New script – Card & Envelope


This week, i decided to offer something for our hybrid crafters friends. A while ago, i coded a script that would allow the user to create a custom size/shape gift card box and it was very popular for the holiday season when people often give away gift cards. That is when some users asked me to create other scripts to make hybrid projects. So here is one for you.

This script will NOT create the cards but will create the template for a card AND an envelope that you can then personalize. You choose the size and the flap design and the script will create what you need. Everything is left in separate layers so you can colorize or customize each section separately if you want, whether it is the flap for the envelope, or the front of the card only.

You can create tiny cards as small as 300 x 300 pixels (perfect for little notes, Advent calendars or other) or regular size ones up to 1800 x 1200 pixels. One neat feature of this script is that the maximum size template can still be printed on a regular home printer: no need for extra wide (and costly) printer or having to go to a print shop for it.

This script allows you to create a perfectly sized envelope if you crafted a custom card with your scrapbooking supplies or other. And of course, you can still add traditional 3d decorations to the printed card! Or you can just create blank templates and use them as base for your traditional card making.

Since this is really a TOOL script, you can use it to create CU products.

You can get this convenient script in my store: Creation Cassel

You can also win this script by adding your name and tell me for which occasion you are most likely to use this script in this thread in the DST forum. I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner.

cass-Card&Envelope-sampleAs a sample of what this week’s script can do, i created a card for you. It has no text so you can include your own personal note and wish, in any language you want, on the computer or by hand.

It has one folding card and a matching envelope that are 1200 x 900 pixels. Not a big card, but just something you can give a friend, your mom, your colleague, etc.

I used a FREE kit called “Doux Bruisssements”. This is only one of a series of free kits that are offered on that blog. They have one every month. It is definitely worth checking out that French site!

Once you download the files, you can just add something on top of the card and print both the card and the envelope, cut them, fold them and add something inside the card for whoever you want to give the card to.

And voilà, you have a perfectly matching card and envelope.

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April Birthday Promo

Did you remember to shop this month? Did you accumulate enough purchase to give you a nice coupon for May? You still have just a few days to reach whatever goal you set for yourself. This weekend, i should be sending you a note with how much you have accumulated so far for your May coupon so you might want to start another wishlist to use it!


News from the Campus

The BIG Show Off is also coming down to the last few days. Did you see all the projects members are showing off? Did you leave some comments for them? See what Nadine posted:

Isn’t that lovely?


The Extraction Master Classes bundle is still available for a few days, so you better hurry before it is removed. If you use the code EXTRACT5, you get an extra $5 off the already reduced price for the two classes.

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If the Extraction Master Classes bundle offer expires on Monday, another deal will be offered but since the month of April is only a few days away, that deal will ONLY last for Monday and Tuesday. You don’t want to miss it so keep a very close eye on the Campus or even better, register in the Campus so you can get an email notification for it.


New script – Double to Single


I like the idea of working on double pages as it gives more room to work, more room to add multiple photos, and lots of journaling if i want to, but when get to print my work, i have to manually cut my double layout in two single layouts. That is tedious, especially when i have more than one to prepare!

I coded this script for that purpose. It can save individual single pages in jpg format (perfect if you want to print) but it can also keep the layered version of your work. That means that if you need to tweak something, correct a typo, and so on, you don’t have to work on the large layout and split the pages once more.

The script can also be used if you are doing layered templates and want to offer a double page version AND two matching single pages, still in layered format. And if you need to, it can save in both format also.

If you think this is a time saver, did you know you can also run this script in batch mode, and split dozens of double page layouts or templates in seconds? No typing needed to rename the files, no browsing to find the path. Everything is done automatically for you.

You can get this script in my store: Creation Cassel.

And as usual, I have one copy of this script to give away to a lucky winner. Check out this thread in the Happy Place and add your name to it. Not too hard is it? I will be back Monday night with the name of a winner.

cass-AlphaBeads-Halloween-DigitsUsually, i do create a sampler based on the new released product, but really, it is pretty hard to make a sampler out of this one, so i decided to create some plastic beads out of the Alpha-Beads script. That is a very popular script and i think you might see a lot of those in kits in the future. Don’t worry, with all the options available, they will not all look the same.

So, here is my set of digits for you in the Halloween colors. I decided on those colors for obvious reasons. I also chose to create the beads with very uneven characters to be a little different.

Will you be using this set? Remember to show me what you make with them. I love to see how creative you can be. I often see layouts where my products are used in a way i never thought of. That is great to see!

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News from the Campus


ExtractionOfFuzzyObjectsDo you know how to extract a fuzzy object from its background?

Do you know how to select very smooth curved edges on an object?

Do you know how to remove the sky from between the branches of a tree?

The FREE recording of the presentation on Basic Extractions is now available on the Campus. You can view it HERE. It is free. You just have to be logged in. (and remember to LIKE it if you … like it!)


The Calendar Making Class has seen many new members this week! I think the printer will be flooded with orders (especially since you get a discount when you register for the class). Did you start on your own calendar? Do you want to share a page?


There are many things in the making in the background. You will surely be pleased when they are ready for you. It is so exciting for me, and it will be fantastic for you too! Stay tuned.