New picture tubes – Gold Chains #2

Gold chains picture tubes for PaintShop ProI released the first set of gold chain picture tubes over 10 years ago and they were VERY popular especially since those were totally new among the PSP tools. Today, I created another series of gold chains picture tubes. Those are mostly double-links chains.

You can "draw" with them with your cursor however long you want them and in any free-form shapes. If you want to add them precisely along a specific path, you can use the VectorTube script, available in the store too.

Get these tubes in the store: Gold Chains #2

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you have used directional picture tubes before (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Gold Chain Frames in PNG formatAs a sampler, I created a vector shape with wavy edges and ran the VectorTube script to place the gold chains neatly along that edge. For the double frame, I used the same method to create two "matching" shapes and then used the interlacing technique to give the frame that twisted appearance.

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New Tubes – Chain beads


How about some metal beads to create necklaces, bracelets, frames, or any other element you can think of using “ball chain”look? You can now do it with those great Paintshop Pro Picture tubes. These sets of beads are not going to make a boring row of totally identical beads, but they incorporate some slight differences in the beads so it looks more realistic. You have some gold beads, silver beads, brass beads, and more. You can place them one by one by simply clicking here and there and everywhere. You can “draw” with them as they will follow your mouse movement as if you were drawing a line. Or you can also place them evenly along a vector path you could have drawn with your favorite tool. Use the Pen tool to create a base “thread”, and then use the Vector Tube script to place the beads along that path, for a great free flowing chain look.

Use the default settings, or change the size or the step for a different and custom look.

You can get these tubes in my store : Creation Cassel.

And how about a chance to win them all? Check this thread in the DST forum. Tell me what is your favourite set of beads and you might with them all.


Time for a nice little freebie. I created those chains for you to incorporate into your layouts. There are 2 long chains and 2 small ones. The small ones can easily be used to attach a tag or other elements. They are in PNG format, so they should be useable in most graphic program.

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News from the Campus

Last week, we had a webinar on using shadows. The most fun part was to show how to use layered shadows in clusters to make a fantastic end result. Most participants commented on that technique that was new to them. The webinar was recorded and should be available soon (hopefully this weekend), in the Webinar section of the Campus. It will be accessible to all registered members of the Campus (registration is free). The next Webinar will be organized this weekend, so you keep an eye on that page.

Did you want to register for the Basic Scrap Course? Did you postpone that decision? You might want to keep a close watch on the Campus as there will be another promotion coming up soon. You might want to join our many other members in the classroom. I can see several members having a blast with what they learn with the tutorials.


Big special for Paintshop Pro X4

Corel is having a big promotion for a limited time only. You can get a FULL version of PSPX4 for $39.99. We are not talking only update, but a complete version (the update is the same price too). This promotion is only until October 16. And if you have an old version of PSP, there is NO NEED to upgrade since you can run both versions side by side; you can get the newest tools and features, and still use the interface you are used to. And yes, you can have multiple versions installed on the same machine: i have versions 8, 9, X, X1, X2, X3 and X4 installed at the same time (occasionally, i even RUN 2 or 3 simultaneously when i am testing scripts).


Get PSPX4 for $39.99

(although i am an affiliate for Corel, this special is NOT through my affiliate link)

New tubes – Two tone chain tubes


Recently, you had the opportunity to get some gold chain links, and some silver chain links. Now, you can get both. All those tubes allow you to create wonderful jewellery, frames, or other decorative elements. Place the tubes manually, or use a preset shape and apply the tube on it with Gary Barton’s free Vector Tube script. You can add charms, ribbons, or any other decorative elements.

Those tubes are only useable with Paintshop Pro. You can get them in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiscrapWarehouse.

And for a chance to win those, you can go add your name to the RAK thread in the DST forum. Anyone can participate as you can expect a surprise just for posting there. Just tell me what chain model is your favourite of the 10 in the preview.

Now, i bet you are used to get a free sample with each of my new releases. Well, you might need to wait for tomorrow, as i ran out of time. Come back tomorrow for something. Since the freebie is not done yet, you have a chance to tell me what kind of freebie you would like to see with those chain tubes. Who knows? maybe you will get your wish! Just post in the comment for your suggestions.