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In just a couple of clicks in your Paintshop Pro, you can add a colored and textured edge to ANY shape, of ANY size and you choose the color and the width of the border. Whether you want to add a colored edge to an alpha, a preset shape, or even a cut up photo, this script will make it a breeze.

The script will create TWO colored edge layers and leave them unmerged. Once the script is finished, you can merge the layers, or play with the opacity, the blend mode or simply separate them to use only the edges without the base shape. Perfect to add a little detail directly onto a photo, or on your background paper to include some journaling.

You can get this script in my store: CreationCassel

If you want a chance to win this script for free, just go add your name to this thread in the DST forum, and tell me what you can think you could use this script for. I will be back on Monday night to announce a winner.

cass-ColoredEdge-Digits I know, you also want to have a peek at the result of this script by downloading a free sample, right? Well, I cannot disappoint you, can I? So here is your sampler. It is a set of digits in greyscale, layered in PSD format. You can easily recolor each layer separately, merge them or use them separately too. This set is CU.

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Thanks so much for posting your webinar on shadows in PSP.  I learned a whole lot!  I know that this will help my layouts as well as the presentation of my kits.  Thanks!
I look forward to future webinars  Unfortunately, I won't be able to join them live if they are held on Sundays.  However, I can still learn from them by viewing them online.  Thanks again for these great resources!!
Carolyn S. Ritter

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