RAK at Do It Digi

At Do It Digi, we just restarted a weekly RAK. Come in, and pick your favorite product among the new releases of the week and by Friday, you can win your pick.

Worth playing for? Of course. You do not have to purchase anything. Just visit the forum, check the products, and post your preference.

Come and join us here.

New scripts – Toolkits for printing

cass-book-resize-artscow   cass-book-resize-mpt-viovio












Get your favorite layouts ready for printing. The script will add some "bleed" to your page from the background, and you will make sure that all the important elements like photos, journalling, titles, or other decorative elements are within a safe margin of the edge.

Two scripts are available: one for Artscow specs, and one for MyPicTale and Viovio specs.

Available at Creation Cassel Do It Digi Scrapping Whispers Scraphead Divine Digital

Check also the RAK thread at DST. You could win one of them.

New product – Edge font


With this font, you can create patterned edges, as if you were using decorative scissors. You get 50 shapes including scallops, diamonds, waves, in various sizes, and you also get 10 irregular shapes that you can combine randomly (they are all under the number keys) for an irregular edge. Use them in a straight line or following a path to get an infinite variety of effect. Use them for the edges of your pages, the edge of mats, frames, or even the edge or your photos. Combine them by alternating two shapes (or more) for very interesting results.

A total of 60 different shapes are in that font.

Availalbe at Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers and Divine Digital

And while at it, check out the draw at DST, here, where you could win this font!

New script – Stray pixel catcher

cass-stray-pixel-catcherIn just a few seconds, this script will eliminate single stray pixels. In a second step, it will indicate which areas still have some groups of pixels that might or might not belong there. Since YOU choose the contrasting color to use, those will be much easier to see. Once you have deleted those extra pixels, run the script a second time to remove the colored indicator. This can be a perfect tool for scrappers and designers. And if you do some quality checking, this tool will save you a lot of time and improve the quality of the products.

This is a VERY handy tool for PSP users.

It is available at:

Creation Cassel, Do It Digi and Divine Digital

There is also a RAK available here if you want to try to win it.