New script – Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch script for PaintShop ProWith this script, you can showcase any section of your photo and turn it into a pencil sketch.

You can use this effect to create an interesting background for your project. You can even use badly colored (or discolored) photos to still showcase them beautifully.

Each run of the script will yield a different result as there is a random feature integrated in the script.

Grab the script in the store: Pencil Sketch

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you ever tried to use a pencil sketch effect (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Artsy Frame for PaintShop ProFor a sample, since this script should be applied to a specific photo, I used the same brush that is included in the zip file to create an artsy mask. The whole page is full-size, and includes a mask and a frame that you can tweak, recolor, move, etc. Use it to showcase your favorite photo.

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New script – Knot #5


Do you have some ribbons you would like to tie? Do you want to use the ends of the ribbon as if it were REALLY tied, instead of drawn? This script will do just that. This script for Paintshop Pro will use YOUR ribbon, and “use” pieces as if it were a real ribbon. If you use a ribbon with a gradient or a directional pattern, you will see the pattern follow the ribbon, through the knot and into the loose ends. Like most of the knot scripts in the store, it ends in unmerged layers so you can insert something in the knot for more customizability.

If you do not have a ribbon to use for this script, you can create one from scratch at the first prompt. You will then get a ribbed ribbon in the color of your choice.

You can get this script in my store: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

You have a chance to win this script (or a future new release if you have purchased it already) in this RAK thread of the DST forum. To enter, simply tell me if you own any of my other knot scripts. And come back on Monday night to see who won.


As usual, i made a sample for you to enjoy. You can grab this combo of a flat straight ribbon and matching knotted ribbon. Use them as is, or recolor them. Wrap the straight ribbon around a frame using the Quick Wrap script and add the knot to it if you want, or run the ribbon through any other knot script to add to your layout.

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Now, this week i have a little something else to share with you. As i was doing some research for the Campus addressing the use of sketches or templates as a source of inspiration for digital scrap layouts, i came across a HUGE resource. I know that templates have become “in fashion” lately, but this book includes 500 sketches to jump start your inspiration. I LOVE templates, but i tend to use them most often as 500ss2sketches instead of using the layered version, so seeing so many sketches in ONE file will definitely be a time saver too. And considering that you can always rotate, flip, mirror a sketch, you can get 2000 variations and then, you can add elements, subtract some, and replace others. If you are following that, you can get the equivalent of over 5000 starting point for your layouts. That is right, FIVE THOUSAND possible ideas. Now… you should not run out of ideas soon!

Just click on the preview to get it. You will adore it (i bought it too, and will be delighted to show you my pages!)