Alpha-Maker - PSP Script


Creating alpha to accompany a kit or simply to write a title might either yield boring identical patterns for each letter or very tedious if you want to add variety to the individual characters.

This script will help you create as many characters (for a simple title or a complete alphabet) using any number of papers you want. You can create everything with a single paper, but using different parts of the paper for shading or pattern variety, or you can use several papers and get each letter using them in order or randomly. You can use any font you want to create those characters.

The script will also offer you to the option to add an edge around the individual characters, where you can also pick the color and size. Furthermore, for a wilder look, you can get the edge as a squiggle outline.

Each character will be layered on a single image, so you can apply additional effects repeatedly and click and drag onto your project quickly.

Compatible with PSP9 and up.

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