Twisted Text – Sampler


Using a kid like font and three primary colors, i created this fun series of digits using the Twisted Text script.

This series is about 900 pixels long, so you can repeat it over and over again around a photo or a layout for a kid related theme layout or even a school themed layout.

Each digit is well separated so you can also cut some out and use the individual digits separately if you prefer. Why not?

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Do you like this strip of digits? There are two more strips with alphabets (lowercase and uppercase) in the newsletter.

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Multi-Photo Frame – Sampler


What would you do with a multi-photo frame? Here is one such frame created with the Multi-Photo Frame PSP script. Each photo placeholder is 600x800 pixels, which would match a 3x4 inch photo (just resized).

All the layers are left unmerged (including the shadows), so if you prefer to combine two adjacent photos into a larger one, you can do it on another layer, and remove the initial two.

How about removing the middle placeholder and have the photo under the white mat? Yes, you can do it as there is a hole hidden under that placeholder, complete with its shadow too!

This frame is in PSD format, so even non-PSP users can play with it.

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New script – Custom Directional Tube


Do you know about directional tubes in Paintshop Pro? They are such convenient tools that can work for you in creating unique elements. Unlike “ordinary” tubes, the directional ones will allow you to place a simple tube either following the cursor move, like a line of footsteps, arrows, etc., or in a regular sequence where each individual image would be selected and placed one after the other in the same exact order, to make a repeatable pattern or picked randomly among the numerous images created.

Although it is easy to create your own directional tube, it can be time consuming, especially when you create over 100 images.

This script will do all the tedious work for you, while allowing you much flexibility in the creation of your tube. You can have a series of as few as 9 individual images or as many as 400.

Start with any small image (it would take a lot of resources if you are using a large image to start with, especially if you want a lot of rotated images), answer a few prompts and watch it. You can add an overall bevel or shadow to all the images after they are rotated so it would be all consistent when applied.

You can get this time saving script in my store: Custom Directional Tube.

Do you want to create your own tubes too? Check out the Happy Place thread where you can add your name for a chance to win this script.

cass-CustomDirectionalTube-sample-cardsAs a sampler, i created some simple journaling cards. I simply used the little footsteps directional tube that i created for the preview above and drew a straight line with it. I could have made a curved line that would have shown the rotated steps, but i really felt it was taking too much space on the cards.

You can use those cards for baby milestones, but also for any new step you might be taking in your life, for documenting personal journeys, places you visited, and more.

Each card is 3x4 inch so they would fit in regular pocket page projects if you want.

They are also large enough for you to cut them into tags if you prefer.

You get 5 basic colors.


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New Picture Tubes – Seed Beads 1


Seed beads are a common supplies in many craft projects. Scrapbooking is one of those crafts where you can see those beads, but you can now do the same thing with digital scrapbooking: you can add strings of seed beads or a random spray of those tiny decorative elements.

With Paintshop Pro, you can place those picture tubes easily with the draw of a mouse. Use the directional tubes to create strings of beads in any of the 5 colors, any length you want, in any shape you want. You can place them in straight lines, curved lines or totally freehand shapes.

You also have 6 sets of tubes that will randomly place one of the 100 slightly different beads more or less along the path you will draw with the cursor. Five sets are monochrome (green, red, blue, gold and crystal) and one set includes all the colors for a truly random effect.

You can get this set of 11 picture tubes of silver lined seed beads in my store: Creation Cassel.

Do you want all those tubes too? You can enter the draw to get this set for free, by adding your name to the RAK thread here. What would you do with those randomly placed beads?

cass-SeedBeads1-SampleFor a free sample, i created a couple of simple decorations. I placed the beads along a vector path using the VectorTube script for the flowers, and added a single “bead” in the center which was part of the Chain Beads tubes set. A little touch of colorization to match them a bit better. Then, the stems were just freehand drawn using also the string version of the green seed beads.

Finally, a little bit of multicolored beads were spilled around each element.

You get two decorative flower stems and 3 individual flowers that you can use separately.


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Did you notice that it says Seed Beads 1 for this product? This means i have plans for several more types of beads tubes. Do you have any suggestion for other beads you would like to see in a picture tube format like this one? Tell me by either commenting below or by sending me an email  with a specific bead name or even an image.


News in the Campus

Tomorrow is a big day for many American and Canadian football fans (and their families). Tomorrow is also the day for our next live presentation, on Photo-Graphics with PSP – Part 3.

Join us for this presentation BEFORE the Superbowl (if you are a fan of football) or just for this ordinary Groundhog day.



In the mean time, remember that the video of last month’s presentation is still available to watch (free if you are logged in).



New Script – Worn & Glow


Everyone likes a little distressed look on some project once in a while. The proof is that there are lots of filters one can purchase to create that look. With this script in Paintshop Pro, you can create a distressed look on any line drawing with just a few clicks. You get to choose if you want a little bit of distress, or a lot or something in-between. In addition, since there is a random feature integrated inside the code, you will get a slightly different distressed pattern for every run.

