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You are a designer and you don't want to waste time on creating previews, yet, that is an inherent part of marketting your products, right? You are looking for any shortcut you can find, without cutting on the quality of your work. This is the perfect toolkit for you.

This all-in-one bundle includes everything you need to display your papers always in a regular arrangement, or a more subtlely different way. You will be able to place all your elements on your preview without having to open, resize, copy, paste each one. The Element Preview Maker will take care of that for you in a fraction of the time. Do you want to display your papers differently? How about rolling them?

Do you have huge kits? Kits that are too big to fit everything in one preview? No problem: the Kit Preview Maker will split all the papers and elements you want to display, into several individual previews. As a bonus, it will even create separate previews for the papers, so you don't have to do it manually.

Your products are high quality and you want to show close-ups of the textures, or the extraction or just the resolution. This is an annoying thing to do yourself, so the Close-up script will do the hard work for you. You will just have to decide what you want to show off!

Your customers are probably tired of looking at kits and having to guess what is included. A long list of elements is also boring to read. Then, you can use the Contact Sheet script: it will offer your customers a visual list of what your kit contains. This will allow your customers to see, directly, what are the 5 flowers or 3 frames or 2 clusters you have. No more guessing!

As a designer, you might want to offer your customers some options. Maybe you want to offer the papers in one product, the elements in another, the alpha, the styles, the clusters, and maybe some quick-pages, all in separate products. This is great as your customers can pick and choose what they need. But what if you want to offer the whole set as one bundle for a special price? You need another preview for that, right? That is where the Bundle Preview script will take all the previews of your individual elements, resize them and place them on a single preview for you.

Finally, you know the importance of a lively preview. You know that flat-looking elements don't attract any visitor's attention. Now that you have all your 28 papers and 104 elements, you have to add drop shadows to all of them. Yikes! That will take you forever! Well, you can start breathing again, because the Shadow Placer will save you all that trouble, by cutting down the time for this process.

With this complete toolkit, the dreaded task of creating attractive previews for your product will become a breeze and will take you only a fraction of the long hours you used to need.

All the individual scripts are compatible with PSP 8 and up.

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