New path – Holiday theme


Paintshop Pro might not (yet) have the option to wrap text inside a specific shape, like a text editor program would do. Normally, you would have to struggle with separating the lines yourself with a [return], add some spaces or play with the kerning. That would work but you can achieve similar result faster using the Text Wrapping script, which works with paths.

This set of paths include 12 different holiday themed shapes. You get the path and the shape on different layers, so you can use the path for your text, and you can use the shape to possibly cut out the paper to show the text, or to replace it by a paper from a kit, or simply as a guide for other creative uses. Or you can use the shape totally separate from the path too since your text can just be printed on the background paper if you prefer.

You get pretty large shapes so you can resize everything down if you need it. Although these paths work perfectly with the Text Wrapping script, you can also add text manually by following the detailed instructions included.

You can get these fun Holiday Shapes paths in my store.

You can also win this set by adding your name to the Happy Place thread here, and tell me how you would create text inside a shape with your PSP. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-HolidayPathCard-sample1b-previewAs a sample for you to see the result of these paths, i created a simple holiday card. I used the tree path and copied the lyrics from “We wish you a Merry Christmas”, and ran the Text Wrapping script on it. I decided not to use the template, but instead, doodled with the brush tool, on a layer below to create a tree shape. The ribbon frame was created using the Circular Element script on a long and straight ribbon.

This card is a standard 7x5 format so you can get it printed just about anywhere. It is a png format so you can just add a photo for the occasion.

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New Paths – Halloween theme


Do you have some photos or anecdotes to share about Halloween time? These are great to add some journaling or stories while keeping inside a Halloween theme shape.

Since Paintshop Pro does not have an integrated text wrapping feature, you can use those paths to manually add text (just like Text on path) and adjust the spacing and kerning, or you can use the Text Wrapping script that will automatically adjust those for you, to have your text along those paths and inside the shapes.

The paths and the shapes are on separate layers so you can use one without the other, or even use the templates to create something completely different, like a frame, a cutout, or just a decorative element.

You can grab this “scary” set of Halloween paths in my store.

Do you want a chance to win those paths? Add your name in the Happy Place thread HERE while answering the simple question. I’ll be back next week to announce a winner.

cass-PaperCutout-sample-cauldronThis week, to make sure that everyone (using Paintshop Pro or not) could use my product, I opted to create a paper cutout using a cauldron image, which was turned into a sticker (with a little white edge). Then, i ran thePaper Cutout script and it generated the long string of colored cauldrons, but also a separate template in unmerged layers. Both the png string of cauldrons and the layered template in PSD format are included in the zip.

Each string (the png and the psd ones) are 4000 pixels long so they are long enough to reach both sides of a full size layout.

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News from the Campus


ScrappersDozen-250x250You know about the Scrapper’s Dozen event, right?

Did you watch the first video where i shared a trick to organize your digital kits?

This week, i am sharing another trick to help you save money, by reusing kits that have colors you are not too sure about. Maybe they are too bright for your project, or they are too washed out to add life to your layout.

Be sure to watch that video, and add your name to the mailing list for the event.

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New products – Fancy Text paths and script

cass-FancyTextWrapping    cass-FancyTextPaths

A few weeks ago, i coded a script to write text inside a specific shape, using special types of path and matching script coding. This made up for one missing feature of Paintshop. At that point, you could write text inside a simple shape (like a rectangle, or a circle), or a more fancy shape (like the alphabet shapes, school theme shapes). Then, my script mentor, Suz Shook, told me it would be great if the script could work on non-horizontal or wavy, but that meant a whole lot of different type of coding. But, this became a challenge for me. And this challenge led me to code this script for you. Now, this set includes two products: one script and one set of 12 paths.

The script will let you write out your own text, in your own font. You can use the path to give you an idea of how much space you will be using. Once you have all your text typed, you run the script. Depending on the paths, you can still align left, right or center (not all paths can be center aligned). The text stays as vectors so if you notice a typo, it is still easy to edit. If you want to edit your text, change it, add or remove more than just a letter, you can simply undo the script and rerun it. The path will stay untouched, so you can also reuse it.

The set of paths include various types of curves or angles. Some paths are doubled so you can have a left and right version when applicable (never mirror a path unless you want the text to write from right to left!). One little trick to use these paths (or any other paths): copy the path on your layout and run the script from there. That will save you the headache of copying and pasting the many layers that will be created by the script. In addition, it will make it easier for you to edit the text if needed.

You can find both those products in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

This week, i have a RAK at the DST forum where you can with BOTH products as a set. So, go over there, add your name, and tell me if you have ever done text on a layout in this manner, and if you did, how you did it (of course, a link to the layout would be great too).

New paths – Alphabet shapes


Did you ever try to use some shapes to place text inside the border in Paintshop Pro? I am sure you noticed how tedious it is: write a bit, check where to stop the line, go to the next one, adding spaces at the start if the margin is not straight, vertically. Then, even worse if you needed to edit your text and everything gets moved and you have to reset every line.

Now, with these special text path made just for Paintshop Pro, you can get that text inside the borders MUCH easier than line by line. Even more if you use the Text Wrapping script.

So what are you waiting for? this set includes a whole alphabet of templates with text paths. That is TWENTY-SIX files in one set.

You can find that complete set in my stores: Creation Cassel and Digi Scrap Warehouse.

And even better, go check out the RAK thread in the DST forum here, and add your name to the thread. Tell me what letter you would use first, and why. On Monday night, i will ask Mr Random to pick a winner for the whole set. Do not hesitate to post. There MIGHT be something for all who post!

New product – School Theme Text Path


Do you have some school related layouts to do? Would you like to add some journalling within particular school related shapes? Now you can do it with these text paths. You can use them on their own, using the detailed instructions included, or you can use them with the Text Wrapping script that will do most of the work for you (of course, YOU still have to compose the text!)

You get 12 paths with matching shape templates. You can keep the lines or hide them. You can use the templates to add some contrasting papers or create an outline. Or you can simply not use them at all.

They are available in my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi and DigiScrap Warehouse.

And for a chance to win this set, go add your name to the RAK thread at DST. You still have until Monday night to add your name.


Nadine has played with some of those shapes and did this lovely layout using the globe shape/path. Isn’t that gorgeous? She used Merkeley Designs' Hey Lady and It's Pink.

New paths – basic shapes



Last week, i released a script that allowed you to write within the boundaries of a preset shape, but this week, i am providing you with two sets of such preset shapes. The templates are identical, but the path has wider or narrower spacing and you can choose either one, depending on whether you have a lot to say or less. Although the Text Wrapping script is only working for PSP 9 and up, these path can be used starting with PSP8. They can be used with the script (if you have PSP9 and up) but they also work on their own, if you follow the detailed directions included. It is a bit more tedious, but at least, you CAN do it now, unlike before, since PSP does not have that feature available on its own.

Each set includes 12 layered templates: one layer is just a template that you can use or not (that is your option), and the other layer has a Path object that you will use to type your text on so it stays inside the boundaries. You do not have to start at the very top either. If you decide, say, to start on the third line, and use only the bottom part of the path, it is fine. You can also resize the path/template if you find it too big (they are all about 3000 pixels in height), or stretch/narrow it if you find it too narrow/wide for your need. (just make sure you do not flip it or mirror it as you will get pretty odd results!)

These sets are available in my stores: Creation Cassel and Do It Digi.

And if you want a chance to win those, check the Happy Place at DST and add your name to the thread. I will draw for a winner on Monday night.