New script – Powder Texture

Powder texture script for Paintshop ProThis script will be fun for anyone who has a cooking theme project: now you can write and draw with flour. Well, not real flour but you can turn your design into flower looking elements.

If you are using different colors, it could become spices: yellow for turmeric, red for paprika, grey for black pepper, etc.

Write a name, draw a shape, have fun with any design. Make it uneven with the Brush variance for an even more realistic look.

You can have flour (or baby powder) on your scrapbook pages, without making a mess!

Get this script today in the store: Powder Texture

For a chance to win this script, tell me what element you would most likely create with it (flour, baby powder, spice, paint, etc.) in the comments below. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Flour alphabet freebieAs a sampler, this week, I created a complete alphabet for you. It includes all the 26 letters, and some punctuation elements.

Each letter is about 900 pixels high so you have ample opportunity to resize them to suit your project.

Will you use them as flour or baby powder?

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News from the Campus


Are you joining us this Sunday for our monthly live online class?

We'll have a different perspective on angles... and Paintshop Pro.

It is free and you can register today.

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New script – Add Borders

Add borders script for Paintshop ProSometimes, you might want to add identical borders to the photos on your layout, but since you want the photos to be of different sizes. How do you do that? Adding the borders before placing the photos on the montage is not the solution since you will resize the photos, and therefore, the border will also be resized.

Do you think you can select the photo and expand the selection? Unfortunately, that will create rounded corners. If that is what you want, go for it. But if you intend to have square corners on your photos, you need this script.

You can choose any color for the border, any size (up to 100 pixels) and you can also have the edges straight or irregular.

Grab this script in the store: Add Borders.

When you add a border on a photo, what would likely be the color? Tell me in the comments below for a chance to win this script. I'll pick a winner next week to be announced in the newsletter. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-AddBorders-Template-01As a way to show you how this script can create identical borders even on photos of different sizes, I created this layered template for you. I had to tweak the end result since the script would merge the edge to the photo.

This is a full size layered template in PSD format.

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And here is the simple layout i made using this template:


What will you make?



News from the Campus

Did you attend the live presentation last week but felt you needed to see it again?

Did you try to attend but came in late?

Did you want to attend but had other things preventing you from joining?

Well, you are in luck. This live presentation will be repeated. Not a recording! It will be another LIVE presentation.

It will be showing the same techniques, but using a different template, different photos, and a different kit.

Join us again. REGISTER NOW.

New script – Brick Wall

Brick wall script for Paintshop ProYou might be able to use a photo of a brick wall as a paper background for your project, but you might wish to have something that would match more closely your favorite color, or color palette.

No need to colorize those bricks individually. This script will create a simple brick wall pattern with the brick colors matching your palette, despite still offering variations like normal walls would.

You can have a monochrome wall that will have bricks ranging from your selected color to white. You can choose two colors and the bricks will range between those two. Or you can  have a wilder pattern with multicolored bricks, although they would still slightly revolve around one color you pick.

Choose to add a brick pattern on your active image or create a brand new one, in the size you want.

Get this script here: Brick Wall

What would you use a brick wall paper for? Give me some suggestions in the comments below, and i'll pick someone to win this script for free. I'll announce the winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Brick wall papers - blueAs a sample, I created 3 full size papers (3600x3600) all based around the same blue color. It gives you a good idea of how flexible this script can be.

You can always modify those papers by "wearing" it down, tearing the edges (or cutting out some bricks).

So what will you do?

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News from the Campus

TemplateTemptation-400We will have a live presentation on Sunday, August 7, at 5 pm Eastern Time.

We will look at ways to use templates and other tools to create your layouts faster.

Join us. It is FREE.





New script – Cluster Template Maker 3

Cluster Template Maker 3 script for Paintshop ProCreating clusters can seem like a daunting task when you just end up staring at the screen, wondering what element to use, where to put them, resize them or not, etc.

This script is a tool that can help you get passed that step by generating a cluster template that you can then tweak to your liking. Like for any other template, you are not required to follow it exactly, but instead, customize it and make it your own.

This script will create a "strip cluster" that you can use on a full size project, as they end up around 3200-3500 pixels in width. Use them horizontally, as they are created or rotate them vertically, or, why not, use them as an angle!