Many years ago, i bought a kind of a gel pen (probably among the first kinds) and the ink seemed to include some “oil” that would seep out of the ink giving a colored glow around where i would draw. Kind of a neat effect that i added to this script, as an option.

So you can get the distressed look with or without a colored glow around and if you want the glow, you also pick the color.

Although the script works best with line drawing, you can definitely apply it to a photo or another element like a drawn embellishment.

Don’t waste your time trying to use the eraser tool all over your design, grab this time saving Worn & Glow script.

Do you want a chance to win this script? I am sure you do! Simply answer the simple question in the Happy Place thread HERE and one winner will be picked next week.

cass-Worn&Glow-sample-DaysWhat would you want to get this week, as a sampler? I thought you might be tired of alphas (although that was my first idea when i was thinking of a sample), so i created some labels. Whether you are doing a project 365 or not, sometimes, you might want to add the days of the week to your layout. That is why i created those day tags. I just used the distressed part of the script and didn’t add any glow. I am also including a blank tag so you can add a date or something else (even unrelated to the days of the week).

Each tag is about 750 pixels wide so they are large enough to be used in full size layout, but they are also easy to size down if you want them more discrete on your project.

You can use them on chore charts, calendar, to-do lists, etc.


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Did you grab the set of digits as a free sampler last week? You can still go get it in the post right below this one. And there is the matching LOWERCASE alpha that was available in the newsletter last week. Did you get it? This week, the matching UPPERCASE alpha will be linked, FREE, in the newsletter.

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How about a coupon for the store? Are you interested? Give me your suggestions for future products in the store (scripts, fonts, tubes, etc.) in THIS BLOGPOST. I got several emails with suggestions, but if you post them in the comments of that blog post, those suggestions will count as entries for the random draw. That means, the more suggestions you give, the more entries you get. Who doesn’t like a coupon for a free product?

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New script – Bar Code


Bar codes have become almost a boring fact of life whenever you go shopping since every single item has one of those. It is meant for faster checkout by allowing a machine to read the information instead of a cashier. But that “boring” design can be simulated and made much more interesting when used in conjunction with legible text, and fun colors.

This is exactly what this Paintshop Pro script will do. You can pick ANY text, in ANY font, in ANY color and then decide to replicate the traditional black design, or add fun colors. That is the perfect way to match your label to your current project or kit.

You can also choose to have a common white paper background or another color, or even have no paper at all, so you can apply the “label” onto any background as if it were stamped directly onto it without a paper support.

cass-Barcode-extraYou can use any text so that leaves you with so many options: names, locations, dates, phrases. Do you want even more ways to use those labels by modifying them? Check out the newsletter for that additional tip.

Do you know you can use those labels as printables? Check out what you can do (i am giving you three ideas, can you think of more?)

You can get this fun Bar code script in my store.

You have a chance to win this fun script by sharing some of your great ideas. Hop over to this thread, and tell me of ways to use this script in a printable format. What would you use those labels for?


cass-Barcode-sample-ChristmasObviously, i would not be able to create a sampler with the name of your kids, or the school subjects for you to stick them on their notebook, but we all know that Christmas is coming (yeah, i am serious!) and whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, it would likely be a time for gift exchanging, even if it is only between colleagues at the office or the little newspaper carrier, so i thought of creating some holiday season labels with this script.

You can get these 5 labels and print them out. Because they have some blank spots, you can handwrite the name of the recipient or the giver, and put them on presents for the holiday season.

They are pretty simple, but you surely don’t want to overpower the present you would offer, do you?

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News from the Campus

Did you see that the free video of the November presentation is already up in the Campus?


You can watch it for free, as long as you are logged in (registration to the Campus is totally free). So head over to watch it.

See how you can turn a flat sketch into a layered template.

See how you can use a single sketch and create a variety of layouts.

See how you can turn a square scrapbook layout into a card or a Facebook cover image.

Check it NOW

New Paths – Halloween theme


Do you have some photos or anecdotes to share about Halloween time? These are great to add some journaling or stories while keeping inside a Halloween theme shape.

Since Paintshop Pro does not have an integrated text wrapping feature, you can use those paths to manually add text (just like Text on path) and adjust the spacing and kerning, or you can use the Text Wrapping script that will automatically adjust those for you, to have your text along those paths and inside the shapes.

The paths and the shapes are on separate layers so you can use one without the other, or even use the templates to create something completely different, like a frame, a cutout, or just a decorative element.

You can grab this “scary” set of Halloween paths in my store.

Do you want a chance to win those paths? Add your name in the Happy Place thread HERE while answering the simple question. I’ll be back next week to announce a winner.

cass-PaperCutout-sample-cauldronThis week, to make sure that everyone (using Paintshop Pro or not) could use my product, I opted to create a paper cutout using a cauldron image, which was turned into a sticker (with a little white edge). Then, i ran thePaper Cutout script and it generated the long string of colored cauldrons, but also a separate template in unmerged layers. Both the png string of cauldrons and the layered template in PSD format are included in the zip.

