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Do you like the look of those letters placed on individual pieces of paper (other mediums) but hate the details required to measure and center each character?

This script will offer you a ton of options to create alphabets, words, phrases made of separate pieces on individual layers.

You can use any font you want and you will not have to type it in (no more worries about typos in the font name). Pick any color or colors (or gradients, or patterns) and let the script use them in order or randomly. Choose the color for the text, and if you select a texture in the Material dialog window, you get even more options. You can also decide to have square or rounded corners on each piece.

Not only will the script measure perfectly how high each piece should be depending on the font you picked, but will also align the base of each character. But that is not all. You can also ask the script to add extra space on top or on the bottom or both so you can use that space to fasten each letter, stitch them, etc.

At the end of the script, each letter will be on a separate layer, well identified by that character.

Then, you can use other scripts to add various effects to the individual pieces, like the Glittered Edge, the Colored Edge, the Magic Edge or you can use the Twister script to add some random rotations to each piece.

Compatible with PSP8 and up.

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