Wooden Puzzle 3 - PSP Script


Now, you can convert any simple design, clipart or vector element into a wooden puzzle or marquetry element.

You can choose to create a wooden puzzle with individual pieces on separate layers so you can move them around. The shadows will be linked but on a separate layer so that you can place adjacent pieces without showing the thickness.

If you prefer to create a marquetry element, each layer will be unmerged but linked so you can move the whole project without losing the alignment.

Since the pieces are left on separate layers, you have the option to colorize them as you wish.

This script will NOT be suitable for photos, or design with intricate or delicate details.

Make sure you work on a large image. Enlarge your design to at least 1000 pixels (more if you can).

You will have to adjust the brightness and contrast of the greyscale version of the image so that each section is well defined and separate from the adjacent ones.

Compatible with PSP8 and up

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