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cass-preview-making-bundleDesigners, I have created, over time, several scripts to help you make your previews. I decided to bundle TWELVE scripts for you.

- 5 scripts to place 3 to 7 papers in various dispositions

-5 scripts to place 8 to 16 papers

- 1 script to put all the elements

- 1 script to add the drop shadows to each individual element/paper on your preview.

THAT is a time saver. Heather has used the Paper Preview Set #2 and said it took her 4 minutes to do something that usually took her one hour. Talk about saving time. And the element placer can also reduce your time on that task by 90%.

The time you saved from doing previews is time spared to design. Wouldn't you rather design than make previews??? This bundle is only available at Creation Cassel and Do It Digi.

TWELVE scripts in a bundle, that is a deal!

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  1. Thank you soo soo much for your freebies! There’s a lot of ppl out there that REALLY apiarcpete it, even though they may not take a second of their time to stop and say thank you! 🙂

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