with the name of a winner.


cass-LetterTiles-sampleOf course, you can use those letter tiles to create a title on a layout, or maybe a wordart too, but for a sample, i created a frame for you. It is a PNG format so you don’t have to have PSP as a graphic program. It is about 2100 pixels high. Of course, you can always resize it down if needed. the shadows are already placed on the whole montage.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

What will you do with this frame? Will you show us your masterpiece?


News from the Campus

Did you get a chance to view the video from the last presentation on Photo-graphics with PSP? It is available in the Campus for free for one more week. Check it out:




This Sunday we will have another FREE live presentation on Photo-graphics with PSP – Part 2. Did you register yet?


new script – Paper Cutout 2


When i was a kid, i used to take papers of different size and fold them to then cut out along the folds. I was making “snowflakes”, even though they were usually not folded in 6. We had that activity in arts and crafts class pretty well every year. I learned that regular writing papers were not square so i always had to cut off a piece to make my craft (what a waste).

Whether you want to use lined paper to simulate those school projects (not done in art classes) or really plain colored construction papers, or using a patterned paper from a kit, there is no limit.

Start with any paper, and run the script It will take care of the not-so-square papers, it will fold it (or pretend) according to what you ask, and you will have the chance to cut out any design you want, with any tool you like. Use the eraser tool or the selection tool. That is up to you.

Cut sections along the “folds” or the outer edge, or snip the center (you surely did that when you made your “snowflakes”). Once you are done, the script will unfold your piece and reveal the whole design (you might be surprised too). And furthermore, it will add creases to your masterpiece exactly where it WAS folded for a more realistic look. The creases are on a separate layer so you can tweak their opacity depending on the color or pattern of your paper.

You can get this script in my store: Creation Cassel.

cass-PaperCutout2-sampleAnd if you want a chance to win it, check out this thread, and tell me what theme would work well with this script. I will be back on Monday to announce a winner.


I used a couple of “school” papers to cut some more “snowflakes”. But in fact, they dont look like snowflakes at all. If you are crafty, you can surely create some very intricate designs and turn those “snowflakes” into doilies! These two elements are about 900 pixels wide in png format. They don’t match only “kid” kits!


You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

News from the Campus


scraphappierWe had the draw on Sunday night for a free registration to LOAD213. Andrea was our winner, and she already started her month-long challenge. She said she loved the idea of a challenge as it will give her a little more incentive to scrap. Even more, i asked her to keep us updated on her activities and she already did her first layout, and we are the first of the month! I guess she is right on track!

Did you register for LOAD213? How are you doing with it?


Photo-Graphic with PSP

We will have our monthly live presentation on Sunday (it should be right before the SuperBowl for those of you who are fans). There is still time to register. We will look at how we can turn a regular photo into something else: a watercolor piece, a cartoon, a sketch, and maybe more (time permitting).

Sunday, Feb 3rd, at 5pm Eastern Time zone.