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New script – Puzzle 6×6


Do you like puzzles? Do you dream of turning your favorite photo into a puzzle? You can probably do it with some plugins in PSP but most of them do not allow you to tweak, move, rotate, or remove pieces at will.

This script will do just that. Take a square photo and run the script. You can also use a rectangular image, but obviously, the pieces will be somewhat stretched, but it is a puzzle anyway, so maybe it won’t matter too much!

You can grab this puzzling script here: Puzzle 6×6 script.

And remember that you also have the possibility to get other puzzle scripts.

Puzzle 4×4
Puzzle 4×6
Puzzle 5×5
Puzzle Round

Do you want a chance to win this script? Post a comment in the box below telling me if you ever created a puzzle from a photo and if so, how you did it. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

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cass-MiteredCornerFrame-04As a little gift this week, i obviously could not create a puzzle for you since you would surely prefer to use your own photo than any of mine. So i decided to give you a little frame made of corner brushes and the Mitered frame script. All the details of how i created it, will be in the newsletter.

Do you want to grab it? Just click HERE. (if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page) .


News from the Campus

BrushVariance-400Did you know that the recording from the last live presentation is up for you to watch for free in the Campus?

Check it out!

And since there was so much stuff to cover, there is a need for a second part on the same topic. It is already scheduled to be on August 3rd, at the same time.

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New Script – Star Confetti


A couple of weeks ago, i released a script that would help scrappers and designers create fun confetti like those you would get from a regular three hole puncher (or even a single punch). It saved a lot of time from punching, scanning and extracting those tiny confetti.

However, paper scrappers often have punches in fancy shapes, like stars, hearts, etc. so i figured that digital scrappers also needed something similar.

This script will punch out star shape confetti, but you won’t be limited to only the traditional 5 point stars, but will have the option of stars with 4, 5, 6, 8, or 12 points.

Just like the previous script, you can use a single paper, or multiple ones.

This is perfect for scrappers who want some extra details based on the photo or kit they are currently using. It is also perfect for designers who want a coordinating spray of confetti to complete a kit.

You can get this 5 star script (pun intended), in the store: Star Confetti script.

This week, i will give you a chance to win this script in a different way. Usually, i would have posted this giveaway in the DST forum, but i’ll change things around. I want you to comment ON THIS POST, BELOW. Tell me what type of star you would find the most useful (4, 5, 6, 8 or 12 points) and why. I’ll be back next week with the name of the winner.

cass-StarConfetti-GoldThe free sample for this week is a set of gold star confetti. I simply used a full size paper filled with a gold pattern, and punched out some traditional 5 point star confetti out of it. The result is pretty fun.

There are 4 “lines” of confetti: two horizontal and two vertical lines. I wanted you to have the option to create a whole frame around a paper, without being tempted to take a single line and rotating it. Why? Because there is a shadow added to each confetti and rotating the whole set of stars will put the shadows in the wrong direction, which would yield a very odd result on your project.

So now, you can use one, or two or all the lines while keeping the shadows as realistic as possible.

To download this set of confetti, just click HERE. (if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)

New Script – Camo pattern


Camouflage patterns are not only used for… camouflage anymore.  I remember having a nice pink pair of jeans in a camo pattern years ago. Now, you can find those in any color, but what if you want to use or create something with a very specific color palette?

You can surely find templates to add the colors you want, however, those patterns are always going to be the same one you will use. How about getting something totally new and unique?

This script will create a camo pattern based on ANY size image. You can create a small tile, like 200×200 if you want, or work on a full size 3600×3600 paper. Every run of the script will give a different pattern due to the random feature integrated in the code.

Once the basic pattern is created, you get prompted to choose the colors. In all, depending on the random pattern created, you might need to provide between 4 and 9 colors. Traditionally, you should provide colors starting with the darkest one and gradually move toward lighter ones.

You can also choose 2 colors to be use alternatively (like blue and pink and blue and pink). You can choose 2 colors, alternatively, and also change the brightness every time. Or you can go really crazy and use several different colors. Be warned that this will make your head spin, but if that is the look you want, go for it.

Each paper or tile will be KIND OF seamless. This means that it will not be 100% seamless, and if you look closely, you will see some seams, but because of the nature of the random pattern, that seam might not be obvious from a distance in a busy paper. However, it is recommended that you create the pattern on the larger image size, instead of using a repeated pattern.

