New script – Word Frame 5

Word Frame script for PaintShop ProYou can now create your own frame to showcase your favorite photo. No more hoping to find a ready-made frame that has a word suitable for you. You can choose any text you want, and even a specific location or date that is personalized to tell your story.

This script allows you to create a variety of frames, with text or empty sections. You can choose any font you want and the frame will be adjusted to the exact dimensions to fit the word. You can get one or two sections with text or blank. You can decide on the thickness of the frame.

The frame will be on its own layer so you can add effects, bevel, shadow, etc. and you can even use it separately, without any photo.

Get it in the store: Word Frame 5

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what you would use such a custom frame for (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Word frames in png formatAs a sampler, I created three frames starting from a 1400x1400 pixels blank image. I added the text on top and created an empty section on the bottom. I simply filled that section with various designs to match the top part. Each frame is black, but you can colorize them however you need to fit your project.

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Twisted Text – Sampler


Using a kid like font and three primary colors, i created this fun series of digits using the Twisted Text script.

This series is about 900 pixels long, so you can repeat it over and over again around a photo or a layout for a kid related theme layout or even a school themed layout.

Each digit is well separated so you can also cut some out and use the individual digits separately if you prefer. Why not?

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Do you like this strip of digits? There are two more strips with alphabets (lowercase and uppercase) in the newsletter.

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New Tubes – Chain beads


How about some metal beads to create necklaces, bracelets, frames, or any other element you can think of using “ball chain”look? You can now do it with those great Paintshop Pro Picture tubes. These sets of beads are not going to make a boring row of totally identical beads, but they incorporate some slight differences in the beads so it looks more realistic. You have some gold beads, silver beads, brass beads, and more. You can place them one by one by simply clicking here and there and everywhere. You can “draw” with them as they will follow your mouse movement as if you were drawing a line. Or you can also place them evenly along a vector path you could have drawn with your favorite tool. Use the Pen tool to create a base “thread”, and then use the Vector Tube script to place the beads along that path, for a great free flowing chain look.

Use the default settings, or change the size or the step for a different and custom look.

You can get these tubes in my store : Creation Cassel.

And how about a chance to win them all? Check this thread in the DST forum. Tell me what is your favourite set of beads and you might with them all.


Time for a nice little freebie. I created those chains for you to incorporate into your layouts. There are 2 long chains and 2 small ones. The small ones can easily be used to attach a tag or other elements. They are in PNG format, so they should be useable in most graphic program.

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News from the Campus

Last week, we had a webinar on using shadows. The most fun part was to show how to use layered shadows in clusters to make a fantastic end result. Most participants commented on that technique that was new to them. The webinar was recorded and should be available soon (hopefully this weekend), in the Webinar section of the Campus. It will be accessible to all registered members of the Campus (registration is free). The next Webinar will be organized this weekend, so you keep an eye on that page.

Did you want to register for the Basic Scrap Course? Did you postpone that decision? You might want to keep a close watch on the Campus as there will be another promotion coming up soon. You might want to join our many other members in the classroom. I can see several members having a blast with what they learn with the tutorials.


Big special for Paintshop Pro X4

Corel is having a big promotion for a limited time only. You can get a FULL version of PSPX4 for $39.99. We are not talking only update, but a complete version (the update is the same price too). This promotion is only until October 16. And if you have an old version of PSP, there is NO NEED to upgrade since you can run both versions side by side; you can get the newest tools and features, and still use the interface you are used to. And yes, you can have multiple versions installed on the same machine: i have versions 8, 9, X, X1, X2, X3 and X4 installed at the same time (occasionally, i even RUN 2 or 3 simultaneously when i am testing scripts).


Get PSPX4 for $39.99

(although i am an affiliate for Corel, this special is NOT through my affiliate link)

8 Secrets to quick photo fixes with Paintshop Pro


Do you have some photos you would like to use in scrapbook projects, but you feel they are just… bleh. Maybe the colors are faded, maybe some of them include unwanted elements, too much noise, etc.

If you like those photos and you still want to use them, you can fix them quickly. And when i say quickly, i mean in less than 30 seconds, using Paintshop Pro.

You want to know more? simple. Just visit the Campus and add your name to the mailing list. That’s it. Nothing more. The ebook will then be yours, FREE. No strings attached.

If you want to display your favorite photos, why not make them the best they can be.

Click HERE to go to the Campus. (excuse the dust as it is still in the building stage).


