New font – Decorative Stitches 2

You might already be familiar with dingbats, but very few fonts will replicate machine stitching. The Creation Cassel store is the only place where you can find those fonts. This time around, I created another set of 50 different stitches that you can add to your arsenal.

The zip file includes two versions of each of the stitches: one with clean edges and one with irregular edges.

Get it in the store: Decorative Stitches 2

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For a sampler, I created a simple rectangular 7x5 inches frame made from a decorative (and basic) stitch. They are in greyscale, so you can colorize it however you want to match your project. Then, add a texture, a bevel, and a shadow to create that 3D effect. Showcase a photo or some text inside it.

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