New picture tubes – Vines 2

Vines picture tubes for PaintShop ProTime flies and in the fall, those vines will often change color. These picture tubes are made from vines that have already turned to a pink or orange color due to the season.

You get tall vines that you can use to cover a whole section, but you can also use the individual pieces to create your own vines, in the shape you want (if you want to follow a different path).

Get these tubes in the store: Vines 2

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us how you could use a vine in a project other than for a background (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Vines frame for PaintShop ProAs a sampler, I created a large frame, covered it with chicken wire (from the Chicken Wire tubes) and added some vines, and some clothespins to hold some photos. These photos are showing as a mask group so you won't have to do any cutout of your photo to place it in the frame.

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New script – Diamond Slats

Diamond slats script for PaintShop ProDiamond shapes will convey an impression of dynamism so using diamond-shaped slats to showcase your photos will give them a new angle.

With this script, you can focus the main diamond wherever you want on your photo and then, with various options, it will add slats on the left or the right or both sides. And with the choice of colors for the outline, you will have a custom result. And even more, you can tweak the unmerged layers for more special effects.

Get this script in the store: Diamond Slats

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you have used slats to showcase photos (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Diamond slats template for PaintShop ProFor a sampler, I created this layered template for you to showcase your photo in the middle. The template is 3600 pixels wide and in pspimage format for PaintShop Pro users.
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New Brushes – School Punches

School themed punches for PaintShop ProSeptember is often the time for back to school, whether we have young kids, older teenagers, or grandkids in that age group. Or maybe it can also be a grown-up going back to school!

These punches are perfect with the Eraser tool, and you can also use them as brushes, to add some details in a contrasting color.

You get 12 designs for corners, and 12 matching edges. In addition, you get individual elements in brush format so you can use them on their own.

Get these punches in the store: School Punches

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling whether you have any school-related photos you would like to showcase (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

School frame in png formatFor a sample, I created a simple frame that is 3600x3600 pixels. You can use it full-size to frame a whole page or you can size it down to fit a smaller photo. I am also including a frame made of wood that is slightly smaller.

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New tubes – Pompom Trims

Pompom trim picture tubes for PaintShop ProPompom trims might be fun to add to a project, but how do you get the right color, the right length of trim and the right direction? Finding a ready-made trim might save time if you find that perfect element, but otherwise, why not use these picture tubes and draw them with your cursor, wherever you want?

You can use any of those 12 colors, including a grey one that you can colorize if you really need yet a different shade.

Get them in the store: Pompom Trims

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what would you use those pompom trims for, in a digital project (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Pompom trimAs a sampler, I used the grey trim, along a vector path (using the VectorTube script) and then colorized it with a rainbow gradient. The whole trim is 4000 pixels long so you can choose only a segment if you don't want to use it all.

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Drop me an email if the download is causing issues.

New Tubes – Colored Petals

Colored Petal picture tubes for Paintshop ProAlthough it is easy enough to purchase extracted flower petals, it is tedious to place them where you want, and even more if you want to scatter them randomly.

These petals were also extracted but exported as picture tubes so that you can scatter them anywhere on your project, simply by dragging your cursor on your project.

This product includes 20 sets of petals in 10 colors: one set has no shadow, so you can add your own, and one has a slight shadow, mostly to give a 3D effect on petals that might be overlapping.

Get these tubes in the store: Colored Petals Tubes

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what is your favorite color for rose petals (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Colored petal frames in PNG formatFor a sample of these tubes, I created two frames made of petals. Each frame is almost 3600 pixels wide, so you can resize it as you need it.

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New scripts – Speed Scrap


Using templates to create a layout is a way to speed up the process as it helps you with some precise suggestions as to where to put the photos, papers, and elements. Of course, you don’t have to follow everything exactly, but it is a start.

Using those templates still require you to open the photos, copy them, close them, paste them into the new page, resize them, move them to match the location of the shape, then you have to either Clip it (using the Clip to It script), or go through the selection process, and so on. That is a lot of steps that can be automated with these scripts.

There are 3 scripts, for different types of elements in the template. The photo script will never merge the photo to the shape, giving you the option to tweak it and adjust it to your liking. The paper script will give you the option to merge the paper to the shape from the template, if it is within the size of the template (in case it extends outside the edge). Finally, the element script will adjust the size of the element you pick to match the size of the shape in the template, and replace that shape by the element.

There is a video clip in the description, showing how fast you can create the basis of your layout using the three scripts. Of course, you still have to add the shadows, the title, the journaling and any additional detail you want to use to make the layout truly yours.

