Scattered Elements - PSP Script


Sometimes, you might want to create an embellishment made of scattered elements. In order to do that, you need to duplicate (or copy/paste) the starting element multiple times, move them around, resize them and rotate them. It might not be hard to do, but it is tedious.

This script will do that for you in just a few seconds. It will duplicate, resize, rotate and move the element on the active layer based on your choices of options. Then, you can repeat the process with a second and a third element if you want. At the end, the layers will even be rearranged randomly for you.

Once it is done, you can tweak the arrangement as needed and add your own shadows as every element will be left on its own layer.

If you want to group them in order to move everything onto another project, you can use the free Group script.

Compatible with PSP 8 and up.

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