You can grab this script in the store now: Camo Pattern.

How about a chance to win this script for free? Check out this thread in the DST forum and tell me what color (or colors) you would love to have a camo pattern done in, but cannot find it. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-CamoPattern-Paper-beigeFor this week’s sample, i created a full size 3600×3600 paper in beige tones. I applied a Denim texture to one copy and a Corduroy texture to the other, so you get, in fact, 3 full size papers with the same beige pattern, but different textures.

You can use those as a background paper, or you can cut up sections to use as a frame, a ribbon, an alpha, etc.

What will you do with that?

To get this set of papers, simply click HERE.

(if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)

New script – Custom Photo Cards


Our Custom Playing Cards were a real popular script a few months ago and after seeing some flashcards, i figured that it might be interesting to have photo cards with a word or phrase instead of a single card value.

These cards are a little bit more customizable as you can choose to have square or rectangular cards, and you can choose the card color, the text color, the font and obviously the text itself. And finally, as expected, you can have the photo you want too.

What could you do with those cards? I can imagine having school photos of your child, from kindergarten to graduation, with the grade listed on each card. Or how about having one card made for each member of the family? Or why not use those cards for your Project 365 or 52 to add a date on each photo? Or even just a short description.

You can grab this script in the store. It is the Custom Photo Card script.

But you can also get this script for free. Post your name in this thread in the DST Happy Place section for a chance. I’ll be pick a winner next week.

cass-CustomPhotoCards-DaysWhat would you think of having a card for each day of the week? I created these layered template cards with the days of the week. You can use the Speed Scrap Scripts, or the Clip to it to replace the template with your photo. Or you can also do it manually, if you prefer.

If you want this set of cards, just click HERE. (if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)

What will you do with those cards? Maybe create a 2 page spread to show photos of your week-long vacation? Whatever you do, just post a link to it so we can admire your masterpiece.

New script – Punched Confetti


Did you ever spill all those little pieces of paper from a three-hole puncher? Those nasty little pieces are a dream for kids and crafters. But what about digital artists?

To cut out little circles out of papers can be ok if you are only doing a few, but if you want to recreate the look of a bunch of them randomly spilled (or skilfully arranged!), that will take you forever and a day.

This is a script that will do everything for you and will turn those tiny bits of papers into a tube (check out this article for more information on what can be done with Picture tubes in PSP) . This will then allow you to “spill” those pieces wherever you want, on a project.

You can embellish your pages by adding confetti as an accent in a corner, have some gold and silver confetti for a celebration project, create a border of confetti or add to a flower cluster. You can use a little confetti or a lot.

And this script will not ask you to choose a color; that would be cheating! It will ask you for PAPERS. That is what confetti are from, right? And the pieces will come from randomly selected sections of the papers, they can be rotated and even sized slightly differently if you want (but that is optional). You can work with a single paper, or a series of papers. You can just create a paper with a gradient too, if you want the colors from that gradient (or you can create a gradient from the color palette you are working on).

See other examples of confetti created with a single patterned paper and a gradient paper.

cass-PunchedConfetti-01 cass-PunchedConfetti-02

There is so much you could do. Grab this time saving script now: Punched Confetti.

And for a chance to win this script, head over to the DST forum in THIS THREAD and tell me what you would do with those confetti. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner, which will be announced in the newsletter.

cass-PunchedConfetti-Blue-White-RedDo you want to see those confetti up close (and personal)?

Here is a set of 3 confetti spills in simple blue, white and red colors. They can be used to embellish a celebration layout (the 4th of July is around the corner and so is the 14th of July). But you can also use them for any other type of layout. Those simple colors can also go very well with a kid themed layout.

They are proportionally spilled based on a 3600×3600 pixels layout, which means that the tallest one is close to the 3600 pixels height.

If you want to download this set of 3 confetti spills, click HERE.

(if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)

What will you do with these? Show us your masterpiece.

Pockets to scrap with – a free sampler


What do you think of Pocket Scrapping? Do you think it is only for “traditional paper scrappers”? How about giving it a try?

Here is a 3000×3000 page, made with 6 individual pockets, and matching card templates.

