Multi-tool script for PSP


In just a few seconds, you can "clean up" your multiple layers. Whether you are working on a layout or any other project, you might end up with some empty layers, some hidden ones, some layers linked together, and most likely, layers called "raster/vector" with totally mixed numbers. Well, this script will help you. It will delete all empty layers (they just take up space). It will delete hidden layers; if you are hiding them, maybe you dont need them. It will re-number the layers: keeping their attribute of "raster" or "vector", they will be numbered starting at one on top. It will unlink all the layers; maybe you linked some layers but dont need that anymore.

Available at

Creation Cassel, Scrapping Whispers, Scraphead, Divine Digital

Stripes #1 – PSP script

cass-stripes1Get a striped or plaid paper in seconds. Starting with a base color, you will get several options to choose from, to create a 250 x 250 tile, a 1000 x 1000 tagger size paper or a 3600 x 3600 full size paper. Run the script several times, and always get a different combination. And in the end, you can keep the stripes, or make it into a plaid. With all the options available, you have over 100 possible combinations, plus a randomized result. Add your own texture if you want, add an overlay or apply other effects. A great way to create matching striped/plaid papers for a kit.

Available at CreationCassel, Scraphead, Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital

Scratched texture – PSP script

cass-scratchedGet a great variety of scratched texture looks on your images. You get to choose to have either large, medium or fine scratches, but also horizontal, vertical or crisscrossed ones. The result can vary depending on the size of the starting picture. You can work on a background image, a vector or a raster layer. You can repeat the script on multiple layers if you want.

Apply this effect onto pictures, tubes, text, anything.

Available at Creation Cassel, and all my other stores.

Check here to see different types of scratches you can create.

And remember that you can use this texture for graet grungy papers too!

Shadow placer – New script

Do you hate adding shadows to your layouts or your kit previews, one by one? This script will save you a lot of time while doing this tedious and repetitive task. You get to choose the settings you want for your shadows: choose its orientation, its color, its opacity, etc. YOU choose the setting and the script will apply it to the elements/papers. The shadows will be added in four steps: for very thin elements (like papers), for thin elements (like ribbbons, staples), for medium elements (like paperclips and flat buttons) and for thick elements (like beads, flowers). And if some elements need a different type of shadows, you will simply add it at the end. It is that easy.

Compatible for versions 8 and up.


Available in all my stores, and on special over the weekend too.


TrishH Design tested this script and allowed me to use her Dani's Summer Evening kit. Here is what Trish had to say about this script:
I actually timed how long it took me to do the preview with doing shadows on my own... and then how long it took for the script to do the shadows for me and honestly it saved me 12 minutes! I would use this script over and over again. I loved how it allowed you to choose different shadows for the papers, small elements and large elements.
As a designer/ preview maker, using this script I would for sure be able to make great quality previews in no time at all.
-Trish H.

Crochet Lace #2 – new script


Did you like the first Crochet lace script? This is my second one (and probably not the last either). I love to code those laces. And this time, you can also have a fringe added or not. It is your choice.

Since this script allows you to colorise the rows separately, i found a great trick. Look at the bottom sample lace: i colorised the first few rows with a certain setting, with the Lightness set to about -75. Later on, i would just change the lightness and go -55,  -35, -15, 15, 35, 55, etc. That is how i got that gradient effect. Neat isn't it?

You can get this lovely lace script at any of my stores, listed on the left. If you get it, and like it, be sure to leave some feedback.

cass-crochet2_01Now, look at what Linda did with this script (and also the Curved photo script and the Ribbon #1 script). She used kits from Eden and Millcreek Canyon from Amanda Thorderson. Isn't that layout gorgeous?

Template maker – PSP script

cass-template-makerWith this script, you can turn ANY layered layout of yours, into a template that you can give away or sell. And it takes only a few seconds too. Do you still have some layered templates around? Why not turn them into templates to share with your friends, or sell in your store, or give as freebies on your blog?

If you also have some layered elements (envelopes, animals, etc.), you can also turn them into greyscale layered templates. Those are very popular lately as customers will be able to use their own color, pattern, paper, etc.

Check them in the store: Template Maker


As a demonstration, I am sharing with you, the actual template I made for the preview, using that script.

It is full size, but rectangular. It includes a layered PSD file, and a set of png files with the individual layers, for those who cannot use layered file format.

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If you use this template, why not show me your layout. I might just as well display it on my blog.

And if you are template makers, this script might be a time saver for you! Check it out in my stores.

Crochet lace #1



This week i created a crochetted lace for you to embellish your pages. You can use an existing ribbon of your own, or you can generate one from scratch with the script itself. You can colorise each row of crochet separately, or all at once at the end. You can also finish the script with all the layers merged or leave the ribbon on a layer of its own.

It is now compatible with version 8 and up.

You can get it at Scrapping Whispers, Do It Digi, Scraphead, Divine Digital, or at my personal store.

And as usual, it is on sale until Sunday night.

cass-crohet1-samplerNow, do you want to see this lace up close? I have this sampler for you. It is 3600 pixels long and merged on one layer, in greyscale. You can colorise the lace to match your page, or your kit.

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Bow #2 script


This week, i followed suggestions from some customers. You want ribbons and bows, and that is what i made for you.

This script gives you the opportunity to use your own ribbon to make the bow or, if you want, the script can create one for you, with your choice of colors, gradients, patterns, and then make a matching bow. So that is like two scripts for the price of one.

You can get this script at all my stores (on the left). If you hurry, you can take advantage of a great sale too!

Lace #2 – PSP script



This script will let you create a two-color ribbon/lace. Choose the colors to match your picture, your layout or your kit. You can also choose to have an opaque ribbon, translucent ribbon or a tulle lace as a background. You choose the color for the background ribbon, and you can even add textures if you want. What a way to match what you are doing now. The end result is a 3600 pixels long ribbon/lace.

You can also combine this script with many other of my scripts to make knots, ribbon hearts, ribbon flowers, folded ribbons, ribbon frames.

This script is available at Scrapping Whispers, Screaphead, Do It Digi and Divine Digital (and on sale until Sunday).

cass-lace2-samplerYou want to check it up close? You can get this sample for free. It is Commercial use friendly and you can colorise it as you wish.

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