You can get this set of Speed Scrap scripts, in my store.

cass-AlphaBeads2-Halloween-string-previewDo you want a chance to win this set of scripts? Head over to the DST forum in this thread and add your name while answering the question. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

Again, i cannot give you a sample of the script, since it is a tool script, but i can make something that could be used for Halloween layouts. Check this fun wordart. The letters were made using the Alpha-Beads 2 script, and the strings are from the Twisted Rope tubes (i used the white one you can see in the preview).

The whole montage is about 1800 pixels wide and is in PNG format, so everyone can use it.

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News from the Campus

ScrappersDozen-250x250Did you follow the videos in the Campus related to the Scrapper’s Dozen?

The third video is now up, and you can even download something quite useful (and it is free). So go check it out.

Video #3

And while you are around the Campus, check out the blog section where you will see more about the “secret ingredients” and the designers who contributed them.

New script – Bead curtain


A while ago, i saw some of those old fashioned curtains made of glass beads. I thought i could make a script to create those but i ran into various problems with it and decided to put it on the back burner for a while. Last week, Connie posted on our Facebook page the suggestion to create this exact same element, so i brought it back to the front burner and kept working at it. It must have worked because i figured out how to get all i wanted into it.

This is how this Bead curtain script for Paintshop Pro was born. This script will allow you to use ANY picture tube and make vertical lines of it. Obviously, the most comment tubes you will be using are going to be beads, right? Well, probably, but you can also use chains, drops, flowers, gems, and more. For a fun Halloween curtain, you can even use strings of bugs! I am sure it would make a fantastic background for some Halloween theme layouts!

The script offers many options. The length of the strings and the width of the “curtain” will be determined by the size of your image, so you can work directly onto your current project, or make a smaller one on the side. You can have all the strings of the same length, or in random length, or even in a triangular pattern (check the sampler, below). You determine how many strings you want, how spaced the elements will be, and you can also have individual elements all of the same size or randomly sized. You can use directional tubes (like chains and ropes), but also tubes that need to be used in sequence (like always 5 small ones and 1 big one), or totally randomly.

You can grab this script in my store at Creation Cassel.

You can also add your name to this thread for a chance to win it, as usual. So what are you waiting for?

cass-BeadCurtain-sample I am sure you will LOVE this free sample i made for you. I used one of my bead tubes and ran it on a 600x2000 pixels image asking for a triangular shape bottom. Then, i used that tile to flood fill a 3600x2000 image to get that chevron effect at the bottom. Isn’t that lovely? You can use it as a background for something fancy, or formal, or maybe a wedding page, or Christmas layout. What will you use it for? This is a png format, so anyone can use it.

The beads are slightly uneven to give it more depth and life.

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>>>  New in the store

As you know, i specialize in Paintshop Pro scripts. However, i regularly get requests from Adobe users asking if i could convert my scripts so they could use them in Photoshop or Photoshop Element. Well, i decided to take the plunge and get a few chosen scripts to be made into actions (or scripts) so that more people could enjoy creating custom elements for their kits, layouts or other projects.


Today, i am making this action available to you. It is a first. I do not have a set schedule of how often Adobe-compatible products will be released in the store. When it happens, i will tell you in here, and in my newsletter.


This action will let you create a custom license plate that you can match to any kit, layout, theme that you want. Aren’t the samples in the preview lovely? Thanks to Michelle and Jenn for those! If you want to get this action, simply head over to my store HERE to buy it. Just like my regular PSP products, it is on sale for 25% off over the weekend, so hurry!

Get it HERE.




News from the Campus


CustomizingPSPDid you have a look at the latest workshop recording in the campus? It is about Customizing your PSP workspace. It is free to watch it, so go have a look over there.

Watch it





This weekend, we will also have a fun brand new activity. I am all excited about it and the more people join, the more fun it will be, and the more everyone will bring home afterward.

Because of the annoying “time zones issues”, there are 2 meetings planned, so it is more than likely that one of them will be accessible for you, in YOUR time zone.

Those meetings are called VIDEO SPEED SCRAP. It is probably not the best name for it, and it is surely going to change, but i didn’t find anything better for now. It will be a VIDEO meeting. Nothing to do with a webcam, so don’t worry about your hairdo or makeup. You can come in your pyjama if you want, nobody will see. The VIDEO part is about sharing your screen. As we meet and work (yes, YOU will work too), we will share screen of what everyone is doing. Sharing screen is NOT mandatory, if you prefer not to, but it will be available to all.

