New script – Slats

Slats script for PaintShop ProUsing slats on a photo is a unique way to showcase it, but it can be tedious to create manually. Furthermore, if you want to showcase a particular area of the photo without cutting it off, you can no longer use a ready-made template as it might not suit your specific image or size or preference.

This script will create slats but you will start by setting the "untouched" area and the slats will be added left/right or up/down that main selection. And you get more options for the creation of those slats. Finally, the script will also add a set of frames that you can keep or not, or customize with a different color, with additional effects, etc.

Get this in the store: Slats.

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us whether you have ever used slats before (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Slat template for PaintShop ProFor a sampler, I created this template for you. It will help you showcase an element that would be off center. You can mirror it too, if your element is on the right.

You can change the color of the frame, add a bevel or other textures. You can add shadowing if needed.

For the background, you can simply use a solid color from your image or a pattern that matches. Or you can duplicate your photo and move that duplicate to the "background" layer and play with the opacity, the color, etc. for another unique display.

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New script – Framed Mask

PaintShop Pro script to create layered framed maskI have seen various masks made from apparent chaos of random frames while allowing the display of a single photo through all those frames. I knew how to create those manually, but figured it would be simpler for PSP users to have a tool to do all the work for them.

This script will allow you to either start with a "blank" project where all the frames will cover the center area of a full-size 3600x3600 image or use an existing photo, sized and placed in a specific location of the project and have the script create the frames over that photo. The options are numerous as you can create between 1 and 36 frames to cover that area. In the end, you get a layered template with a Mask group where you can just put your photo. No measuring, no drawing.

Get this script in the store: Framed Mask

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you ever used or created a similar type of mask for your project (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Layered template in .pspimage formatAs a sample, I am giving you the same template created in the preview. It has unmerged layers so you can add shadows on the frames if you want, you can merge them all before adding shadows or add them individually. You can also change the frame colors, add a bevel, or tweak them as you wish.

What will you do with that?? I hope you show off your project.

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New script – Cluster Template Maker 3

Cluster Template Maker 3 script for Paintshop ProCreating clusters can seem like a daunting task when you just end up staring at the screen, wondering what element to use, where to put them, resize them or not, etc.

This script is a tool that can help you get passed that step by generating a cluster template that you can then tweak to your liking. Like for any other template, you are not required to follow it exactly, but instead, customize it and make it your own.

This script will create a "strip cluster" that you can use on a full size project, as they end up around 3200-3500 pixels in width. Use them horizontally, as they are created or rotate them vertically, or, why not, use them as an angle!

Grab this inspirational tool script in the store: Cluster Template Maker 3

cass-ClusterMakingToolkitIf you are into clusters, you can get all three Cluster Template Maker scripts AND the Speed Scrap Scripts as a Tool kit bundle for more than 30% discount.

That bundle includes this week's Cluster Template Maker script but also two other scripts to generate different types of Clusters. In addition, you get the 3 scripts included in the Speed Scrap Scripts that will help you replace the elements in your template by elements from your kits, all in a fraction of the time you would need to do it manually. A REAL time saver!

Do you want a chance to win this script?  Tell me, in the comments below, how you usually manage to create clusters (if you create them). Do you use pre-made clusters? Do you use cluster templates? Do you work a long time to place the elements manually? I'll announce a winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-ClusterTemplateStripsFor this week's sample, I am actually including THREE cluster template strips that were generated using this script.

Each template would nicely fit on a 3600 pixels project. Use them as is, tweak them, rotate them, add or remove elements, change the layering, etc. Basically, make them your own.

The shadows are only for the previews since there is no way to tell what type of element you will use for each shape.

Can I challenge you? Would you take one of those templates and create a project to share with us?

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News from the Campus

Join us for our live presentation, this Sunday, at 5pm Eastern time.

We'll look at various ways to use and manipulate ribbons in your digital projects.

Remember that it is FREE.


And bring a friend along.

New script – Eyelet #4

Paintshop Pro script to create eyeletsThere are many designs you can find for eyelets. Some will have an edge, some will have multiple small round holes, others will have flowers and more. In the store we already had 3 other eyelet scripts, and today, we offer you a fourth one.

This design uses a slightly different pattern, with an edge made from little "eyelets", and 6 petal flowers. You can apply the edge only on one edge, or have it symmetrical to create a ribbon.

