Colored acrylic - PSP script


Did you ever want to have an acrylic element in a color that match your layout or your kit? Did you ever want such an acrylic to have a specific shape that you didn`t find ready made? With this script, you will be able to use any shape, and create its equivalent in a transparent or translucent acrylic, without altering the original layer. You will get to choose a color, gradient or pattern for the acrylic, and then, you can also choose various opacity level for your element. Basically, you end up with an infinity of possibilities for your acrylic element. 

This script has been tested with versions 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Another added bonus: the script will have several messages to help you through the process and if you run a French version of PSP, the script will detect it and show all the messages also in French.

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