While you are visiting the Campus, have a look at the beginner tutorials, in the Quick Scrap section. And you can also visit the contributing designers’ blogs! Stay tuned as the Campus will have more and more as the videos and equipment are unpacked. Adding your name to the mailing list will assure you to get the news as fresh as can be!

New script – Worn Edge


The idea for this script is an old one. In fact, i had a similar script in a grab bag about 2 years ago, but this time it is much more advanced, and has more options. It also works with Paintshop Pro 8 now.

This script will “chew up” all around the edges of any element or shape you want. You can have a little wear, or more. Then, you can decide if you want to add a light, dark, colored or no border all around. This is already giving a lot of flexibility to match any kit or layout. But wait, you can also choose to have a thin, medium or thick edge, so that is even better!

You can get this script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

Would you like a chance to win this script? Check out this thread in the DST forum and just go add your name. A winner will be announced on Monday night.


How about a little sample of what this script can do? You can get these free tags in png format for you to use in kits or layouts.

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Now, are you anxious to hear about the February promotion winners? The draw has been made, and was recorded. The official announcement will be made tomorrow, in the newsletter, and then, i will post on this blog. But of course, if you are more curious, and want to know the result the earliest you can, just make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter. If not, you can still subscribe here.


And the CHAT? Did you remember our monthly chat? It will be held tomorrow at 3pm ET in the DST chatroom. (that makes if for around noon on the west coast, and evening for Europe) Tomorrow’s topic: Brushes. See you there!

New script – Rubber Band


Rubber bands are one of those kinds of “fasteners” that can be very versatile. This script will let you create some with an almost infinite number of ways. Not only can you choose any color, but you can create them from 1000 to 4000 pixels long, from 20 to 100 pixel wide, and choose between 2 and 15 twists. In addition, you can have regular or slightly irregular twists, making this script perfect to get a different result every time.


What can you use rubber bands for? Maybe to wrap around a frame? To attach some flowers? maybe hold a charm or other pendant?


You can get this script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.


And if you want a chance to win this script, go to the DST forum, here, and add your name to the thread.


cass-RubberBand-samples How about a little sampler? You can get those two twisted rubber bands for free, and you can use them as you want. You can color them, or use them as is. Double them, triple them around a frame or other element.

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And remember, you just have a few days left to enter the big February Promotion.

FREE Paintshop script – Edge Magic


For the New Year, I created a simple yet very effective tool for scrappers and designers. In just a few clicks you can darken or lighten the edge of any element or shape. It gives great results on many situations.

If you have some extracted elements, like flowers, leaves, torn papers or cardboards, or many of those available elements, adding a dark or light edge might give it a whole new look. It will save you time since this process will take only a second, instead of having to use the burn or dodge tool all around the edge.






I also found that if you are using layered element templates, it is perfect to add that little volume effect instead of the flat look of layered papers. Look at this little bird template from Americo. Adding colors only makes it ok. Adding the darker edge almost makes the bird fly! Don’t you think?

It is available exclusively in my store, here.

FREE script – Switch it all


Here is a little utility script for you. Although, in Paintshop Pro, you can rotate all the layers in one operation, you cannot do the same if you want to flip or mirror an image with several layers. So, this script will solve that. Now, you will not have to flip or mirror layer after layer, which can be tedious if you are using a template with 20 layers or more.

There are surely other use for this script, but i think that template makers and template users will find it the most useful.

Best of all, this script is FREE. So just check out my store and grab it!

New Product – Rope Tubes – Set #2


Did you check out the Rope tubes that i released last week? They were solid colors. This week, you can get another set of 10 rope tubes, but this time, they are multicoloured. You can still use them in the same way you were using the previous set.

These tubes were created with my Directional Tuber Script, and starting with a tiny piece of a real rope photography. Some tubes were recoloured to add variety to this set.

Use them to make doodles, tie some tags, attach various trinkets, etc.

You can get this set on sale until Sunday night, at my stores: Creation Cassel and Do It Digi.

And if you want a chance to win this set of ropes, you can check this thread in the DST forum.cass-Ropes2-Digits


Now, if you are not a PSP user, you can still enjoy and use this free sample. They are layered PSD files so you can use the rope outline with or without the fill. You can also colourize either one or both layers if you want. Each digit is approximately 550 pixels high.

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Ripped Edge papers – Free sample


This set of two papers are yours to enjoy. The ripped edges were created using the Ripped Edge font.

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If you use this paper, show me what you do. I would love to display your layout on my blog.