There are various options where you can choose to have only the outer edge, but you can add one or two rows of flowers and you can add another edge inside. The script is "smart" enough to know where to put that inside edge, based on what other designs you have already picked.

You can choose to apply this Paintshop Pro script to a paper or a ribbon. Both can yield very interesting results.

You can get this delicate script in the store: Eyelet #4.

Do you want a chance to win this script? Tell me, in the comments below, what you would do with the script. What element would you create or where you would add those eyelets. I will announce the winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Free sample of an eyelet edge paper and ribbonFor a sampler, i created a full page "template" that you can colorize.

I started with a 3480 long ribbon (because each pattern is 290 pixels wide and i wanted the ribbon to be symmetrical), and i ran the Mitered Corner Frame script, which made an almost full size frame. With a little tweaking, i adjusted the flowers in the corners, and filled the center with the same solid color as for the base.

You can colorize this greyscale paper to the hue you want to match your project.

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New script – Distressed Edge


Do you like the look of distressed edges? Maybe for a worn or vintage look? It might be easy to select pieces to remove all around the edges, but it can be tedious, and making the unevenness regular is a chores. This script will do the work in just a few seconds. You can apply this script to elements, shapes, frames, alphas, tags or photos of any size.

You have the choice of three degrees of distressing and the option to add a darkened edge around too.

Best of all, you will NEVER get the exact same result twice. This means that if you want to grunge up your papers, you will be able to have different borders for every paper you run the script on. It will really look like you spent a whole lot of time grunging those papers one by one! (but we know your secret!).

You can get this Distressed Edge script in my store.

As usual, you have a chance to win this script by adding a post to the RAK thread HERE in the DST forum. I’ll be back next week with a winner. Mendy won the Gemstone script from last week. Congratulations.

cass-DistressedEdge-sample-templatesOne neat use for the distressed edge is that although you can use it directly on the element you want to have irregular edges, you can also create your own templates for shapes you might want to use in the future. In fact, that is what i did for you. Since i could not show you a sample on YOUR elements, i made some grey templates. They are for 4x4 and 4x6 photos. If you are into pocket scrapbooking, or Project life or using Instagram, you will surely find some use for those. Use them for photos or journaling cards.

As you can see, i use them on photos, but you can use them to cut pieces of papers for a mat too.

Available for FREE when you register to our mailing list HERE.

Will you show me what you do with them?


Are you an Adobe user?

If you have CS4 or CS5, and you want to get Paintshop Pro to add to your arsenal of tools (for a very reasonable price), you can do so as Corel is offering you a great deal: you can get a full version of PSP for the upgrade price only.

Not only you can apply this offer to Paintshop Pro, but to AfterShot, CorelDraw and more Corel products.

Are you unhappy with the Creative Cloud option being the only one offered to you by Adobe? That is one additional reason you can want to switch to Corel.

Are you on a Mac? Yes, i know: Paintshop Pro does not have a native Mac version, but do you know that the Product Manager for Paintshop Pro at Corel works on a Mac? Yes, he uses a Parallels software (you might have it too?) and has had no problem with it. Do you have it? Download PSP trial version and have a look!

But you better hurry. This offer ends on August 31st.

Read more about it here.

New Script – Flower template


Layered templates are great to customize elements to match a kit, a layout or any project you want to do. But you might either be tired of the templates you already have or don’t want to go through the trouble of making new original ones because it is time consuming (rotating petals to make a base, duplicating, rotating, resizing the layers, calculating how much to resize or rotate, and repeat for as many layers you have).

This script will do all the calculation for you and all the tedious work. You only have to choose the overall size (from 500 to 1800 pixels), draw your own unique petal and choose which type of rotations you want for the subsequent layers. That’s it. The script does the rest.

How many petals you get? How many layers you get? How much each layer will be resized? That is all up to chance as there is a random feature integrated into the code so you can start with the same initial petal and get many different kinds of results. That is a great tool to create matching similar flowers, even though they are not perfectly identical.

Once you have the greyscale layered template, use them as you wish. Color the layers, move them, replace them by papers from your kit. You can even add various effects to them by using different scripts. Try the Edge Magic, the Glittered Edge, the Inked Edge or the Colored Edge.

