Plaid pattern maker

I just released a new script to create plaid patterns using your favorite photo. The script will generate up to 10 different tiles using parts of your photo. That insures that all the tiles are perfectly coordinated with your photo. Of course, you can also use an existing paper and create plaids from its colors. You can then use those tiles as a floodfill material. They look great with a 45 degree angle! And if you are curious, you can also run the script multiple times with the same photo. It is unlikely that you will get twice the same pattern. A great tool to help designers to complete their kits with plaid pattern. As usual, this new release is on sale at $3.75 for the weekend, so you have until Sunday night to get it at that price.

And here is a page made by Guyloup using this script:


Il pleut, il pleut bergère