New script – Circles and Spirals

Circles and spirals script for PaintShop ProYou can place elements along a circle or a spiral manually, but it is quite tedious.

This script will take care of all the calculations for you and create that perfect circle or spiral with any starting element. Use beads, pearls, flowers, greenery, hearts, stars, flower petals, etc.

Use the circles for frames, and the spirals for accents.

Get this script in the store: Circles and Spirals

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what you would place along a spiral shape (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Halloween circle frames and spiralFor a sampler, I created two large circle frames and one spiral with bats coming at you. Each element is in png format and about 3000 pixels wide, so you can resize them as needed.

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New Paths – Halloween theme


Do you have some photos or anecdotes to share about Halloween time? These are great to add some journaling or stories while keeping inside a Halloween theme shape.

Since Paintshop Pro does not have an integrated text wrapping feature, you can use those paths to manually add text (just like Text on path) and adjust the spacing and kerning, or you can use the Text Wrapping script that will automatically adjust those for you, to have your text along those paths and inside the shapes.

The paths and the shapes are on separate layers so you can use one without the other, or even use the templates to create something completely different, like a frame, a cutout, or just a decorative element.

You can grab this “scary” set of Halloween paths in my store.

Do you want a chance to win those paths? Add your name in the Happy Place thread HERE while answering the simple question. I’ll be back next week to announce a winner.

cass-PaperCutout-sample-cauldronThis week, to make sure that everyone (using Paintshop Pro or not) could use my product, I opted to create a paper cutout using a cauldron image, which was turned into a sticker (with a little white edge). Then, i ran thePaper Cutout script and it generated the long string of colored cauldrons, but also a separate template in unmerged layers. Both the png string of cauldrons and the layered template in PSD format are included in the zip.

Each string (the png and the psd ones) are 4000 pixels long so they are long enough to reach both sides of a full size layout.

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News from the Campus


ScrappersDozen-250x250You know about the Scrapper’s Dozen event, right?

Did you watch the first video where i shared a trick to organize your digital kits?

This week, i am sharing another trick to help you save money, by reusing kits that have colors you are not too sure about. Maybe they are too bright for your project, or they are too washed out to add life to your layout.

Be sure to watch that video, and add your name to the mailing list for the event.

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New tubes – Halloween Garlands


Halloween is coming and you need some seasonal decorations but you cannot find the element in the right length, or the right color, or the right shape.

With these garlands, you simply “draw” the shape you want, or doodle to fill in an area with a special texture.

You get a total of 16 tubes, in four colors and 4 “shades” for each of them.

You can write letters with them, you can create an outline, you can use them to attach elements. Change the size and you can turn them into ropes, and more.

Grab this set of Garland tubes in my store.


cass-GarlandSet2-SamplersNow, how about a little look closer at those garlands and their texture? I created a few Halloween decorations for you using those garlands.

With the help of some drop shadows, that pumpkin has some interesting 3D effect, don’t you think?

All those elements are in png format, so you can use them in any graphic program (you don’t need to use PSP to use those).

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Sampler – Halloween templates


Since i cannot do any sampler using this week new released script, i figured you might want to get ready for Halloween with those templates. You get 3 templates that can be used with a 5 x 7 photo. Just a fun way to display some pictures. They were made from the Word Edge Cutout script, so if you want to create other types of templates for yourself, with different words, you can check it out (it also works directly on the pictures).

They are in PNG format so anyone can use them. How about showing me what you do with them? You might see your layout displayed in my newsletter!

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