Triangles 3 - PSP Script


Although the process of creating triangular patterns is fairly easy, creating many seamless tiles while randomizing the colors of a palette can be challenging.

Create up to 20 seamless tiles in less than one minute with this script.

You can pick up to 6 colors for the palette, and generate up to 20 tiles in one run. The script will randomize those colors and give you many different arrangements in 5 different patterns. You can choose to have only two colors per tile, for a more "monochrome" look, ot multiple colors. Also, the background color is on a separate layer, so you can change that color, or use only the top layer to fill a larger image on top of a gradient. 

Use contrasting colors for a bold look or some shades of the same color for a more subtle result.

Compatible with PSP9 and up.

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