New Tubes – Pipe Cleaners


These tubes will surely bring a smile to  your face. Mendy asked me if i could make something to simulate pipe cleaners, you know, those chenille stems that kids love twisting, bending and shaping. I am sure you have used them when you were a kid too, right? Now, these special picture tubes for Paintshop Pro will let you do the same and create fun shapes.

Since she was the first one suggesting it,she was given the whole set to “test” and she certainly had fun with them. She created the shapes that are in the freebie below.

You have 12 colors to play with. Doodle with your mouse and it automatically creates a pipe cleaner wherever you draw. You can also turn any vector shape into a pipe cleaner with a free script that is mentioned in the product description.

You can grab this whole set in my store: Creation Cassel

Do you want a chance to win this complete set? You can add your name to the RAK thread in the DST forum. Just tell me what shape you would do with pipe cleaners and i will be back on Monday with the name of a winner. Remember that everyone will win something, even if you are not a PSP user! So go ahead, and post in that thread.




This week, i wanted to share some smile so this week’s freebie will be made of those fun shapes and creature made by Mendy. Aren’t they cute. Can you honestly say you didn’t even smile when you first glanced at them? Really? And you can make so much more with those Pipe Cleaners. The shapes and creatures are in PNG format and DO include the shadows.

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Remember to show us what you make with them!




April promotion

You still have just a few days left to finish building your discount for May. If you made a purchase, you got an individual email from me with the total calculated to date for your discount. If you are happy with it, it is ok. If you want to build it to the next level, you have until Tuesday night to make another purchase. That is only 4 days left. HURRY!


News from the Campus


The Campus is going steady. We have more and more visitors in the Campus. I am sure the students are bringing friends over, and that is quite all right.

Did you ever have a look at what the students of the Campus are doing? Check out the Gallery. That is where they post their work, and that  is where you can leave them some nice comments.



This week, the new tutorial will be on how to make a braid. Yes, a braid as long as they want. Do you know the trick?



Our next workshop will take place next week (yes, time flies, and i thought i still had two weeks to prepare). The topic this month will be about Brush Work in Paintshop Pro. Several people asked questions about brushes so i figured it would be a great topic. Thanks to those who suggested it. Now, you have to register so you can get the notifications. Remember, it is on May 6th, at 4pm Eastern Time zone, and once you register, you will get a reminder one week before, one day before AND one hour before. I know the time zone issue is terribly annoying for some who end up coming too early, or too late. Follow us on Facebook and there is an automatic “count down” so you will be notified as the time approaches.


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