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Once you created some fun templates with the Cluster Template Maker script, now you want to fill in all those shapes, either with papers or with photos. This can be a pretty tedious task of copying, pasting, adjusting, resizing, changing layer, selecting, deleting excess paper, deleting original layers, renaming layer. Now, this script will help you use any template even faster with your Paintshop Pro. This script will take care of those tedious tasks that are repeated layer after layer after layer. You will simply have to pick the paper or photo you want to use on each layer, resize, rotate, adjust them to fit the shape and the script will do the rest. How cool is that?

You can get this script in my stores now: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

If you want a chance to win it (even if you already purchased it), you can simply add your name to this thread in the Happy Place of the DST forum. I will be back Monday night to announce a winner.

cass-ClusterTemplate-02 As usual, i have a free sample for you. Since this script is a tool to use with your own templates, i could not run it and give you the end result, but i could run the script from last week, and let you have another clustered template in PSD format.

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