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Did you ever have a look at those fun ribbon trees and wished you could do something like that? Did you ever try to do it and gave up because of  how tedious it is to realize? This script will change your mind.

The script will create a stylized tree about 2000 x2000 pixels using any ribbon you want. You are not limited to using colors, gradients or patterns since you can use real extracted ribbons you have in your stash. You can use one ribbon, or 2 or 3 or more. Or you can use a single ribbon colorized 3 times, or mix totally different ribbon types.

The script will run in two steps: 1- it will create a blank canvas it will use later and then stop  2- you open the ribbons you want to use, REACTIVATE the blank image and run the script a second time to finish.

You will have several options to choose from:  do you want the ribbons to be used in order, or randomly? Do you want the ends to be cut straight or at an angle? Do you want the pieces to be perfectly horizontal or rotated? Do you want to add a vertical stitching in the center?

With the random feature coded into the script, you will get a different result for every run, even with the same ribbons and the same settings.

Use ribbons, or any other long thin object, like a branch, a raffia piece, a piece of wood, a measuring tape, a ruler, a string, etc. Beware that the spacing of the pieces will depend on the height of the ribbon image and not the ribbon itself. You can use this to your advantage to create very different results.

Once the script is finished, all the pieces will be on separate layers so you can still tweak them, colorize some, move some, delete or add some, insert elements between layers, etc.

Compatible with PSP 8 and up.

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