Wet Paint - PSP Script


Sometimes, you might want to replicate the look of very wet paint.

This script will do that for you in a random manner so every run of the script will yield a different result. You can start with a shape, a text, or an image and the script will produce a variety of drippings, in different locations and of different lengths. If you want the drippings to come from a specific area only, the script will allow you to brush over the area you want to be wet and the drips will only come from that area.

At the end of the script, you can get all the drips merged, or not. This allows you to adjust the placement, the layering or the number of drips if you want, or if you want to tweak other attributes like the brightness or if you want to add some bevel to the bottom drops.

The original layer will be left untouched.

Compatible with PSP8 and up.

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