New script – Brick Wall 2

Although you might want a regular pattern of brickwork, sometimes, some irregularities are wanted for a different look.

This script will create a fun pattern brick wall based on any color palette you want (up to 6 colors) with uneven lengths of bricks. Each run of the script will yield a different result even with the same color palette because of the random selection of each color for each brick.

Get it in the store: Brick Wall 2

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what theme would fit the use of a colored brick wall? (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Brick wall patternAs a sample of what can be done with this script, I am offering you a set of three full-size brick walls, in monochrome colors that you can use for your summer projects. Use it as a background or cut it into a frame or other shapes you need.

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New script – Knot #14

Knot #14 script for PaintShop ProNobody ever has too many ribbons, bows and knots in a toolbox. This script allows you to create a layered knot from any straight ribbon. Whether you have an opaque ribbon or a translucent one, or even a lacy one. Whether your design is simple or even directional, and the script will align the elements correctly. Although you need a ribbon that is 18 times its thickness to get the full effect (with directional design mostly), you can have great alignment of the design.

In the end, the layers are left linked but unmerged so you can insert elements in the loops for a custom effect.

Get it in the store: Knot #14

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us what you what you tend to tie with knots (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Ribbon loops in layered formatAs a sampler, I am offering you the same knots as in the preview. I edited the files so that the whole knot is one layer and the back loop is on a separate layer. That should allow you to insert something in that loop.

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New script–Merge Group


You probably want to complete your scrapbook project as fast as possible. You probably have more than one page to finish and are running a bit out of time. This new script is just a wonderful time-saving tool to help you achieve your goal of finishing faster and more efficiently.

By default, when you merge a group of layers, it will keep the name of the top “layer” but that name is most often, not very meaningful. This script will remember the name of the active layer when you run the script and will rename the merged layer to that name. No fuss. No typing. No copying and pasting.

Without this script, you would require a total of 11 clicks to get the same thing (assuming you are copying and pasting instead of retyping), but with this script, if you bind it and place it in a convenient place, it will require ONE SINGLE click. Talk about saving time! that means that the process will be TEN TIMES faster than the old manual way.

This script can be purchased in my store: Creation Cassel.

This script is a perfect companion to a few others to speed up the scrapping process for any user. You can start by using the free script, Open As Layer – Rename, which will allow you to open one or more papers or elements just the way you would normally do, but it will take care of copying them and pasting them onto your current project in addition to renaming each layer based on the filename of those papers or elements. This allows you to remember what kit this element was from (assuming the initial file is named properly).

Once you have your papers or photos onto your work, if you are using a template, you will want the flexibility of adjusting their placement, rotation, and size without fuss. That is when the Clip To It script becomes another time saver in addition to making the process simpler and non destructive as it will “convert” the template shape into a mask from which you can see how the photo or the paper will look like before “cutting” anything.

Then, once you have your mask group, created by the Clip To It script, and you have adjusted the paper or the photo to your liking, it is time to merge it all in a single layer (if you want) using the Merge Group – Rename script.

cass-QuickScrapBundleSince those three scripts are so useful in your toolbox to complete your scrapbook project faster, we also have the combo available for you. It is called Quick Scrap Bundle as it will do just that: make you scrap quickly.

This combo will include:

Open as Layer Rename

Clip To It

Merge Group Rename


Do you have plans to finish more projects in the coming year?

Are you rushed to finish those layouts before the end of the year?

Do you have a complete album project in mind and feel overwhelmed by all the work that will take?

These tools will save you a LOT of time, and make the process simpler.

You can also add your name to this thread in the Happy Place so you might win this combo of 3 scripts.


News from the Campus


Did you want more tips on scrapbooking faster? We had a presentation a couple of weeks ago called Scrapbooking on a Deadline where we looked at many tips, tricks and tools to achieve it.


The edited recording is currently available for online viewing for FREE.

Check it out here.

What is a SCRIPT anyways?

Following the series of articles on Tubes, i got a few comments and requests about other particular features of Paintshop Pro. So, here is the first part of a 2 part series on Scripts.


What are scripts anyways?

Scripts are a new feature introduced to Paintshop Pro by Jasc with the version 8. Scripts are a set of commands that are pre-recorded and executed on demand. Paintshop Pro comes with several basic scripts already loaded, but you can find more on the net that you can buy or download and install on your computer.


What can a script do?

A script can do just about anything you would do manually with your program. It can choose a color, floodfill, write text, draw shapes, make a selection, add a shadow, apply any effect that you would do yourself.


Why use a script?

The advantages of a script can be the speed of execution, and the precision. For example, a script can add a drop shadow to 50 separate layers in less than 30 seconds, while the same steps done manually might take a several minutes. Another advantage is the precision. If you need to create a selection very precisely or place guidelines “to the pixel”, the script can do it in the blink of an eye without any hesitation and very accurately.


Are all scripts the same?

Not really. There are different “types” of scripts. There are recorded scripts and coded scripts. Those are not “official” definitions, but a way for you to understand some major differences. There are element creating scripts, painting scripts, photo scripts and tool scripts.


What is the difference between a recorded script and a coded script?

With the arrival of scripts, in version 8, also came the ability to record them. For example, if you need to convert a photo to sepia, and then add 40% noise, you would be able to record those steps, save the sequence as a script and reuse it later in one click instead of several. Some snippets can be added to give the user the option to choose a color or such, but the user input is usually pretty limited.

