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You have certainly seen some templates where you can just pop in your photo but looks like it is bent. But this script, will not only make your photo LOOK bent, it will actually curve them for real. In fact, if you have a horizontal line, it will end up bent as it should look. You also get the appropriate drop shadow, and to help you, the photo and the shadow will be on separate layers so you can still insert other decorative element between them if you want. The script will also let you add a border in the color of your choice if you want, before bending it. Run this script to any size picture. Many possibilities with this script!
This script has been tested with versions 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Another added bonus: the script will have several messages to help you through the process and if you run a French version of PSP, the script will detect it and show all the messages also in French

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