Free script – Striking Photo


I decided to create a quick simple script to give away this month. As i was working on some of my own pictures, i realized that i was fixing the photos with the same kind of settings, so why not make a script out of it?

This script will work on PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. It will lighten and brighten the colors of dark and faded photos.

And best of all, it is FREE. So check it out in my store and grab it! It is like adding sunshine on a cloudy photo!

Available here.

New script – Stacked up


I have seen on some layouts, this kind of effect of using a single photo and stack several duplicate of the same image. I guess it is a good idea to use the same photo as opposed to different photos, since the viewer would get annoyed at not being able to see what is peeking out from under the main one. Thinking of all the steps required to accomplish this, I figured that a script would probably make this easier and much faster than manually do all the step: duplicating, rotating, displacing, bevelling, shadowing and possibly linking. This script will do it in less than a minute (i timed 32 seconds to duplicate 10 times, and add a bevel and a shadow to each and then linking everything).

And you know, you do not have to keep all the images placed where the script put them. The end result will be different every time since there is a random feature coded in the script. Also, all the layers can be linked but always left unmerged so any layer can be moved further. You can even use all the layers to scatter the pictures around your layout instead of keeping them stacked in one place. Or,  how about stacking two sets of pictures and kind of mix them as if you were shuffling two decks of cards? Or how about adding some extra elements, like tickets, stickit notes, or scrap paper between some of the layers? Talk about easy to personalize!

You can get this script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

cass-StackedUp-samplerAnd for a chance to win this script for free, check out this RAK thread in the DST forum. This week, even non-PSP users will have a chance to win something so even if you do not have access to a Paintshop Pro version, head over there.

And now, i know you were waiting for a free sample. Since this script runs on your own photo, i could not run it the same way, but i created a layered template for you. It includes 11 layers of the polaroid type of frame. It is up to you to insert one photo (or more, if you want). The sampler is in psd format so just about anyone can use it.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Will you show me what you can do with these?

new script – Photo focus

cass-photofocusDo you want to draw attention to one part of your picture? this script will help you achieve just that. With many many options incorporated into the script, you will be able to create an interesting contrast. Among the options you have you can choose the shape of the focus, if you want a border, its thickness, its color. You can adjust the size and the location of the focussed area, and you can also choose between any combinations of unchanged colors, black and white, and sepia. A shadow will be added, but on a separate layer so you can modify it if you want.

Also, all the layers are left unmerged, which gives you the option to either run the script a second time, or add yet another effect to the background for the most personalised result. Try adding a blur, a brushstroke, a different colorisation or any artistic effect for unusual outcome.

You can win this script  at DST if you go add your name to this thread.

The script is available at all my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, and Divine Digital.

See what can be done with this script.


Can you think of other ways to use this script??

Rounded corners – PSP script


Remember those older photos with rounded corners? Now you can achieve that same look with your current square corners. This script will round the corners of your photos with your choice of three radius (small, medium or large).

In fact, you can use any shape that has sharp corners or points and the script will round them off. Try it with a star, or other shapes to see.

Currently availabe at Creation Cassel, Scraphead and Divine Digital

Multiple photo split – New script

cass_multiple-photo-splitThis new script will allow you to cut any photo into pieces for an interesting layout. You will have many options. You can have each small pieces with or without a border. If you want a border, you have three thickness to choose from AND you obviously get to choose the color too. Although white is kind of standard in color choice, you can pick ANY color, or even a gradient or a pattern for a really original effect. Once the photo is split into pieces, you can have each one only moved, or rotated, or a combinaison of both. More choices than that too as you can have the pieces left flat on the page or slightly curved. Each run of the script will give a different result even if you use the same settings; that is because there is a randomized function built into that script. Check them out in my stores.





New script – Curved photo

I just released a new script at Do It Digi. With this script, you can curve any photo, any size, any orientation, even any shape. And unlike using a template, your photo will REALLY get bent. For example, if you have a horizontal line on the photo, it will end upt being curved. Interesting, right?


The regular price is $5 but for the first weekend after release, it is 25% off so you can get it for $3.75 only at Do It Digi.


See what Guyloup did, using this script. Isn`t that cute??


Maybe you are not a PSP user and would like to have something like that? I can only offer you a template made with this script. Of course, it will not curve the photo, but that is the best we can do without running the script.

And in the zip file you will also find a coupon code for $1 off the purchase of the script (valid for a limited time only).