Streamer – new script

cass-streamerUsing ANY element you have in a kit or on your page, you can create an original streamer. Use one element or several. Choose to have them placed horizontally or vertically. Get them each rotated a little or totally straight. Get them slightly distorted or intact. If you use only one element, you can have a variation on the brightness to make it less monotonous, or if you have several elements, choose to place them in a repeated sequence, or randomly. So many choices, so many options. Create two horizontal streamers and two vertical ones and combine them into a frame.

It is available in all my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers and ACOT.

Do you want a chance to WIN this script? Go add your name in this thread at DST and tell me how you can think of using this streamer script.


And here is the freebie for this week. It is a 3600 pixels long streamer with three Christmas element. You also get the individual elements in case you want to play with them too on your layout.

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Inked edges – new script

cass-inkededgeIf you ever did paper scrapping, you likely did use the stamping technique on edges of various elements. Now, you can get this same look, digitally. This script will create a similar appearance around ANY element. You choose the color of the ink, you choose how thick the border will be, then, since the "ink" will be on a separate layer, you can adjust it even more, playing with opacity, blending mode, saturation, lightness, adding texture, etc. You can even run the script several times with different thickness and/or different colors, and blend those all together. And the random function, integrated into the script, will allow you to get a different result every time you run it, even with the exact same settings.

Find it in my stores: CreationCassel.

And if you want a chance to win it, check this thread at DST.


But that is not all. Check this set of  "inked digits". Each digit is layered so you get the base to use as a template and the ink in greyscale that you can colorise. All were done using the Inked Edge script.

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If you like it, leave me a comment or even better, show me how you used it!

1,001 word album – new script

cass-word-albumThe preview shows a layered card i made for a collegue, after she had her baby. I had only a few reasonable pics so there was a lot of empty space on the pages, but this turned out perfect so everyone at work was able to sign and add a little note to her.

You can do the same with this script. You can use ANY word, and ANY font, so the possibilities are endless. The templates can be 1000 pixels high (about 3 inches) or 1800 pixels (6 inches). It is up to you to choose what you want to do, and also if your computer can tolerate the resizing step.

What can you do with the resulting template? you can make page templates (remember it is CU), you can make quickpages to match your newest kit, you can make them into pages for yourself. I am sure you can think of other uses too!

You can get this script, on sale this weekend at my store: CreationCassel,

And for a chance to win this script, check this thread at DST. Remember to tell me what word and what font you would use!

Element preview maker – new script

cass-element-previewIf you are a designer and you create kit, i bet you spend a lot of time making your previews. Am I right? Making a kit preview involves a lot of repetitive work and since you are often working with large files (especially if you have 3600x3600 papers) the program gets slow or might even freeze, while you loose all your work since your last save (IF you saved). Adding elements to a previous can be tedious: you have to open the file, resize the image, copy it, paste it in your preview, go back to the image and close it making sure you dont save it by accident. Then, when you have all your elements in the preview, you end up with lots of layers dont you? And how long can this process take? 30 minutes? an hour? 3 hours? Obviously, it depends if you have a mini-kit or a mega-collab kit.

This script will cut your preview making time to a fraction. It will do everything with your element files that you usually do by hand. It will do it automatically, with light-speed. I am not kidding. Heather placed 52 elements in one preview and it took one minute. ONE MINUTE ! ! and Diosa did the same with 71 elements using her own preview to start with and it took 85 seconds. Can you do that by hand? I know i can't! You can get this script in my store.

Do you want to win it? Yes, i have a draw coming up either Sunday or Monday for this script. Add your name to the thread here and cross your fingers.

Guide It lines – new script

 cass-guiding-lines4            cass-guiding-lines

This script will be a great time saver for scrappers and designers too. Have you ever tried to place guidelines in very precise place? And what if you need to place 10 of them? Well, this will now be easy. Just choose how many vertical and horizontal guidelines you want (up to 30 in each direction), and if you want them evenly spaced or at random. Once they are in place, use them to do color blocking, create multiframe, align text and words, etc.

Available at Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers and A CHerry on top.

Check out at DST for a chance to win this script.

Gingham and Argyle – New script


Do you like to create some fun designs for papers, either for your kits or for your layout? This script will do that in just a few seconds. Provide the colors you want to use (from 3 to 6), and the script will generate random combinaisons for Gingham or Argyle. Some combos might not look the best, but others might surprise you. Generate between 5 and 10 tiles at the same time. If you like the tiles you get, save them or use them. If you dont like them, delete them and run the script again. It's that simple!

Get this script at either of my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital or ACOT.

And for a chance to win this script, hop over to DST forum and add your name to the thread.

See what Guyloup did with this script:


Dots and Diamonds – New script

cass-dotsndiamondsDo you sometimes find it tedious to choose a color combinaison, make a tile to then make a paper when you create a kit? This script will save you a lot of time. Provide the script with 3 to 6 colors from your favorite palette, and you can produce up to 10 different tiles using those colors. The script will randomly generate them but using YOUR input: dots or diamonds? single or multiple? blurred or sharp. Use the gererated tiles to floodfill your paper (or other element) using the scale you want and the rotation you want. Save the tiles you like (for future use), delete those you dont like or run the script again. It takes just a few seconds.

Available at Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, A Cherry on Top.

And you can go at DST add your name to this thread for a chance to win this script!

new script – Paper cutout


Use any shape, color, size, design, and run the script. You also get to choose how long you want the garland to be (up to 8000 pixels). The script will then create that nice cutout effect where all the pieces touch each other to make a long garland.

The script will also create a matching template (same size, same shape) in greyscale in two open layers: one for the "paper" and one for the "folds".

Works with PSP 8 and up

Creation Cassel,  Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital


Have  a look at what Guyloup did with this script.

Now, best for last. If you want a chance to get this script FREE, hop over at DST, and add your name to this thread. A random winner will be chosen Sunday night.

Tulle sampler

cass-tulle-lace-samplerTomorrow, i will release this week's script, but here is a peak into what you can actually do with this script.

This sampler was made using the Tulle Lace script (available tomorrow) and the Lace Edge font that was released a few weeks ago.

What can you do with this sampler? You can colorise it, use it as a mat, cut a hole in it, decorate it with sequins or beads, fold it, etc. Show me how you use it, and let's see how many different ways it CAN be used.

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New script – Ring strap #1


With this script, you will not have any excuse to not be able to attach elements to your layouts. Use those straps to attach photos, make a frame out of them, tie some flowers around, etc. This script has so many options that you can create over 100 different models of straps. In addition, since you can use your own ribbon, or generate one with your choice of colors, gradients, patterns, AND since you can use the default finish for the rings OR use your own (if you want to use SBP for example), AND you can choose the length of your strap too, well, i am sure you can make a different strap for weeks, months, and years to come! And as an added bonus, if you generate the strap through the script, you will also get a 4000 pixels straight strap to match. Isn`t that cool?

It is on sale, as usual, until Sunday, and as usual, i also have a RAK over at DST. So if you want a chance to win this script, go check this thread out.

You can get this script at these fine stores: Creation Cassel, Scrapping Whispers, and Divine Digital.