The VIDEO SPEED SCRAPS will take place on Sunday, July 22nd. (and they are NOT software specific so everyone can join in)

  • The first one is on ALPHA. We will be making MONOGRAMS based on one single kit that you will get to download just before the meeting. Everyone will work on different monograms, but using the same palette, the same theme and maybe the same base material, but i can promise you that everyone will be doing something VERY different! The meeting for the ALPHA will be at 10 am Eastern time zone. Register here.


  • The second one will be on TEMPLATES. We will all create a different template based on some identical elements, and some specific instructions. At the end, everyone will be able to get a set of templates from what each participant created. As you see, the more people who join, the more templates we’ll get. It is a bit like a template exchange, but with a twist. And again, we will allow everyone to share their screen during the meeting. This meeting will be held at 9 pm Eastern time zone. Register here.


Finally, as the month of July nears the end, our Anniversary celebration also will be closing soon. As a last offer to you, both the Basic Scrap course and the Element Creation tutorials course are currently on sale. This is a great offer, and it will last until July 31st. Check them out.

slashed79 for


Basic Scrap Course       Element Creation Tutorials


See you in the Campus!

New Script Seamless Tiling


Do you sometimes want to create a seamless background out of a smaller element? Do you find yourself unhappy with the Seamless Tiling available in your program? That command creates a seamless effect by fading in the designs, on the edges or the corners. Yes, it is seamless, but it does not look realistic at all. This script creates a seamless tiling the same way you would do if you did it manually: by overlapping the design, instead of fading it in.


You possibly found out about this technique if you watched or attended the workshop on Seamless Designs, but although you knew how to do it, you still found it was tedious, and required precise calculations to make the end result REALLY seamless. That is why Suzy asked me to convert that technique into a script that would do the exact same steps, faster and more precisely.


Do you want to see a close comparison between the seamless effect and the script? Check this out:

WithPSPSeamless   WithScript

Seamless pattern made with the PSP effect             Seamless pattern made with the script


Do you see those fading leaves on the left example? That is the way PSP creates the seamlessness while on the right example (done with the script), you really cannot see where the design starts or ends. Which one do you think would look better to create a background?


You can get this script in my store: Creation Cassel


You can also enter your name in the thread HERE for a chance to win this script. Don’t worry. If you bought the script to take advantage of the special weekend price, and you win the draw, you get a coupon for a future release. It has happened, and it gave a chance to someone to actually pick which new product they wanted! So hurry and post in this thread. I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner.


cass-SeamlessTiling-samples As a free sample, i chose to create three seamless tiles for you with the script. First, i used the Grass blades tube from PSP, and created a horizontal seamless tile. This would be great to add to any project with a nature or vacation theme. Second, i use a combination of spruce branches, bows and bells to make a vertical tile. You can use this tile to embellish some stationary or cards with a holiday theme (i know, it might be ahead of time, but you can start early). Then, i made a diagonally seamless tile with the fall leaves tubes from PSP too.

How will you use these samples? Show me!

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News from the Campus

Ballon-300 Almost $400 in prizes to be won in the Campus 1st anniversary promotion. You can enter just by posting in this thread HERE.

- no purchase necessary

- no registration necessary

- up to 4 entries per person

What are you waiting for?

The winners will be picked on July 4th, 2012.

 >>>>>> Go Comment NOW <<<<<<


Our next workshop will be held on July 8th instead of July 1st, which would have been the regular first Sunday of the month. So it is giving you an extra week to register.

Customizing your PSP

- changing colors

- preferences

- toolbars and menus

- saving all that work

Remember, it is FREE to join and attend.


New Script – Colored Pebbles


A couple of weeks ago, i released a script to create rock pebbles. During a recent shopping trip, i had noticed some colored glass pebbles and thought it would be great to simulate them digitally. And there it is.

This script will allow you to choose any base colors (from 1 to 6 colors), so you can have perfectly matching pebbles to use in a kit, on a layout or to around a particular photo. Choose a white or black background, or any other color. Even better, you can have translucent glass pebbles. How fun is that?

Each run of the script can generate up to 20 pebbles that will always be different since there is a random feature coded in several places in the script: so you get random shape, random color choice, random texture, even random brightness as the colors will be slightly modified, just to make everything perfectly… different!

What would you use these for? Just think of what you would use colored pebbles in real life. You can make a mosaic from them, you can scatter them around or make a border out of them, you can fill a glass jar, and more. If you are a PSP user, you can also combine them into a tube and “paint” with them.

