Ribbon Tree contest

A couple of weeks ago, I announced a little contest for those of you who purchased the Ribbon Tag Tree script. I challenged you to create a ribbon tree (or more than one) and we would have a contest. Well, i was thrilled to see 8 submissions to this contest (i hope none of your contributions were stuck in the mail and didn’t reach me!).

I am so happy to see how creative you have been. I love to see how the same script has yielded so many different results. It is FANTASTIC don’t you think?

So it is now time to vote.
















Now it is time to vote. The voting period will go to Friday, December 7th. At that point, the designer who created the winning tree will get a $15 coupon to my store. You can only vote once, but you can send your friends over to vote for your tree (hint, hint).

[poll id="2"]

If  you want, you are welcome to comment below. If you want to add specific comments or praises to the designers of some trees, simply indicate who it is for and I will point the designers to this post.

7 thoughts on “Ribbon Tree contest”

  1. I love tree number 3. Apart from being attractive it has that fuzzy
    look which is so close to a real one. Wopuld love to know how that fuzzy look was created.
    Well done, super, super job.
    hugs Jean

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