1,001 word album – new script

cass-word-albumThe preview shows a layered card i made for a collegue, after she had her baby. I had only a few reasonable pics so there was a lot of empty space on the pages, but this turned out perfect so everyone at work was able to sign and add a little note to her.

You can do the same with this script. You can use ANY word, and ANY font, so the possibilities are endless. The templates can be 1000 pixels high (about 3 inches) or 1800 pixels (6 inches). It is up to you to choose what you want to do, and also if your computer can tolerate the resizing step.

What can you do with the resulting template? you can make page templates (remember it is CU), you can make quickpages to match your newest kit, you can make them into pages for yourself. I am sure you can think of other uses too!

You can get this script, on sale this weekend at my store: CreationCassel,

And for a chance to win this script, check this thread at DST. Remember to tell me what word and what font you would use!

guide it lines – sample template

cass-guideline-sample1I created this template in just a couple of minutes using the Guide It Lines script. It allowed me to place numerous guidelines and then snap to them in order to create this multiframe template.

Download this template. It is full size 3600x3600 in psd format.

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Will you use it? What will you use it for? Show me and i might display it here (with your permission and due credits of course!)

Speedy blocks template sampler


How about this sample template created in less than 30 seconds with my new script, Speedy Blocks. It is not called "speedy" for nothing!

This is a .PSD file (layered) so you can use it as you want.

If you use it, please, show me what you did! I would LOVE to see!

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Speedy blocks – new script

cass-speedy-blocks_2 cass-speedy-blocks_3









This script will create a template for you with your own specifications. Many options to choose from: the size of the page, the shape of the blocks, how much space you want used, number of columns and rows.

All the layers will be numbered by the row and column, and are linked together for easy moving.

You can move the cluster of blocks to a different place on the layout, or remove some of the blocks from the cluster. Use the blocks to make a calendar, to add some colored papers, for photos or simply for parts of a photo, add decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Get that script at Creation Cassel,.

Thanks Limequilla for the layouts.

Template maker – PSP script

cass-template-makerWith this script, you can turn ANY layered layout of yours, into a template that you can give away or sell. And it takes only a few seconds too. Do you still have some layered templates around? Why not turn them into templates to share with your friends, or sell in your store, or give as freebies on your blog?

If you also have some layered elements (envelopes, animals, etc.), you can also turn them into greyscale layered templates. Those are very popular lately as customers will be able to use their own color, pattern, paper, etc.

Check them in the store: Template Maker


As a demonstration, I am sharing with you, the actual template I made for the preview, using that script.

It is full size, but rectangular. It includes a layered PSD file, and a set of png files with the individual layers, for those who cannot use layered file format.

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If you use this template, why not show me your layout. I might just as well display it on my blog.

And if you are template makers, this script might be a time saver for you! Check it out in my stores.