This script is available in my store: Creation Cassel

And this week, although i have a regular RAK thread at DST, everyone will be a winner. Yes, you read correctly. EVERYONE who will post 2 colors they would like to see combined in glass pebbles, will get a set, even if they are not a PSP user (since they will be in PNG format). And of course, one winner will be drawn on Monday to win the script itself (among PSP users, or anyone willing to buy PSP). So check out the thread here, and add your color choices. Tell your friends about that draw since they will get something out of it anyways!!

cass-ColoredPebbles-sample This week, i created a set of glass pebbles for you based on red, white and blue colors. I know the 4th of July is coming soon, and we also have our French scrapper friends celebrating their national day on July 14th using the same colors. Canada Day is on July 1st, and it uses red and white (you can drop the blue ones). Of course, you dont have to use those colors only for national holidays: many other themes or events can use those pebbles for embellishments, even if it is only for a basic kids layout!

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Although it is NOT a requirement, how about you tweet about it or post on your Facebook wall? Maybe some of your distant digiscrapper friends would like to see those?

If you tweet about it, add the @creationcassel tag to it, and if you post on Facebook, remember to tag me too. I am curious to know how many of you will do it! Com’on, just do it!


News from the Campus


You better stay tuned because all the details of the big Anniversary promotion will be posted soon. Register to our mailing list if you want to get everything before i post it on this blog, or on Facebook. The Newsletter will have all the details FIRST.

Join NOW



New script – File Tabs


I don’t know about you, but i have thought of using file tabs in a layout only to find that the few tabs i had in my stash, didn’t really fit my project. If you ever experienced the same problem, you will now have the solution. This script offers you MANY possibilities to create your own tabs. Not only you can choose the color of the tabs, but you can choose the text and the font. Even better, the tabs will always be the right size. How can the script do that? It measures the size of each word you want to put and uses the size of the longest word and plan all the tabs around that size. You won’t see the script do it as it works in the blink of an eye but it does give you that perfect result every time.

You can create a blank tab of the size you want or a single tab with some text. But you can create several tabs either separately or on a single image. If you want them on a single image, you can have them all stuck on the same piece of paper or on separate papers. Talk about versatile! What can you use those for? Just about ANYTHING you want. You will fall in love with those and i am sure you will find many uses for them either in kits or in layouts.

You can find this fantastic script in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

cass-FileTab-sample-dateI am sure you would love to win this script, right? Just hop over the Happy Place thread HERE and tell me ONE use you can think for those tabs. I will be drawing for a winner on Monday night.

As for a freebie, you can grab this sample here. I created a series of four tabs for you to add dates to your project 365 or any other layout. I initially had the word “December” in there so the tabs would be long enough for you to add a month name, and then i changed it to only “month”. This allowed all the tabs to be larger than if i had use the word “month” in the script itself. This set of tabs comes in PSD format, fully layered so you can use fewer than the four tabs available. You can also use the tabs without the paper base and apply them to your own papers or even directly onto a photo.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.



News from the Campus


The March workshop video is accessible to view to any logged in member. Did you have a look? I got several comments from viewers saying that they finally felt more comfortable using vectors after this workshop. Isn’t that a good thing? Go watch the edited recording and you can even purchase the downloadable version so you can view and re-view and re-re-view it as often as you want, without the worry of having to be online! And the downloadable written document is a whopping 22 pages of instructions, tips and illustrations. That is a biggie! Check it out now.

Don’t be afraid of Vectors!



If you like workshops, you will be spoiled in April. I will be hosting one on April 1st called Color your world, on colorizing: we will look at colorizing elements for your layouts or your kits, but also adding colors to photos, so you will be able to use those tips for other purpose than scrapbooking. You can register right now for it. Just click this yellow button.





But that is not all. Corel also has some regular workshops they call Shop Classes for their various products, including Paintshop Pro. I was invited to present one such workshop on April 2nd (yes, just the day after the other workshop). The topic is: Introduction to scripts in PaintShop Pro. I know a lot of you have asked me questions about scripts, how to use them, what they can do and such. You’ll have a chance to hear answers to a lot of those questions during that one hour class. And it is FREE. I was told they might expect over 100 attendees AND there will be something drawn as a participation prize. Don’t wait and register NOW.



Do you have an older version of PSP and you are looking for the patches since you had to reinstall it to a newer computer? The Corel site does not carry the older PSP version patches, but you can find them all neatly stored in the Campus. Those patches are all free so you can download them as you need them. Check this PSP Patches section.


Last week, due to time limitations, no new tutorial was added to the Element section but i will catch up this week and upload TWO to make it up.


Keep an eye on this blog or on our mailing list as i will be having a special call soon. Not a CT call, but something for the Campus itself. Maybe tomorrow, or Sunday. I am not telling anything more… yet! You’ll have to be patient.