New script – Word Frame 5

Word Frame script for PaintShop ProYou can now create your own frame to showcase your favorite photo. No more hoping to find a ready-made frame that has a word suitable for you. You can choose any text you want, and even a specific location or date that is personalized to tell your story.

This script allows you to create a variety of frames, with text or empty sections. You can choose any font you want and the frame will be adjusted to the exact dimensions to fit the word. You can get one or two sections with text or blank. You can decide on the thickness of the frame.

The frame will be on its own layer so you can add effects, bevel, shadow, etc. and you can even use it separately, without any photo.

Get it in the store: Word Frame 5

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Word frames in png formatAs a sampler, I created three frames starting from a 1400x1400 pixels blank image. I added the text on top and created an empty section on the bottom. I simply filled that section with various designs to match the top part. Each frame is black, but you can colorize them however you need to fit your project.

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