This very versatile script for Paintshop Pro is available in my store: Creation Cassel

If you want a chance to win this script, check out this thread in the Happy Place where you can add your name and be entered in the draw. The winner will be announced on Monday night.



This week, i am offering you two of the four flowers created for the preview. One has no rotation to the various layers (although you can rotate them if you want) and one illustrates the alternate rotations.

They are both about 1000 pixels wide in greyscale (the color is only for the preview purpose) and in PSD format.

What will you do with them? Show me. These templates are soooooo versatile, i am sure 100 users would create 100 different pieces of art with them. Let’s start a show off!

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New Script – Waving


Have you seen those fun clustered borders that designers now offer in their kits or as add-ons or even freebies? Do you want to do something similar but you struggle making those nice waves? The script will help you by creating multiple wave patterns that you can pick and choose from.

The script will create 10 wavy patterns on the open image you have. You can start with a blank image or work on your current project. You can have the wavy designs match either the height or the width of your project (in case you are not working on a square shape).

Each wave is randomly created initially as a vector shape so the edges are smooth. You can choose to have slighter or more important waves. Mix and match if you want. Run the script more than once for more designs to pick from.

Of course, this script will not give you the clusters (wouldn’t it be nice though?), but only the basic shapes. Use the shapes to create clusters, frames, or maybe merge them to create a complete flat background. Colorize each design or clip papers to them. The possibilities are endless.

You can grab this script in my store: Creation Cassel.

As usual, you have a chance to win this script by entering your name in the Happy Place thread here. Using this script to create clusters is an obvious use, but can you think of other ways to use those? Let us know in the thread and on Monday night, we will draw for a winner.


This week, Suzy has used the script to create a frame. I thought it was a very creative way to use the waves from this script. I had not thought of that. Suzy has offered that frame as a freebie for you. It is in PNG format so anyone can use it. She used the Waving script to create the wavy design, and then the Mitered Frame script.

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New script – Photo Splitter


A while ago, i saw a nice layout where a single photo was displayed in three sections. I remember, in the past, trying to find templates that i could use to do something similar but always seemed to end up with a template where the splits were in very annoying spots, like across a face. So that is what led to the creation of this script. You get many options to choose from and the flexibility to customize what the script gives you. You can have horizontal or vertical splits only, or get them in both directions for smaller areas. You can choose to have the pieces with some space in between and even choose how much. You can have square or rounded corners. You can also have the splits evenly distributed or randomly created.

Once the script creates the “grid”, you have the additional option to group some pieces to make sure no face is cut in half or that the focus of the photo is really, the focus. But that is not all. All the pieces will end up on a separate layer so you can further customize the result, by adding effects to some pieces, by moving them, rotating them, even deleting them (in case you want to get rid of Uncle Tom!). See some samples of additional effect you can get with this script:

cass-PhotoSplitter2 cass-PhotoSplitter3











You can grab this script in my store: Creation Cassel

And of course, there is always a chance for you to win this script. Add your name to this thread in the Happy Place and i will be back on Monday night with the name of a lucky winner.


As usual, i have a freebie for you. Since this script runs on an image, i could not run it for you, but i used a blank grey image and created this template for you. It is 3000 x 2400 pixels, so you can resize it to match your own photo. You can use it vertically or horizontally. Each piece is on a separate layer and the whole template is in PSD format. Show me how you will be using it creatively!

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New script – Gift Card Box


Last week, i downloaded a box template from one of those craft sites, and i printed it out, cut the piece and folded it. I realized that although it was a nice box, it would not fit something i had on my desk: a gift card. So that got me thinking that i would need a different format. And while checking out the measurements, i also noticed that all gift cards were not the same size so why not make a script that would take the needed dimensions and create the template of the correct size. Then, why not add a fun closure but something for the user to choose: ANY design! And that is how this script came to be. For this holiday season, you can create a seasonal design, use your favorite papers, and have fun. Since the script is totally customizable, you can decorate the box to your liking with whatever digital supplies you have and even with paper scrapping supplies. Add glitters, stamps, inking, alphas, anything you have on hand. Use a simple closure design, like a heart or a diamond, or something more intricate, like a  detailed flower. It is your choice. The script will create a template in three layers: the outline that you can use on the reverse of patterned papers, the shape template that you can use to fill with your digital papers, and the closure in case you want to cut it separately to glue on your patterned paper. You can print one or all the layers. The maximum size will fit a printing area of 8 x 10 inches, so it should allow you to print right at home!

