New picture tubes – Wood Fence

Wood Fence Picture tube for PaintShop ProYou can add one of our 6 types of wood fence, in just about any size but also, in any length. You can draw those fences on a perfectly straight line or follow a slight hill.

Add some paint on the fences, surround them with grass, flowers, vines, or place additional elements in front, behind or on them. Make the fence a main feature of your project or just a decorative element.

Get these tubes in the store: Wood Fence

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Wood Fence sample in PNG formatAs a sampler, I created one long fence (4000 pixels) and added some vines and a lovely cat. It is in PNG format so you can use it with any program.

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New scripts – Fence and Knit texture

cass_fenceLast week, i released, on its own, the fence script that was part of my first grab bag, back in December. This script gives the user many options. You could make a 3600 pixels long fence and in the process of running the script, you can choose between 6 different woods, 4 different board shapes, 3 different cutouts in the top of the boards or no cutout, and finally, you can choose to have all the boards even on top or in a wavy pattern. That gives you a total of 192 possible fences. See what you could do with such a script.

Guyloup did a nice montage with this script. 




cass_script-knitAnd how about knitting some mittens, scarves or other warm objects? With the knit texture script will give you that opportunity. In fact, every time you run the script, you will get a different pattern. The end result is a 400 x 400 pixels seamless tile,  giving you the possibility to floodfill any surface or even a whole paper. Create a grey tile and import it as a texture for future use too. This script was also part of the December Grab Bag.