You can replace any card by a paper (or clip a paper or a photo to it), or remove it and place an element in the pocket instead, or you can remove the plastic layers to create a simple blocking look on your page, with room around it for other details you might want to add.

Interested in giving it a try? This is a PSD layered file so most graphic programs can use it.

Click HERE to download this free page.

(if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page).

And remember to show us what you make with it.

P.S. this is a BIG file to download.

New script – Pocket Scrap


Pocket scrapping has become popular with tangible paper scrapping as a way to quickly set up a page with pre-cut cards where you could add notes, journaling, titles, and pockets where you could simply insert photos.

Digital scrapping can already be quick (although it could also be slower depending on your style) but the pocket look could be an interesting one for you. If you like that look, you still have to find those digital plastic pockets and overall, the number of different pages is fairly limited, but with this script, you can create a wide variety of pages, with many different number of pockets and also different shape, format and arrangement.

Furthermore, the script will also create card template for each of those pockets, no matter the size or format. How is that for a help to create your own pocket scrapping?

But that is not all. If you like the idea to have nice cards (instead of the basic grey ones), you can open your favorite papers and let the script create cards using random papers of the perfect size and place them in the correct pockets too. And since everything is left on unmerged, you can change any card for a photo, or remove it completely to place your concert ticket instead.

You can get this Pocket Scrap script in the store.

You don’t necessarily have to stick with plastic pocket; use the script to do some color blocking (and tweaking any block to your liking) to add various text and journaling, or replacing any card by photos.

cass-PocketScrap-01 cass-PocketScrap-02

What will you create with this script?

Sample – Photo Mask


I ran the script a few times until i got a simple edge that was then turned into a mask. Here is that mask, in black and white (and grey).

You can use this mask in Paintshop Pro but also in other programs, like Photoshop and Photoshop Element.

What will you do with it? Show us a layout or a project you make using this mask.

I know this will be downloaded by a lot of viewers. Are you just going to let it gather digital dust?

Comment below if you want, with a link to your blog or your gallery so we can see it, or you can post it on our Pinterest board!

Click HERE to grab this mask.

(if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)!

New script – Photo-Masks


A while ago, as i was looking through galleries, i noticed that some scrappers are using masks to add a fun edge around their photos. That gave me the idea to try making a mask for my own photo, but i had a hard time figuring something “different” and i wished i had a way to randomize my effects.

Randomization is a great function that can be coded into scripts, so i thought a script was going to help me. And it did.

This script will use several regular effects in Paintshop Pro and combine them to create unique edges around photo AND has the additional function to create the mask in a black and white image so that the exact same effect could be obtained with another photo if needed.

Initially, this script was only working on a regular full size image, but i know that some interesting masks are not rectangular, but round, elliptic or in any other shape. In addition, the focus is not always in the center so this script allows you to make a selection where you want the focus to be, if it is not in the center.

See other examples of photo edges and matching masks can be generated with this script.

cass-PhotoMasks-01  cass-PhotoMasks-02

Isn’t that interesting that you will get the mask based on the photo edge instead of the other way around?

Go grab this unique script in the store: Photo-Masks. It will be on sale until Tuesday, June 17th.

Do you want a chance to win this script? Check out this thread in the DST forum and add your name to the thread, while answering the question in the opening post. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

Alpha-Tokens digits


Everyone loves numbers. You can obviously use digits to write a date, you can use it to identify an anniversary or a birthday. You can use it to make a list of the 10 things you like or the 5 places you want to visit. You can use them to count elements or people in a particular photo or at a particular event.

Using the Alpha-Tokens script, i created this set of digits (with a few useful symbols if you want to write a date).

I used the font called Curlz MT. It is a fun and curly font and a wooden base.

Each token is 600 pixels in size so you can size it down if you need to.

To grab this free digit, click click HERE.

(if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page).



In this example, i created a little eyelet with the vector tool, in white and then, applied a Super Blade Pro gold effect. I made a hole in the tokens themselves too. The string was done with using a Twisted Rope tube on a vector path with the Vector Tube script. Then, in order to “thread” the rope in and out of the eyelet, i used the simple interlacing technique illustrated in this tutorial.

This 2014 element is available for free to our newsletter subscribers. Time to sign up if you haven’t yet.