Digital Scrapbook Day 2015


DSD is on the first Saturday of November, and it has been the case since 2007. For the occasion, I got several activities going on, for you. Let's have a look at them.


1- Storewide sale

Everything in the store will be discounted by 25%, for Saturday and Sunday. Did you ever fill a wishlist in the store? Now it is time to stock up and get those products you want to get to complete your projects faster or create new kits for your store.

Start shopping!


2- FREE tutorials

TimeIn the Campus, there is a dedicated page where you will see 12 unique tutorials rotate, one by one, each hour. For 48 hours, you will have the possibility to view video tutorials that are normally reserved for enrolled students. The list of the 12 tutorials is this:

Brick wall texture

  • License plate
  • Ghost text
  • Paper clip (2) (not the ordinary ones)
  • Reflection
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Gold Element
  • Coffee stain
  • Folded Edge
  • Accordion
  • Separator tab
  • Flair button

Which ones will you catch? Come back often.

Check out the tutorials


3- Show off contest (with prizes to win)

In order to promote digital scrapbooking using Paintshop Pro, there is a show off contest in the Campus. There are prizes to win too:

  • One copy of Paintshop Pro X8 Ultimate (value: $99.99)
  • Two Master Classes of your choice (value: $39.98)
  • The new 12 Cards for Christmas (value: $9.99)

And what do you have to do? Simple: show off a scrapbook project you made using Paintshop Pro. But, there is a little twist to this: you have to use ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • a technique you learned in the Campus
  • a free element you picked from this blog (there are lots of those)
  • or a product you purchased from the store (or one of mine in the Discovery Center)

Once you have something to show off, you can post it in the Campus forum, while browsing through the other members' submissions. The winner will be picked AT RANDOM, NEXT WEEK, on November 14th (next Saturday). This will give you a chance to pick some freebies from this blog, or view new tutorials in the Campus, or grab a new product in the store, and complete up to THREE projects to enter.

Check the Campus forum


101Tricks-1504- 101 super easy tricks to work faster with Paintshop Pro

On Amazon.com, there is a countdown deal for this Kindle ebook that offers 101 tips. Since it is a countdown deal, it is now $0.99 but tomorrow, it will be up to $1.99 and then, Monday night, it will be back to its regular price of $2.99. Don't delay.

You don't have a Kindle? No problem. You can download the free app to view any Kindle book on your computer (how cool is that?). Although the deal is only available on amazon.com (in the U.S.), since it is a digital download, you are still able to get it: there is no added shipping fees!

That is 101 tips that where shared through years of newsletter, but they are all in one handy document, just for your convenience.

Grab your copy of this book

I would greatly appreciate a review of this book, when you have a chance. I am sure you will learn SOMEthing from it.


So what will you be doing this weekend??


New script–Houndstooth and Herringbone


These designs are fun to use but a pain to make. To do that manually is tedious. Using a template might work but you still have to pick the colors and fill and such.

This script for Paintshop Pro will let you start with the color palette you want (you can choose from 3 to 6 colors). The script will add white and black as default colors too. Then, you choose a few options if you wanted to create the herringbone pattern (there is no option for the houndstooth one) and decide how many tiles you want. That’s it!

The script will randomly mix and match the colors to generate the tiles. Of course, some color combinations might not suit you, or might be odd. That is ok. You just delete those tiles, and keep any other that you like. Remember that if you start with only 4 colors, you will have a possibility of 1200+ different tiles, and if you start with the maximum of 6 colors, you can get over 4000 possible combinations! You will not be bored!

It is so easy to use!

You can get this time-saving script in my store: Creation Cassel.

Do you want to get this script for free? Enter the draw in the DST Happy Place thread HERE. It is really simple, just as simple as using the script! Tell me if you would first use the houndstooth or the herringbone pattern and i’ll be back on Monday night with the name of a winner.


cass-Houndstooth&Herringbone-sampleFor a freebie, this week, i created a set of seamless tiles based on a little earthy palette that should be fairly neutral (i am even including the palette complete with the hex # for each color). You will find 15 different tiles: 3 for the houndstooth pattern and 12 herringbone patterns. Use them in any program whether it is Paintshop Pro or Photoshop or Photoshop Element, or any other graphic program that can take outside “patterns” in jpg format. Use them to floodfill elements, create papers, etc.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.






Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!


Whether you are a scrapbook fan or just like to do edit your photos, or make cards, or even just play with your Paintshop Pro, you will love to know that everything in the store is 40% off for today AND tomorrow (November 3rd and 4th).

40% off

November 3-4, 2012

You better take advantage of this as it is a pretty rare occurrence. There aren’t many big sales like that in the store.

Even if you are not a Paintshop Pro user, you can still take advantage of this super sale to grab one of my very special fonts. Those fonts to create stitches, or edges, of banners, or even hinges can be used with other programs, wither you are using PSE, CS, or even GIMP. Can you use outside fonts? Then check out the FONTS section.

And if you don’t have PSP and would still want to take advantage of all the great scripts and tubes from the store, you might still want to look at purchasing your copy of Paintshop Pro. It would be a great addition to your “toolbox”. And you can always try it for 30 days and see how powerful it can be.

Get your copy of PSP.

New script – Mirror and Flip – FREE


If you have been a Paintshop Pro user for any time, you surely remember the first time you used the Mirror command: the element you mirrored went all the way over to the other end of the canvas. You might have been wondering why it was not mirroring right there, where the element was in the first place. Then, over time, you found some great uses of that particular way it worked: you could easily duplicate and place elements in all four corners without measuring; you could place a decorative border evenly on opposite sides of the image, etc. However, when Paintshop Pro X4 was released, in September, the Mirror and Flip commands behaved differently. I can only guess that some users wished they could mirror and flip elements on themselves instead of across the canvas and I guess, Corel answered by changing that. Well, that might have been a great new feature, but it changed the way previous users were using those commands. So now, PSP versions X3 and before, worked one way, and PSP X4 works another way. Which way is best? It probably depends on what you want to do. In my opinion, they are BOTH equally useful. The problem is that none of the versions has BOTH options. That is… until now.

I started with the plan to create 4 scripts: 2 for X4 users to have their Mirror and Flip commands work like previous versions, and 2 for users of previous versions to have it work like PSP X4. All 4 scripts worked fine, but Suz Shook had a look at two of them and found an even faster way to get the same result. So, the set of 4 scripts include 2 from me, and 2 from Suz.

The zip file includes the scripts and instructions for binding the scripts. This means that, although you can run those scripts like other scripts (through the Script menu), you can ALSO have them directly in the Image menu, right with the default Mirror and Flip commands are. They will then run with ONE click, just like the default commands work. Isn’t that neat?

Best of all, this script is totally FREE. To me, it is a simple utility tool that should have been included with PSP and was forgotten so it is a gift to you. It is free now, and it will stay free in my store. You can go and grab it HERE.

Digital Scrapbooking Day

Yes, you heard about it. You have been stalking a few stores or designers to get the best deal. And you are waiting to see if i am having a sale too. You are right. I am having a sale through the whole store.


News from the Campus

It is Digital Scrapbooking Day in the Campus too. There is a big promotion going on now, and only for 3 days.


Did you find a friend you can share the registration with? Do you have 2 CT members who might benefit from the Basic Scrap Course? Hurry because this promotion is only for a limited time. It will end Sunday, at midnight! Choose your course now:

Basic Scrap Course

Element Creation Tutorials

Finally, this Sunday, we will have our Webinar on photo editing: “Be the master of time”.

See some changes in seasons that we can achieve with a few clicks.


Original photo from Bernice

Do you want to see more? Simple: click below to register!

If there are too many registrants for one webinar, i might consider presenting it a second time, so even if you are not 100% sure you can attend, REGISTER! And if you have some photos to offer, email them to me at [email protected] . I might or might not use them in the webinar, depending on the type and number of images i get, but would love to have several choices.