Wooden Puzzle 1 - PSP Script


Have you ever played with wooden puzzles when you were young? Would such an element find its place in one of your projects? How about a custom-made puzzle with the word or characters of your choice?

With this script, you can do just that. You can choose any word (or short phrase) or any series of characters, using any font, and any kind of color, gradient or pattern combinations.

The end result will be left on separate but linked layers. Using the Pick tool (or the Raster Deform tool), you can move any piece out of their slot. Make sure that any moved piece will also be rearranged above the layer called PUZZLE TOP.

If you want to move the whole puzzle onto a separate project, it is recommended to group all the layers so everything will stay perfectly lined up. You can use the free Group script for that task.

Compatible with PSP8 and up

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