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Have you ever seen some original kinds of labels? Although you would usually expect washing instructions, you can also get company logos on them. You can also buy, custom labels to put on kids clothes with their name (I used that when my three kids were in daycare) or some special labels to place on sewing projects that were handmade that read “Made by Mom”.

These kinds of custom labels can also be used in digital scrapbooking with just about any design, shape or text you want. How about using these to create a date element? Or a special phrase? or a name? or even a particular event with a symbol for it? Just about anything is possible with this script.

The way the script is coded, you just have to start with a design of any kind, of any size. From that, the script will measure a proportionally sized “excess” of fabric for the stitching, depending on the type of stitching you want and will prompt you for various custom details, like the color of the fabric, the color of the thread, the straight/zigzag stitching, and if you want to add a 3D effect with either bevel or lifting of the label. And if you want to add a shadow, it will be left on its own layer so you can tweak it more if you want.

You can get this very creative script in my store: Creation Cassel.

And as usual, there is a thread in the Happy Place of DST forum where you can add your name for a chance to win. But even better, suggest something you would like to see on a clothes label, and after the draw (Monday night), i will create a set of labels with all the suggestions given, and everyone who posted will get the set, even if you don’t use PSP. What are you waiting for?


I created 3 labels with this script (2 of them have different spelling for our Mom/Mum). They are in PSD layered format so you can still tweak them. The shadow is separate and so is the stitching (although the shadow of the stitching is attached).

Where will you use those label?

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