New script – Offset Cutout

Offset Cutout Script for PaintShop ProIn order to create a depth effect, you can use several cutouts in decreasing sizes along with large shadows. But doing it by hand can be tedious, which is why I created this script.

Starting with any vector shape, it will create all those layers for you. You can have them all centered but if you want a different effect, tell the script where you want the offsets to go and everything will be done for you.

In the end, you will have a layered template that you can customize with colors, patterns, or papers of your choice.

Get it in the store: Offset Cutout

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you have tried to create offset cutouts before (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Layered Cutout card template for PaintShop ProFor a sampler, I created a template for a folded card, 2100x3000 pixels with a round cutout. You can use it as a folded card by keeping it in full size of you can just use the bottom part to make it into a postcard, or a framed image.

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New script – Custom Playing Cards

cass-CustomPlayingCardYou can be an Ace, or a King or a Queen all you want with this fun script. Although you could, conceivably have a separate template for all 52 cards of a deck, this script will just do the cards you want without the need to search for the correct template.

You can have four of a kind, or a full house, or a royal flush in hand.

Just pick the value and the suit for the card and the script will create it. Then, open the photo you want to display and the script will take care of resizing it, and will create a mask for you so you can actually SEE what it looks like as you can move, resize or rotate your image in that “space”. If the image is higher than the card, the script will resize it. If your image is in a landscape format, you will get the option to either keep the full height of the image or to use two halves of the central space.

You can get this fun script and create your own Custom Playing Cards in the store.

For a chance to win this script, check outthis thread in the DST forum and add your name to the thread. Also, remember to give me an idea on how you could use this script for something OTHER than a game theme project.

cass-CustomPlayingCard-sample-AcesFor this week, i decided to give you a template for 4 aces. I am sure you can enjoy havnig 4 aces up your sleeve, right?

Each card is full size, meaning 900 x 1300 pixels and has a separate layer for the center image. Since it is saved in a PSD format, you don’t have to have Paintshop Pro to use it.

What will you display with those cards? Four loves of your life? Four places you have visited? Four children or siblings? Maybe four seasons of the same location? Or four funny faces you have of yourself (or someone else)?

You can use one card or all four too.


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New script – Custom Directional Tube


Do you know about directional tubes in Paintshop Pro? They are such convenient tools that can work for you in creating unique elements. Unlike “ordinary” tubes, the directional ones will allow you to place a simple tube either following the cursor move, like a line of footsteps, arrows, etc., or in a regular sequence where each individual image would be selected and placed one after the other in the same exact order, to make a repeatable pattern or picked randomly among the numerous images created.

Although it is easy to create your own directional tube, it can be time consuming, especially when you create over 100 images.

This script will do all the tedious work for you, while allowing you much flexibility in the creation of your tube. You can have a series of as few as 9 individual images or as many as 400.

Start with any small image (it would take a lot of resources if you are using a large image to start with, especially if you want a lot of rotated images), answer a few prompts and watch it. You can add an overall bevel or shadow to all the images after they are rotated so it would be all consistent when applied.

You can get this time saving script in my store: Custom Directional Tube.

Do you want to create your own tubes too? Check out the Happy Place thread where you can add your name for a chance to win this script.

cass-CustomDirectionalTube-sample-cardsAs a sampler, i created some simple journaling cards. I simply used the little footsteps directional tube that i created for the preview above and drew a straight line with it. I could have made a curved line that would have shown the rotated steps, but i really felt it was taking too much space on the cards.

You can use those cards for baby milestones, but also for any new step you might be taking in your life, for documenting personal journeys, places you visited, and more.

Each card is 3x4 inch so they would fit in regular pocket page projects if you want.

They are also large enough for you to cut them into tags if you prefer.

You get 5 basic colors.


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