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Do you like a game of Scrabble®? This script will let you create letter tiles as if you were playing the game, but with more variety than what you would get by scanning and extracting the actual letter tiles.

You can create wooden tiles, in 5 different types of wood, but you can also use other support, whether it is a solid color, or a pattern.

The script is coded to offer you the option of creating the letter tiles with values based on the French, English, Spanish or German version of the Scrabble® game, since the values are slightly different from one version to the other.

You can also choose any font you want, and any color you want too. Unlike the traditional Scrabble® game, you can also have numbers, punctuation symbols or any other design by choosing the custom option. In that option, you can decide yourself the value of the tile. Of course, you can also create blank tiles if you want.

The script is coded in a way to generate slightly different background for every tile (except for the solid color ones), so it is more realistic. You can create one letter at the time, or type in a word, a phrase or the whole alphabet and the script will generate one tile per letter, including any blank for spaces.

You can grab this fun script in the store: Creation Cassel.

In addition, there is a thread in the Happy Place where you can tell me what language you would use to base the value of the tiles. And i will be back on Monday night with the name of a winner.


cass-LetterTiles-sampleOf course, you can use those letter tiles to create a title on a layout, or maybe a wordart too, but for a sample, i created a frame for you. It is a PNG format so you don’t have to have PSP as a graphic program. It is about 2100 pixels high. Of course, you can always resize it down if needed. the shadows are already placed on the whole montage.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

What will you do with this frame? Will you show us your masterpiece?


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