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Do you want to use some of those metal beads with letters on them for your scrapbook projects but can never find a set that suits you? Maybe you are looking for some accented characters and no set has them? Maybe you want a very specific font that is nowhere to be found? No more worry. This script will let you create any kind of set that is sure to match your project. 

The script will create round beads in gold, silver, or bronze color. You can create one bead at the time (even a blank one if you need it), or you can create a whole series of beads. Type in a word, or a phrase, and the script will create one bead per letter (even if your word has three "e" in it). Type in the whole alphabet or the digits from 0 to 9. 

If you want punctuation marks or elements that are not centered on the bead, choose the "custom design" option.

If you want to create beads with a design, you can also do it. The script will stop to let you hand-draw the design, or add a preset shape. 

Compatible with PSP8 and up.

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