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Your program probably has some kind of vector flower shapes. How many? It depends on your program. But with this new font (yes, it is a FONT), you can create so many more designs.

This font includes 50 different petal shapes: some are similar but in different width so they make a great match to use in combination. Since they are fonts, you can use them around a vector circle as they will go just like a “text on path”.

Use any size you want since they are vector and they wont pixelate; you will always have smooth edges no matter how big you create the flowers.

But flowers are not the only thing you can use these for: create frames and borders. Repeat the same shape or alternate two or more. Choose any color or gradient or pattern, or “clip” a paper on them for a really matching element to your project.

That is not all. Do you own a cutting machine? you can create some gorgeous quilled flowers using a straight line of petals, cut them with the machine and then tightly roll them. Look at the fantastic result Connie got with this:


In fact, it was Connie who gave me the idea of this petal font. She initially used the Lace Edge font to create some quilled flowers. The number of designs was much more limited for this purpose so when she sent me the first sample, she said “it would be nice if you had other shapes”. And here we are now with a full set of 50 different petal shapes. Of course, not all the shapes are suitable for quilling, but they can be used to create vector flowers.

And But this is not all: since this is a FONT, it is not program specific. This means that, unlike most products in my store, you don’t have to have Paintshop Pro to use this font. You can use just about any graphic program including Photoshop and Photoshop Element. I didn’t try other programs, but i assume they would also work fine.

You can grab this FONT in my store: Creation Cassel.

cass-Petals1-sampleAnd as usual, i have a random draw where you can win this product. Head over to this thread in the DST forum, and tell me what program you are using (since this font works in most of them). I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner.

As a way for you to see this font “at work”, i created three layered flowers using it. They are PSD files so you can use them in PSP or PS or PSE.

For the white petals, i used the letter “d”. For the purple petals, i used the letters “u” and “v” on different layers. And for the yellow petals, i used alternatively the “U” and “W”. You can surely create many many more designs.

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