New script – Paper Flower

cass-PaperFlowerIf you were to create your own flower, out of papers from a kit, how would you do it? You might choose to cut out one petal and simply duplicate it multiple times and rotate them around the center. But you know what? This looks "amateurish" because a real flower made of paper would NOT have 100% identical petals, would it? You would see some variations in the texture, the shading or the pattern.

This script will give you a much more realistic look because each petal will be cut from a different location on the paper, as if you were to cut out from a real paper with scissors.

You can choose any paper you have, whether it is a solid, a patterned, or a gradient paper. Any texture would work and it would even give that slight variation on each petal.

You can choose to have 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows of petals, using the same paper or different papers, or a combination of papers. Each petal will have a slight shadow to give some depth but still allow you to add other shadows to create a lifted effect if you want as each of them is also left on a separate layer.

Add any center you want, from one of the paper, or from another element like a button, a gem, etc.

Grab this script in the store: Paper Flower.

If you want to get this script for free (or another one if you already bought it), tell me how many rows you would prefer to have when creating a flower. Add your answer to the comments below and i'll draw for a winner that will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-PaperFlower-Sample-PinkAs a sample, i created a fun pink flower for you.

As a paper, i simply opened a blank image and flood filled it with a pink felt tile i had (from the Felt presets #1). I used that "paper" for the first row of petals.

For the second row, i chose the option of NOT using the same paper, so i duplicated the paper i had, tweaked it to get a brighter color and ran the script as if it were a new paper.

Once the second row of petal was done, i added a shadow to each petal, every time, on a separate layer then, tweaked it to create a lifted effect, on the smaller petals.

Finally, to make the row look better, i selected one part of the top petal and using the Interlacing technique, moved that half petal under the bottom one (i bet you can't see that cut, can you?)

For the center, i created a pink gem using the Gemstone script.

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Multi-Photo Frame – Sampler


What would you do with a multi-photo frame? Here is one such frame created with the Multi-Photo Frame PSP script. Each photo placeholder is 600x800 pixels, which would match a 3x4 inch photo (just resized).

All the layers are left unmerged (including the shadows), so if you prefer to combine two adjacent photos into a larger one, you can do it on another layer, and remove the initial two.

How about removing the middle placeholder and have the photo under the white mat? Yes, you can do it as there is a hole hidden under that placeholder, complete with its shadow too!

This frame is in PSD format, so even non-PSP users can play with it.

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