On the other hand, when you use Paintshop Pro yourself, you can see what you are working on, you can see where to click to floodfill, you can see if the photo is horizontal or vertical and you can adjust your actions accordingly. A recorded script cannot do that because it just repeats the same steps over and over again. For example, if you record a script that draws a line along the edge of a 1000x1000 pixels paper, it will only work on papers of the exact same size. If you try to run it on a 3600x3600 pixels paper, the recorded script will not see the difference and will draw along the path you gave it initially. So, in order to have a script work with different images, formats, and sizes, additional commands need to be added and those commands cannot be simply recorded. Functions, loops, mathematical calculations, string manipulations and many more can be used. They require editing the code itself so a good knowledge of coding language is mandatory. Of course, coded scripts can do much more advanced tasks and mostly, can incorporate user input and work with it.

… to be continued next week

Do you have additional questions, about scripts or about PSP? just email me or post a comment. I might just address your point in the next segment.

Happy Canada Day!



July 1st is our national holiday, here in Canada. To all my fellow Canadian designers and scrappers, have a nice day.

To all scrappers, whether you are Canadian, have visited Canada or wish to come to Canada, you might have some pages to scrap, right? Download this set of bits and pieces, all made using scripts available in my store. This set includes:

- a wax seal

- a bar code

- a datestamp

- a lined paper

- a paper cutout strip

- a maple leaf edged with a rope tube

- a confetti frame

- a word edge cutout template

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If you use one or several of those elements, show me what you made. Next week, i will draw a $5 gift certificate among all the scrappers who will have used one of those and shown me the layout. So, get scrapping!

New script – Mitered Corner Frame


With this script, you will be able to make an infinite number of rectangular (or square) frames using just about any long image. You can use any ribbon, lace, paper edge, wood piece, decorative doodles, etc. I am sure you can think of many other elements you can use to make the side of the frames.

The script can create the frames three different ways: (1) it can create a symmetrical frame with ribbons, laces, doodles (2) it can create a frame with a directional element, meaning it will take all the length (or almost) of the ribbon/lace or (3) it can create a frame from elements that are neither symmetrical, not directional, like you would get with a piece of wood.

You can get this script in any of my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, and Divine Digital. Remember that my scripts are always 25% off the first weekend they are released so you can get a good deal until Sunday night.

Do you want a chance to WIN this script? Check the Happy Place thread here and add your name to it.

Limequilla suggested that i code this script, a little while ago. I was not sure how I would write it with so many possible scenarios of what would be used for the edges, but i really think this will work well for any of your layout, or kit. Thanks Limequilla for suggesting it. Remember that if you want to suggest a script, and i make it, you will get it free (before everyone else too!)

Guyloup played with my scripts and here is a layout she made (using the Mitered Corner Frame, and the Custom Confetti scripts)


new script – Custom Confetti


Create your own scattered confetti, with the shape, the color, the design you want. Generate a tube with size variations, brightness variation. Since there is a random feature integrated into the script, you can generate a tube twice from the same starting image, yet get something different every time.

After that, scatter your tubes onto your layout, or create an overlay with them.

Available in all my stores:

Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, Divine, Digital

And if you want a chance to win this script, check out this thread  in DST.



And how about a little freebie? If you are a PSP user, the zip includes a tube file that you can simply add to your Picture tubes folder. If you are not a PSP user, there is a 4000 x 200 png trail of red stars.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.


new script – Notebook


Whether you are making a school themed kit, or advertising a course, tutorial or an e-book, this script can help you create a neat notebook. You get to choose between 3 types of binding, with it color but you can also create the cover page as you wish, with images, text, windows, textures, even some tears and stains if you want.

This script is available in my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers.

And if you want a chance to get this script for free, check out the Happy Place thread here, at DST. One winner will be drawn on Monday night.

New script – Credit listing

cass-CreditListingBundle Do you like to have a list of all the elements and products used in a layout? Do you find it tedious to have to type that information in a txt document without forgetting any? But then, after you have played around with your layout, you don’t remember which element is still there and which one is not used or finally hidden? This script bundle will solve most of these. You will have instructions to configure your PSP so that you can copy or paste elements onto your layout with ONE keystroke each, and this will also copy the filename of the element as a layer name on your layout. Then, a third script will make a compilation of all the meaningful layer names and will save them in the Creator Information tab of the Image Information window. Now, this information will always be WITH your layout. No more lost txt file. You can refer to it anytime.


This script is available in all my stores as a bundle. One little detail though, the Copy and Paste scripts can only work on PSP9 and up, because of a particular feature that didn’t exist in PSP8. So if you have PSP8, you can purchase the Compilation script alone, instead of the bundle.

Check them all out: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital.

Preview Making bundle

cass-preview-making-bundleDesigners, I have created, over time, several scripts to help you make your previews. I decided to bundle TWELVE scripts for you.

- 5 scripts to place 3 to 7 papers in various dispositions

-5 scripts to place 8 to 16 papers

- 1 script to put all the elements

- 1 script to add the drop shadows to each individual element/paper on your preview.

THAT is a time saver. Heather has used the Paper Preview Set #2 and said it took her 4 minutes to do something that usually took her one hour. Talk about saving time. And the element placer can also reduce your time on that task by 90%.

The time you saved from doing previews is time spared to design. Wouldn't you rather design than make previews??? This bundle is only available at Creation Cassel and Do It Digi.

TWELVE scripts in a bundle, that is a deal!