Bead Curtain - PSP Script


Did you ever want to create one of those fun bead curtain? Did you give up the idea when you realized how many beads you needed to copy and paste and move and align? This script will automatically do all that work for you while you watch, and will do it according to what you want. Choose a picture tube to use, and a canvas for the size and following a few prompts asking your preferences, the script will place dozens (or hundreds) of beads, perfectly aligned according to what you wanted.

You will have the option for the number of strings, the size of the elements, the length of the strings, theh vertical spacing between the elements, the design for the bottom of the strings, and even whether you want all the elements to be the exact same size or slightly varied.

Use a picture tube with only one picture, or with multiple images for more interesting effects. Create your own tube to use with this script for even more customized results.

At the end, each string will be on a separate layer so you can tweak them, cut them, move them, even distort them if you want. Add a fine line with the pen tool to simulate the thread holding them together.

Compatible with PSP8 and up.

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