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Come and join the chat. We’ll be talking about PSP, tips and tricks, features, etc. All PSP users are invited to join. If you are thinking of trying PSP, come and chitchat with us. Prizes will be awarded. Some prizes will be PSP specific, but others will be more generic.

Come and meet with us in the DST chatroom:


New script – Mitered Corner Frame


With this script, you will be able to make an infinite number of rectangular (or square) frames using just about any long image. You can use any ribbon, lace, paper edge, wood piece, decorative doodles, etc. I am sure you can think of many other elements you can use to make the side of the frames.

The script can create the frames three different ways: (1) it can create a symmetrical frame with ribbons, laces, doodles (2) it can create a frame with a directional element, meaning it will take all the length (or almost) of the ribbon/lace or (3) it can create a frame from elements that are neither symmetrical, not directional, like you would get with a piece of wood.

You can get this script in any of my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, and Divine Digital. Remember that my scripts are always 25% off the first weekend they are released so you can get a good deal until Sunday night.

Do you want a chance to WIN this script? Check the Happy Place thread here and add your name to it.

Limequilla suggested that i code this script, a little while ago. I was not sure how I would write it with so many possible scenarios of what would be used for the edges, but i really think this will work well for any of your layout, or kit. Thanks Limequilla for suggesting it. Remember that if you want to suggest a script, and i make it, you will get it free (before everyone else too!)

Guyloup played with my scripts and here is a layout she made (using the Mitered Corner Frame, and the Custom Confetti scripts)


Month bits – sampler

cass-journalbits-samplerAre you looking for a fun way to date your layouts or journalling? Here is a set of 12 translucent paper strips, for each month. The strips are png files, ranging from 600 to 1000 pixels in width.

Those strips were generated by the Journal Bits script available in my store.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.


New script – Journal Bits


Did you ever see those paper scrap pages where a long phrase is cut up in individual words? Did you ever try to do that in digi? Most of the time, it is a pretty tedious task, but no more. This script will just do that for you, and you are not limited at all. In fact, you can pretty much decide everything. Of course, you can have the text you want. Then, you choose the font you want too, and the color for the text and the color for the paper. You can have opaque paper, or translucent. If you choose translucent paper, you also decide on the opacity; maybe you want to pretend you wrote on a piece of scotch tape, which is very translucent, or on tissue paper which is more opaque. It is your call. You can then decide to have all the papers cut straight and evenly, or go crazy with irregular shape and size. But wait, that is not all. You can also ask the script to separate all the words without any paper. If you are working on a layout, the script can, if you choose so, to place all those word bits on your layout for you (no need to copy and paste dozens of bits) and it will even rename each layer according to the word on it. Neat huh? I am telling you: it probably will take you longer to decide on all those options than it will take the script to execute it.


This script is available in all my stores: Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital

You have also a chance to win this script by adding your name to this thread in the Happy Place at DST.

Want to see this script in action? Here is a layout we did for the ADSR5, challenge #10.

Award ribbon – new script

cass-award-ribbonGive yourself a round of applause, you are the winner! Yes, with this script, anyone can be a winner. Whether you want to reward your dog, or cat, or maybe your loved one, your mother, father, or just make one for the fun of it, you have an endless variety of award ribbons you can make.

Use any ribbon you want (either generated by the script, or one of your own), choose to have a single or double rosette. The result will be unmerged layers, so you can add the shadow you want, the text you want, or any other decoration between the layers.

Get them in my stores: Création Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, A Cherry on Top.

Go also check the DST forum and look for my RAK thread.

parallel lines – new script


This script will certain help you to quickly create base patterns for papers. You can make full size papers (3600x3600) or smaller size (1000x1000). Create zigzags, scallops or waves, of draw your own shape. Choose the colors you want the script to use (from 1 to 6). Choose the thickness of the lines, or let them go randomly. Choose if you want randomly picked colors, or regularly placed. Many other variations and options are yours to decide.

The possibilities are endless, and with the randomized function included in the script, even with the same settings, you can get different looks.

This script is available at Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers.

If you want a chance to win this script, check out this thread at DST and add your name.

Guest designing at ACOT and a promo

Starting today, i am a guest designer at A Cherry on Top. To celebrate this, i have a nice promotion for you, for the first week. I will give you a coupon worth 50% of your first purchase. So have a look around my store, create a wish list and when you think you have enough, go through checkout. I will then send you a coupon for the value of 50% of that first purchase. Isn't it worth it?

I have lots of original, and high quality scripts for PSP but also some special fonts.


Felt presets for PSP

Here they are. I was able to release 4 sets of presets to create wonderful felt textures using PSP. No more looking at Photoshop Styles and wishing we can use them. WE HAVE THE SAME. Of course, you cannot go and download PS Styles and use them as is, but I will try to provide you with some of them, as designers allow.

Check out what is available.

cass-felt-preset1 cass-felt-preset2

cass-felt-preset3 cass-felt-preset4

They can be purchased at any of my stores and they are on sale over the weekend.

Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers, Scraphead, Divine Digital

And if you want a chance to win one of those sets, hop over to DST, in this thread and add your name.