Conditions of Use

Terms of Use for Scripts and other elements.

You are purchasing the right to use this product. You cannot edit or modify a script or an action to redistribute it. You can, however, edit a script if it is required and indicated in the readme file.

You may use these elements/scripts/products for personal use (PU), commercial use (CU) and scrap for hire (S4H). You may not, however, create just a series of elements for redistribution (free or not). For example, you cannot run the script 12 times to create a set of 12 bows; however, you can create 3 bows to be part of a kit that might have several bows in it. Such kits can be sold or given as freebies.

You may use elements (png, jpg or psd files) as is for personal use. For commercial use, do not redistribute them as is; use them with something else, in kits, etc.

You may use these elements/scripts/products for small printing and craft projects as long as it is less than 200 items. For projects of more than 200 items, please contact me.

You may use these elements/scripts/products to create blog wear, website backgrounds, and such.

Credits are not required but appreciated for the personal use of elements, fonts, scripts, or actions. They are required, however, for commercial use except for the use of tool scripts.

CU4CU might be granted for tool scripts only. Please contact me for arrangements.

You may not take credit for the creation of the scripts or actions, but the end result is your own.

These elements/scripts/products are copyright protected by Cassel.

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