Grab this inspirational tool script in the store: Cluster Template Maker 3

cass-ClusterMakingToolkitIf you are into clusters, you can get all three Cluster Template Maker scripts AND the Speed Scrap Scripts as a Tool kit bundle for more than 30% discount.

That bundle includes this week's Cluster Template Maker script but also two other scripts to generate different types of Clusters. In addition, you get the 3 scripts included in the Speed Scrap Scripts that will help you replace the elements in your template by elements from your kits, all in a fraction of the time you would need to do it manually. A REAL time saver!

Do you want a chance to win this script?  Tell me, in the comments below, how you usually manage to create clusters (if you create them). Do you use pre-made clusters? Do you use cluster templates? Do you work a long time to place the elements manually? I'll announce a winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-ClusterTemplateStripsFor this week's sample, I am actually including THREE cluster template strips that were generated using this script.

Each template would nicely fit on a 3600 pixels project. Use them as is, tweak them, rotate them, add or remove elements, change the layering, etc. Basically, make them your own.

The shadows are only for the previews since there is no way to tell what type of element you will use for each shape.

Can I challenge you? Would you take one of those templates and create a project to share with us?

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News from the Campus

Join us for our live presentation, this Sunday, at 5pm Eastern time.

We'll look at various ways to use and manipulate ribbons in your digital projects.

Remember that it is FREE.


And bring a friend along.

New script – Photo Blinds

Photo blinds script for Paintshop ProHave you ever seen those wonderful images that are transposed into various slats to create vertical or horizontal blinds?

This script can recreate that effect with Paintshop Pro. Use any image to start and run the script. You will have various options to choose to create your own custom blinds.

You can even have the blinds partially open (one third, one half or two thirds), so you can still see the initial photo, yet have the option to show a window and a scenery behind it.

This is just a plain fun way to display your image.

You can use the top valence if you want, but you can remove it completely and just use the individual slats that the script created.

Get this fun script: Photo Blinds

Would you like to win this script? Tell me, in the comments below, how you would use these blinds. As usual, i expect some very creative uses! I'll pick and announce a winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-PhotoBlinds-SunsetThis week, i was really struggling to figure out what to create as a freebie that you might actually use. Since there was a big snow storm in the US this weekend, i thought that maybe, someone would want to have a nice, warm photo to cover the sight of all that snow. Of course, you could use this even if you don't have snow around!

It is a png format element and it is full size so you could use it to cover half of a full size layout. Add a frame and a window scene behind for an interesting effect.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

What will you hide behind that warm sunset blind?



News from the Campus

InTheNewsOur next live presentation will take place on February 7th (yes that is 2 weeks from now; for a change, we are quite ahead!).

Come and join us for a fun live class on ways we can be inspired by newspapers and magazines formats do display our photos and stories.

It is free so why not join in?

Register now

(and share with your PSP friends too)

Happy New Year!

How did you conclude your Year 2015?

How are you starting year 2016?

cass-Year2015-TemplateYou can probably create a layout with lots of photos from 2015 as a year-in-review. Do you have 52 weekly photos? Do you have 365 daily photos? How about 12 monthly photos? Whatever you have, you can use just a few and make a simple collage with this template. Although it only has 8 photo spots, you can easily split each one in smaller areas if you have more photos you want to use.

Or, if you don't want to use photos, you can also use it to write some stories on each area. With the text wrapping feature of Paintshop Pro, you can select each area, contract a bit (you don't want the text to be too close to the edge) and then, type your stories, memories, or any other type of journaling you want to include. Talk about an original way to document your year 2015!

Once your project is done, print it and frame it!

Do you want it? Just click on the preview to download it. No logging needed.


News from the Campus

PatchworkScrapping-800Sunday, January 3rd, we will have our live presentation in the Campus.

Let's see how we can use Patchwork ideas for scrapping.

It is still time to register, and invite your friends.

Register now.

New script – Glitter Gel

Glitter Gel script for Paintshop ProIf you ever did some paper crafting, you have seen those puffy paints or glue or gel. Some will just be translucent or opaque, some will have glitters or not.

This script will turn any line drawing you can make into a gel paint, with or without glitters. You can choose the amount of glitters, and the color. You can use a line drawing or a solid shape, in which case the script will just use the outline.

