What do you wish for in 2014?

Happy New Year

to all my regular customers,

occasional customers

and just the visitors in general.

I have been very happy to offer you various products and services in 2013 and i would like this new year to be just as good if not better.

In order to serve you better, i want to know what type of products you would like to see added to the store in 2014.

  • Can you think of a task you would like to see accomplished by a script?
  • Can you think of a specific element  you would like to see created by a script to be done faster or more accurately?
  • Can you think of an effect you have seen in a layout that you would love to be able to do too?
  • Can you think of a specific type of font you would like to see available?
  • Can you think of a tube that you have been looking for and wish it were in the store?
  • Can you think of an existing tool for another program that you would like to see in PSP?

Although i can never promise to make your wish come true, i can always try. I have surprised myself in the past too. And if YOU suggest it, then i know YOU want it. There is no point in working hard to create a product that nobody wants, right?

So now is the time for you to post your ideas and suggestions. I will also give you a chance to win coupons for the store. How many? I don’t know. For every 10 suggestions posted in the comments below, i will give one $6 coupon (which is enough for one product, in general). You can suggest as many ideas as you want BUT, you have to make those suggestions DIFFERENT from others, and you have to NUMBER them in your comments like 1- suggestion 1, 2- suggestion 2, and so on. This will just make it easier for me to count how many suggestions you offer. Each suggestion will count as ONE entry to the random draw. Remember to read other suggestions so you don’t duplicate them.

Try to be specific also, because a “bow” can mean many types of scripts! You can have a tiny flat velvet bow, or a long silky bow. If you have a particular idea, and you can have an image to illustrate it, that is even better (i am a very visual person after all).

Go browse the store for ideas. Browse galleries. Browse your current supplies. Look at your traditional paper supplies too. Ideas can come from anywhere, at any time.

I will tally all the suggestions by January 31st and will draw on Saturday, Feb 1st.

Go ahead, tell me what YOU want to see appear in the store in 2014!

20 thoughts on “What do you wish for in 2014?”

  1. A script that will do several picture frames from papers like the custom kit button script. (I love the custom kit button script).

    There are several scripts in your store that I want also. Maybe in time I will have all of them.

  2. There are so many things I would love to have for Paintshop Pro. I hope I can think of all of them within the month. First of all, I love the chipboard look for alphas and elements. I would love a script that creates the chipboard look.

  3. I would really like to have a script that makes different bows.
    I use PSP X2 I truely would love to learn how to do Bows myself so maybe one month this upcoming year you may do a Tutorial? I know many of us would like to learn how to make them.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. There are already a few scripts in the store to make bows. Is there a particular type of bow you would be looking for that is not yet in the store?

  4. I would love to see a script that I could run when finished with a design that would record the font I used, the settings I used for my effects, & colors etc. I know that is a big order. I get really frustrated with myself when I go to work on an image & can’t remember which font I used, etc, etc.

  5. yes that’s what I would be looking for. I vaguely remember hearing something about being able to make a script from the history window & I thought maybe if you opened it in a text file you could see the settings etc. However, I can’t seem to find anything like that.

  6. 1. Not sure if it is possible but I would love a script that added shadows from top to bottom, changing it slightly to show the difference in height. The top would be made to look further away from the page and the ones towards the bottom closer to the page.

    • It might be a long shot, but might be possible to do something like that. I’ll look into it. I had actually thought of coding a script to create multiple shadows like on clusters, so it might be along the same line. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Is there any way to make a shadow script that automatically places the best shadow on an element? I have your shadow script which I love and it says to choose like thin elements but then I have to figure out what shadow to use. Is there a universal shadow for such elements? I would love to be able to just pick the element and script just knows what the best shadow setting is for that element. This may not even be possible but I figure if anyone would know these settings if would be you. I have looked everyone for something that would tell me the best shadows for what elements but can not find this.

  8. 1 – I shall want a script to create glass pearls and be able to put them picture tubes there and various colors to use them according to the colors of the kit or the photo.
    A photo of the element follows by e-mail.

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