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Everyone likes a little distressed look on some project once in a while. The proof is that there are lots of filters one can purchase to create that look. With this script in Paintshop Pro, you can create a distressed look on any line drawing with just a few clicks. You get to choose if you want a little bit of distress, or a lot or something in-between. In addition, since there is a random feature integrated inside the code, you will get a slightly different distressed pattern for every run.

Many years ago, i bought a kind of a gel pen (probably among the first kinds) and the ink seemed to include some “oil” that would seep out of the ink giving a colored glow around where i would draw. Kind of a neat effect that i added to this script, as an option.

So you can get the distressed look with or without a colored glow around and if you want the glow, you also pick the color.

Although the script works best with line drawing, you can definitely apply it to a photo or another element like a drawn embellishment.

Don’t waste your time trying to use the eraser tool all over your design, grab this time saving Worn & Glow script.

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cass-Worn&Glow-sample-DaysWhat would you want to get this week, as a sampler? I thought you might be tired of alphas (although that was my first idea when i was thinking of a sample), so i created some labels. Whether you are doing a project 365 or not, sometimes, you might want to add the days of the week to your layout. That is why i created those day tags. I just used the distressed part of the script and didn’t add any glow. I am also including a blank tag so you can add a date or something else (even unrelated to the days of the week).

Each tag is about 750 pixels wide so they are large enough to be used in full size layout, but they are also easy to size down if you want them more discrete on your project.

You can use them on chore charts, calendar, to-do lists, etc.


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