Each string (the png and the psd ones) are 4000 pixels long so they are long enough to reach both sides of a full size layout.

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News from the Campus


ScrappersDozen-250x250You know about the Scrapper’s Dozen event, right?

Did you watch the first video where i shared a trick to organize your digital kits?

This week, i am sharing another trick to help you save money, by reusing kits that have colors you are not too sure about. Maybe they are too bright for your project, or they are too washed out to add life to your layout.

Be sure to watch that video, and add your name to the mailing list for the event.

Watch Now

New tubes – Halloween Garlands


Halloween is coming and you need some seasonal decorations but you cannot find the element in the right length, or the right color, or the right shape.

With these garlands, you simply “draw” the shape you want, or doodle to fill in an area with a special texture.

You get a total of 16 tubes, in four colors and 4 “shades” for each of them.

You can write letters with them, you can create an outline, you can use them to attach elements. Change the size and you can turn them into ropes, and more.

Grab this set of Garland tubes in my store.


cass-GarlandSet2-SamplersNow, how about a little look closer at those garlands and their texture? I created a few Halloween decorations for you using those garlands.

With the help of some drop shadows, that pumpkin has some interesting 3D effect, don’t you think?

All those elements are in png format, so you can use them in any graphic program (you don’t need to use PSP to use those).

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New Script – Instant Photo Effects – 1


Do you like to apply some different effects to your photos? Do you like the idea of hiding some not-so-great photos with some “make-up”? This is what you need then.

This is a single script that provides 8 different photo effects. They are mostly just made from various adjustments to the colors, brightness and so on. Nothing fancy.

The advantage of this script over the Instagram effects is that you can apply it to any photo, any size, any shape, even if you don’t have the app (i know i dont have that app myself as i dont have a “smart” phone of any kind).

You can grab this Instant Photo Effects script in my store (and on sale until Monday night).


If you want a chance to win this script, hop over to the Happy Place thread in the DST forum and tell me which of the 8 effects you like the best. I’ll be back next week to pick a winner.


cass-LaceEdge4b-samplesThis week, i created more mats for you, using the lace font from last week.

These are much larger than the ones from last week so you can use a larger photo on them or use them to frame a series of photos.

Again, i used the Mitered Corner Frame script for the rectangular and the square mats.

As for the oval mat, it is simply a matter of adding “text on a vector path” as if it were regular text to read. This is the beauty of that being a font.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Will you show us what you do with those mats? Don’t hesitate to add a link to the comments below so we can admire your work. After all, if you download them, you probably plan on using them, right?


News from the Campus

CalendarClass-previewDid you start thinking of your holiday presents? Did you consider a calendar for family and friends?

If you are new to PSP, new to digital scrapbooking, or just interested in creating a fun project, thisCalendar Making Class will be perfect for you.

Everything is included: quick pages, instructions (video and written), alphas, even the dates.

And if you start now, you will have ample time to finish it and get it printed and shipped to whoever you want to give it to (unless you want to keep it for yourself, which is ok too!)

Get started now!

New font – Lace Edge #4


Adding edges with a brush or a picture tube is kind of great for Paintshop Pro users, but then, other program users can’t take advantage of the same tool. This is a FONT, so it can be used by most graphic programs, whether it is PSP, or Photoshop, or Photoshop Element, or Gimp, or other programs that can use outside fonts.

Since these are fonts, they can be used and manipulated just like text: change color, size, kerning, follow a path, reverse a path, etc.

With this font, you get 25 different designs that you can use for edging, stitching, or various designs. Use them on papers, frames, mats, ribbons. Why not even trim photos as if they were laser cut. That would look awesome, wouldn’t it?

You can get this Lace Edge #4 FONT, in my store.

And if you want a chance to win this font, hop over to the DST forum HERE, and tell me what program you would use this font with (maybe you are using a program that is new to me?). I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-LaceEdge4-samplesThis week, i created 3 decorated mat templates. You can use them to cut out your favourite paper, or simply to color. You can also layer them with other simple shapes since those are very simple to start with.

I just made the rectangle and round mats (the brown and the green) starting with a vector shape and added the font like text on path.

For the square one (the yellow), i simply created a long strip of one character (the letter b) for about 900 pixels long, then ran the Mitered Corner Frame script to get a perfect corner (and it looks great, don’t you think?). I am also including the straight row of “lace” so you can use it to create any matching element you want, whether it is a frame, a ribbon, or to make a stitching row.

Available for FREE when you register to our mailing list HERE.


News from the Campus

ScrappersDozen-250x250The Scrapper’s Dozen is now adding more ingredients to the recipe! We have more contributing designers who will bring you goodies. And the tutorials you will get are among the best in the Campus! And you’ll get it all when you join.

Registration is not yet open, but you can subscribe to the special mailing list to be first to hear about all the new stuff that will be included.

Tell me more