This is perfect to add a handmade look to a project with a color that will match everything.

If you prefer something more regular, use a preset shape and you can use the outline only too.

Get this script in the store: Glitter Gel.

You can get this script for free (or a coupon for a future new release if you already bought it) by adding a comment below. Tell me what you would use such glitter gel on a project. I'll pick a winner and i will announce it in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Glitter Gel samples with Summer themeSince spring is finally getting here now (believe it or not, we got another 4 inches of snow on April 26th!), i decided to hand draw a few spring themed elements for you.

Each element was hand drawn. For the flower and the umbrella, i ran the script on the two parts separately. To make the color a bit brighter, i simply selected outside the gel part with the Magic wand, inverted the selection, contracted the selection by 1 pixels, and flood filled with a solid color on a new layer that was placed below.

For the umbrella, i used almost the same steps, except that i selected the whole area of the umbrella instead of just the gel part.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

And remember to show us what you do with those free samples or the script itself!

News from the Campus

SelectionsEverywhere-400Did you register to the live presentation that will be held tomorrow?

Registration is still open and ALWAYS FREE to join, view and hear live, ask questions, and share resources with other attendees.

Join us to discover a lot about the numerous Selection tools (how many of them do you know?)

Sunday, May 3rd, at 5pm Eastern time.


New script – Stitched Edges 2


If you love the look of stitching around the edge of elements, letters and shapes, you will LOVE this script. It is using a simple tube to create the stitching, and another tube for the holes.

Using any vector shape, you will just run a free script (that you’ll have to download separately) and follow the steps. The script integrates various options, like the width of the edge, the puffiness, the texture of the element and even the color of the stitching as it will colorize it for you. However, in the end, you will have unmerged layers, so you can tweak the color further, or add other details to the element, like shading, stains, or other printing.

Use preset shapes or draw your own. It is also great to create alpha in a (almost) single operation.

The zip file includes the thread and hole tubes that you can also use separately, in other projects.

You can grab this Stitched Edges 2 script in my store.

If you want a chance to win this script, check out this thread in the Happy Place and tell me what element you can think would really use some stitching around. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-StitchedEdge2-sample-WhiteDigitsFor this week, i decided to play with the idea of creating a whole alpha in one run with this script. I started with the digits (as there were fewer elements in the end). On a large image, i typed in the digits in white. I had to adjust the kerning to make sure the letters would not touch each other when the edge was added. Then, i ran the script. Everything went smoothly from there. I added the texture that came with the Clothes Label script to give a more “fabric” texture to those puffy digits.

Once the whole set of 10 digits was done, sewn and puffed, i just used the Alpha Sheet Separator script to cut out, and save all the individual files. That took less than one minute!


You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

With the speed and ease of doing this set of digits, i could not help myself than repeat the process with the full alpha! And you can get it in the newsletter. If you have not yet subscribed, fill out the form on the left.


News from the Campus

TubesWithDirection-400This month, the live presentation will be about directional tubes. Do you know about those? Do you know what they are? Did you ever use them? Although you might know that Picture tubes are unique to Paintshop Pro, you will love to learn that the directional tubes are so much more powerful!

Join us this Sunday, March 2nd, at 5pm Eastern Time.


New tubes – Stretchy Trims


Ever wanted to use an elastic trim around a photo, or to attach something? It is hard to find the right trim in the right shape and the right size, so now, you can use those Paintshop Pro picture tubes to simply “draw” the trim any way you want. Make a straight or curved line, follow a path for a precise shape, wrap them around something else, etc.

You get 10 different tubes that will create a continuous trim wherever you want it. That is the beauty of digital scrapbooking: be creative!

You also have the advantage of being able to create multiple designs with only those products, so you should get more than what you pay for!

Sorry for Photoshop users, these only work with Paintshop Pro.

You can grab them in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapCampus.

You can have a chance to win this complete set of tubes in this thread. Just add your name and give me ONE idea of what you could use these trims for. Go for it. Be creative. Share your inspiration. I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner.

cass-StretchyTrim-sample As usual, here is a freebie for you to check this out. This is a layered frame with two layers of stretchy trims, and one layer with some Ball Chain tubes too. Mix and match as you can hide one or two layers. This frame is in PSD format so any non-PSP user can actually enjoy it. The file also includes a template for the center so you can trim your photo easily to match the frame shape.