You can grab this script and make many different gift boxes, in my store: Creation Cassel .

cass-GiftCardBox-sampleAnd how about a chance to win it? There is a thread in the DST forum where you can tell me how you wrap gift cards. I will come back on Monday night with a winner.

And of course, i am sure you would love to get your hand on this poinsettia gift card box. It is a layered template in PSD format so you can use it in just about any program.

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News from the Campus


COREL PROMOTION - Did you take advantage of the super duper Black Friday/Cyber Monday price for the PSP X4? I hope so. If not, all is not lost as it is still somewhat on special, but not as low. Right now, you can get it at $59.99 instead of $79.99 (and free ground shipping).

WEBINAR - This Sunday, December 4th, at 3pm Eastern time, we’ll have a follow-up on last month’s webinar. This time, we’ll look at additional details in a “day converted to night” photo.

  • Add lit windows
  • Add street lighting
  • Add holiday lights
  • Emphasize a subject in the night


DetailsInTheNight Original photo from Vicki (TravlynWomyn)

If you have photos you would like me to use, you can email me with a link to your photo (you can upload them on Photobucket, or somewhere else). Sending me a link instead of the actual photos will make it lighter in a message! This previous example is using a photo from Vicki. Come on, you have less than 2 days to register (and if there are enough people requesting this webinar who cannot attend due to time zone or others, i would consider repeating it, but you HAVE to register first).

FREE PRODUCTS - Did you like the free Gift Card Box template from above? In the Campus, there will be a set of SIX templates for you to grab.


They will be uploaded this weekend so come back to the Campus (in the Free products section).

See you around.


New script – Torn Apart


Following the great success of the Torn Edge script, i thought it would be great to have the option to tear in the center of an image or a paper instead of only the edge and so this idea came up. This script for Paintshop Pro will create a rip in the middle of any image, photo or paper, of any size. You can leave the tear in the center or you can move it around, and even rotate it, especially if you want to place it in a strategic place of the image. The torn edges will be left on separate layers so you can add a texture if you want. The layers will be unmerged but linked to the matching torn edge.

You can tear a paper once, or more than once, providing that you either merge the piece and the tear together before running the script a second time, of by copying and pasting the paper piece (without the torn edge) as a new image.

Decide if you want a vertical or horizontal tear.Choose if you want it to be kind of straight, slightly uneven, or more. Many interesting effects can be achieved with this script, tearing photos, papers, or even paper pieces like note papers, heart shapes, etc. This could be a fun way to get some journaling pieces.

You can get this script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

And as usual, you have a chance to win this script by adding your name to the RAK thread in the Happy Place. Unlike usually, the winner will be announced on TUESDAY night instead of Monday, since i will be out of town on Monday. Just tell me what you think you could use this script for.

cass-TornApart-sample And here is your free sample. This is a layered template in PSD format. It consists of 3 “paper” pieces that will match perfectly, and 4 “edge” pieces. You can adjust the “edge” pieces to match any paper color, and the “paper” pieces are just like a puzzle and you can cut out your paper or photo using the magic wand. The “paper” piece layers are linked to the matching “edge” piece layers so you can move them around together, however, to help you with the “photo” part, all the “edge” pieces are below the “paper” pieces so you will have to rearrange the layers order when you decide to merge them.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.





News from the Campus

Not too much new YET, but i am working to bring you some super interesting bonus for the next registration period for the Basic Scrap Campus. So keep a close eye. This promotion will not last very long so you might want to register to the mailing list so you stay informed as soon as the registration re-open. The current students seem to really enjoy the lessons as i have seen some samples of their work. Seeing those, i am sure they are having a blast!

This weekend, we’ll have the FREE webinar on shadows in digital scrapbooking using Paintshop Pro. We’ll look at the regular basic shadows on a flat surface, shadows to make those ribbons look all curled up, shadows for your clusters, and then, shadows for the fantasy layouts.

Register here 

If you don’t register and decide to join Sunday, October 2nd, as it will be starting at 3pm Eastern, you can click HERE.

See you around!