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April promotion in the Store


Did you start shopping yet? Did you prepare your wishlist?

To help you with your shopping, there are some random products in the store that are on special this week. Check these out:

cass-TextCreator   cass-RibbonTagFlower

cass-MasknInk   cass-GlassBeads


(more will be on special next week so keep an eye out for them)


News from the Campus


The Shop Class on “Introduction to Scripts” held last Monday was great. Although i actually messed up on something, LIVE, it seems that the participants were quite pleased (maybe they just liked to see me make a mistake?). Did you miss it? Lucky for you, it is now available on the Corel Youtube channel and you can view it as often as you want. Check it out HERE. Remember to click the LIKE button if you like it.



If you wanted to learn more about scripts, Suz Shook now offers whole scripting course for Paintshop pro right in the Campus. Click HERE for more information.



The recording for last Sunday’s workshop, on Color your world should be made available this weekend, meaning that the video for the March workshop, Playing with Vectors will not be free anymore so if you missed it, now is the time. If you want the option to download the video on your computer and the written documentation, you can purchase the package now and not have to worry about it being removed from free access.



See you in the Campus.

New script – Abstract Paper Pattern


Do you sometimes, want to have an abstract design based on a photo but you don’t want to just add a blur? This method of making an abstract pattern based on a photo is easy to do but tedious, and making something different every time is not always that obvious. Using your Paintshop Pro, this script will do that, in just a short time. Start with your photo, the script will grab some blurred sections, at random, and will layer them onto a new 3600 x 3600 pixels canvas, and rotate them at random, and move them also at random. You can choose how many pieces you want the script to add, and you can move them around before they are merged. And if you find that the pieces are not covering everywhere you want, the script can do another run of pieces cut, added, rotated, and moved. At the end, the script will grab a color from the original photo and add a base layer below all those merged pieces. Those two layers will be left unmerged so you can change the base color, adjust the opacity of the top color, play with the blend mode, etc. And then, you can do whatever you want with the two layers, before or after you merge them: add a texture, add an artistic effect, a reflection effect, run a filter on them, etc.

You can get this script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

And if you want a free script, just check the Happy Place thread here, and add your name to it, after telling me what type of effect you can think of adding to this paper once done. I will pick a winner on Monday.

cass-AbstractPattern-sampler Do you want to see what this script can do? I am sure you do. You always like to get a free sample too, so i made those three papers from the exact papers displayed in the script preview. For one paper (the yellow one), i just added a Reflection Effect – Pattern. For the multicolored one, i applied the Topography effect and added a texture. For the pinkish one, i just reduced the opacity very low, changed the blend mode and added a texture.

Those papers are full size. What will you do with them?

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.






News from the Campus

Last week, we had our workshop on Playing with Vector. From the comments added to the surveys afterward, it seems that a lot of people will feel more comfortable to manipulate vectors and several found some great new uses for vectors. Did you ever want to write some text along the edge of an element in a photo, like a car, a mountain, an uneven building? You can do that now, with the use of vectors and you will see, it is pretty easy too!

The edited video should be up Sunday.

Our next workshop is already set for April 1st (no, it is not an April’s fool) and the topic will be Colorization. This will certainly be useful to designers who might want to use some CU products and make them really different to match their kits, or for scrappers who want to modify some of their stash elements to make a perfect layout. We will also look at colorizing in photos so you can make some fun effects.

Registration is already open so just click the button below to register.


Did you want to view the workshops we had before? Would you like to have them right on your computer to view any time you wish? Do you want to download the multiple pages of handouts so you can print them? Now you can. Check out your favorite workshop and purchase the set you need. No more waiting for streaming, or your internet connection: you can have them all on your computer.

Last week, the newest tutorial uploaded was the Bow tutorial. That was requested by Lisa in our forum and i finally recorded it. Can you believe that the video is 33 minutes long and i skipped 2 thirds of the process as it was 2 repeats of what was shown? Yes, making bows from another ribbon (digitally made or an extracted flat ribbon) is a tedious task but you can then have a perfect match with what you want to use it for. Check it out!


Although this might be the March break in some areas (it was for us here), the Campus is still open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so see you in the Campus, and bring friends along!